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Deceased doctor left advice that there is more to life than money

Deceased doctor left advice that there is more to life than money

  • Richard Siang made millions as an aesthetic specialist. He had several sports cars.
  • He saw patients as a source of income, nothing more, nothing less
  • It was only after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer that he learned how to live
  • He died in 2012

“From [when I was] young, I’ve always been under the influence and impression that to be happy is to be successful. And to be successful is to be wealthy. So I led my life according to this motto.”

A Singaporean doctor delivered an important message before dying of lung cancer.

Dr. Richard Teo Keng Siang said that there is no denying that money is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be your main priority.

He said that health should be above everything else.

“People who are not happy to pay 20 Singaporean dollars ($15) to see a GP, the same person will have no qualms paying 10,000 Singaporean dollars ($7,310) for a liposuction, 15,000 Singaporean dollars ($10,970) for a breast augmentation.”

He went from being an ophthalmologist to a specialist in aesthetics which made him millions.

With all the money and sports cars, he was living on cloud nine. His meals came from the fanciest restaurants and even met high-value clients.

“I was at the pinnacle of my career. I thought I was having everything under control,”

Then the worst happened. Back in 2011, he was given six months to live because he was suffering from terminal lung cancer.

This got him wondering since none of his family members had malignant diseases.

“I couldn’t accept it. I have a hundred relatives on both sides, my mom and my dad… And not a single one has cancer,”

The nice things he had in life only provided him a temporary illusion of happiness. None of those things made him feel complete.

“See the irony is that all these things that I have, the success, the trophies, my cars, my house and all. I thought that brought me happiness. But having all these thoughts of my possessions, they brought me no joy.”

Sadly, the only time he found genuine happiness was at the end of his life.

“What really brought me joy in the last 10 months was interaction with people, my loved ones, friends, people who genuinely care about me, they laugh and cry with me, and they are able to identify the pain and suffering I was going through.”

Getting diagnosed with lung cancer was the only time he felt what cancer patients were going through.

“I did not know how they feel, not until I became a patient. And, if you ask me, would I have been a very different doctor if I were to relive my life now, I can tell you, yes I will. Because I truly understand how the patients feel now. And sometimes, you have to learn it the hard way.”

He also said  that it is okay if you are aiming to live that luxurious lifestyle but you need to learn to balance things.

“There is nothing wrong with being successful, with being rich or wealthy, absolutely nothing wrong. The only trouble is that a lot of us like myself couldn’t handle it.

Richard also revealed that he saw patients as cheques and not human beings.

“I became so obsessed that nothing else really mattered to me. Patients were just a source of income, and I tried to squeeze every single cent out of these patients.”

Richard only knew how to live when he was already dying.

“When I faced death, when I had to, I stripped myself of everything and I focused only on what is essential. The irony is that a lot of times, only when we learn how to die then we learn how to live.”

His message still has a big impact on doctors.

His wife said that he is the greatest teacher she’s ever had.

Richard died in 2012.

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Hidilyn Diaz is asking for too much money, says former PSC Chairman

Hidilyn Diaz is asking for too much money, says former PSC Chairman

  • Aparicio Mequi reveals that Hidilyn Diaz wants to be financed heavily for her training
  • Mequi says that Diaz wants her boyfriend to be her conditioning coach
  • The athlete is being bashed on social media

Athletes are starting to train as the Olympics get closer and closer. Hidilyn Diaz has one goal in mind, and that is to make history again by being the first ever Gold Medalist in the country.

However, she feels that she lacks the finances to get the highest level of training that is needed for her to do so.

On Monday, in her Instagram story, she asked if she could get sponsored privately for her training in the Tokyo Olympics.

“Hirap na hirap na ako. Sa tingin niyo okay lang kaya, nahihiya kasi ako pero try ko kapalan ang mukha ko para sa minimithi kong pangarap para sa ating bansa na maiuwi ang gold medal sa Olympics.”

Diaz will be competing in the World Weightlifting Championship and fans understand that this is not an easy task.

The Philippine Sports Commission responded and said that they have been supporting her financially, and as a matter of fact, she has one of the highest salaries in the country and that her wishes are usually granted.

Diaz has already received P4.5 million of training funds for her participation in Hainan and Guangxi.

View this post on Instagram

I gonna miss my hair. #labanHidilyn

A post shared by Hidilyn Diaz OLY (@hidilyndiaz) on

Her coach is getting a handsome monthly salary and food allowance. Her NSA’s request for funding for competitions was also approved.

She also received 3 million pesos after her Olympic feat, and that’s just from the government incentives act.

A new weightlifting gym has just been built in the RMSC after she requested to see improvement in the old gym that she works out in.

Now she is getting bashed here and there on social media as former PSC chairman Aparicio Mequi revealed a lot about the athlete in a Facebook post.

He reveals that what Diaz really wants is for her boyfriend, who is from Guam, to be her coach with a specific salary, plus a condo just for them. She looks like she is asking for a lot.

“So, as I promised my colleague Jesus S. Matubis Jr, here are additional info re the boyfriend of Hidilyn. She wanted PSC to hire him as her strength and conditioning (S&C) coach with a salary of $1,500 and condo inclusive of utilities at $400 or a total of $1,900/month!” said Mequi.

Mequi added that if he really cared about Diaz, then he wouldn’t be asking for too much.

This is one of the few times where Diaz’s request was not granted.

Mequi hopes that Diaz won’t use this as an excuse if she is not able to deliver during the competition.

People are still waiting for Diaz to answer these accusations.

“Demanding pala si Ate Gurl. I think her demands are over and beyond what she is entitled to. ‘Yong tipong inabot mo na ang kamay mo, gusto ka pang lamunin ng buong-buo. Disgusting.”


“conditioning coach!!WTF is a conditioning coach for?ek ek pepe conditioning!!!”

“Hingi tulong tapos mo batikosin si Duterte.kapal ng mukha mo.hidilyn.magsama kau ng Dilawan mo.kapal mo babaeta ka.”

“Bronze lang pala nakuha ganun na xa ka demanding akala mo gold ang nakuha…dika mananalo kasi imbes magpalakas ka pinapa ghina ka bf mo ang trainer…OMG!”

Recently, Diaz met up with PSC Chairman William Ramirez and discussed her requests.

Ramirez released a statement saying,

“The government will continue to support her… We have pledged our support before and will continue to do so because we are focused on that Olympic gold as much as Hidilyn is.”

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Student shares how she saved 26,000 pesos from her school allowance

Student shares how she saved 26,000 pesos from her school allowance

  • Students says she saved 26,000 pesos from her school baon
  • Says that you should have a mindset of “needs over wants”
  • Says that you have to really want it

Students find it really hard to save their money, as there are too many temptations,  like food, hangouts, and various material things.

One student by the Facebook name of Coristine Scimorious (not her real name) shared a story on how she saved 26,000 pesos of her school money in just 10 months.

She said it wasn’t easy. Instead of wanting to save, she ended up spending it on food.

“Mahirap talagang mag-ipon, kasi unang una sa lahat, ang hirap iwasan ng pagkain. ‘Yung tipong iipunin mo sana e ipambibili ko pa siya ng pagkain.”

Then she looked for solutions to solve her problem and finally found the right one. She opened a BPI Kaya Savings account that although charges five pesos per withdrawal, only requires a 150-peso initial deposit, and requires no maintaining balance.

This is perfect for students who want to save up.

“Convenient siya sa mga students kasi PHP 150 lang ang bayad upon opening sa account tapos walang maintaining balance. Though kada-withdraw mo lang e mababawasan ka ng PHP 5.00.”

She says that she usually gets 150 pesos per day but only spends 20 pesos because she always brings with her food for lunch. Furthermore, saving up to 650 pesos per week was her goal.

“Kada-week, ang goal ko talaga is maka-save ng PHP 650. Ang baon ko sa isang araw ay PHP 150 pero, ang ginagastos ko lang ay either 20 ganoon, kasi nagbabaon na ako ng kanin at ulam for lunch.”

She added that her parents would not pay for concert tickets, so she took it upon herself to save money so she could experience seeing her favorite artists up close.

She then realized that she was saving, on average, 2,600 pesos a month. She thanked her willpower for making this happen.

After 10 months of being thrifty, she was surprised that she was able to save up to 26,000 pesos, which caught her by surprise.

“Hanggang sa nagulat na lang ako na after 10 months, may PHP 26,000 na pala ako.”

Everything was attributed to her mindset of needs over wants. Her purpose of sharing this story is to motivate fellow students to do the same if they want to accomplish a similar milestone.

Her post has over 30k likes.

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Husband reveals reasons why he entrusts his whole salary to his wife

Husband reveals reasons why he entrusts his whole salary to his wife


Netizen Kevin Ching put up a post about how he is grateful to have a wife that budgets their money.  The post shows a picture of his wife budgeting the money.

“Women budget better than men. Be a good provider and let her do the rest,” he started.

He said that he rarely handles his ATM cards because his wife always has them.

“Sa 6 years ko ng nagtatrabaho, isa lang maipagmamalaki ko, lahat ng ATM ko hawak ng asawa ko. 😂😂 Oo. Realtalk, lahat ng ATM ko sa lahat ng pinag’trabahuan ko, once ko lang nahawakan. Di ko na nga alam kung pangalan ko pa nakalagay sa ATM ko eh.😅😅 Siguro sa iba pagkaganun eh, Under ka o takot sa asawa pero sa akin hindi eh. Nakikita ko kasi kung paano magbudget ang asawa ko para matustusan ang pangaraw-araw namin hanggang sa susunod na sahod ko.”

Furthermore, he also said that people think that budgeting is an easy task, but the reality is the complete opposite because of too many expenses and necessities getting more expensive.

“Kung iisipin mo lang ung pagbubudget parang madali lang kasi eh. Di ka lang gagastos makakapagipon ka na pero in reality, hindi ganun kadali ang ginagawa nila. Sa sobrang dami ng bayarin at nagmamahal na presyo sobrang hirap ang pagbubudget. Minsan na din kami nag’away dahil nagtanong ako kung san napunta yung pera, pero kapag na’ipalawanag na nya kung saan napunta, mapapaisip ka nalang talaga.”

“Oo nga noh? Sobrang hirap talaga magbudget. Kaya LODI yang mga yan. 😂😂 Minsan ko na din naisip na, trabaho ako ng trabaho pero parang walang napupunta sa akin. Pero hindi pala sa akin yun. Sa AMIN yun, masaya ako dahil nagagawa ko ung part ko na maging provider para sa mga needs namin at minsan ung wants din namin. Hehe.”

Even with all the positive vibe in the post, the couple already had arguments about money in the past specifically about where the money goes but Kevin is just happy that he can play his role very well as a working husband and is able to provide their wants and needs.

“Kaya boys, kung makahanap kayo ng partner na magaling magbudget ay swabe! Kahit gaano kaliit o kalaki ang kinikita niyo, kung hindi naman marunong magbudget ung partner mo, wala din yan. Kaya ako, masaya ako naging partner ko sa buhay tong bisaya na to. Grabe humawak ng pera, kupitan mo nga ng 5pesos alam nya eh! Oo talaga! Realtalk.”

Women budget better than men.Be a good provider and let her do the rest.Sa 6 years ko ng nagtatrabaho, isa lang…

Posted by Kevz Ching on Thursday, April 18, 2019

He goes on to say that men with women like his, that can budget properly, should be very thankful and that budgeting properly makes life easier for your family which makes you, the working man, happier too.

“Kaya wag mo ng isipin kung walang napupunta sayo. I assure you, makita mo lang komportable at masaya ang pamilya mo, mawawala lahat ng pagod mo sa trabaho. 😁🤟😍”

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Having a “resting bitch face” may mean you have lots of money

Having a “resting bitch face” may mean you have lots of money

  • A new study suggests that a person’s face may tell you how much money they have.
  • Having a “resting bitch face” may probably mean you’re making a lot of money, based on the study.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that a person’s face may tell you whether they’re rich or not.

Sounds very judgmental? There’s actually science behind that.


Based on the findings of the study, having a “resting bitch face” may probably mean you’re making a lot of money. This is exactly true for Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girl who is known for her resting bitch face and extremely successful career and business.

In the study, subjects ages 18 to 22 were divided into two groups. Individuals whose total family income fell under $60,000 were put into the first group, while those with incomes above $100,000 were placed in the second group. The subjects were then asked to pose for pictures without showing any emotion.

A different group of subjects were then asked to guess whether the subjects were rich or poor based on the photos.

Results of the study showed that all of them were able to guess people’s finances correctly with about 53% accuracy. This figure is considered “above random chance”.

Study co-author Nicholas Rule explained that our face comes to permanently reflect and show our experiences over time. Relics of our emotion are still reflected on our face even if we think we’re not expressing something.

Photo from The Odyssey Online

Meanwhile, study co-author Thora Bjornsdottir explained that people are not aware of what cues they are looking into when they make judgement.

The study added that perceivers categorize social class using minimal facial clues and utilise a number of stereotype-related impressions to make their judgement.

“Of these, attractiveness accurately cued higher social class in self-selected dating profile photos. However, only the stereotype that well-being positively relates to wealth served as a valid cue in neutral faces. Indeed, neutrally posed rich targets displayed more positive affect relative to poor targets and perceivers used this effective information to categorize their social class. Impressions of social class from these facial cues also influenced participants’ evaluations of the targets’ employability, demonstrating that face-based perceptions of social class may have important downstream consequences,” the study concluded.

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A Woman Lived Her Life Thinking that they were Well-Off; What She Realized after all these Years is Inspiring

A Woman Lived Her Life Thinking that they were Well-Off; What She Realized after all these Years is Inspiring

  • A Facebook user named Angelica Altera made a heartwarming post on her account on the day of his brother’s birthday.
  • She revealed that she thought her family was blessed because of their lifestyle.
  • Upon growing up, she found out the main reason why her family could afford every luxury they could think of.

When someone has money, he can easily open his wallet whenever he sees something that caught his interest. Be it a smart phone of the latest model, newly released gadget and all the luxurious items that money can buy.

Sure, there are a lot of people who are born with a silver spoon which explains their wealth, but not every rich person got their wealth from inheritance. Most of them reached the top because of their perseverance, and most especially, their hard work.

A good example for this is Angelica Altera who shared a huge realization that made an impact to her life.

Upon realizing the reality, she posted a story on her Facebook account about how the truth changed her perspective.

Read Altera’s full story:

Akala ko dati may pera kami kasi si Kuya nag-aaral sa San Beda tapos lagi niya ko dinadala sa mall, gustong gusto ko pumupunta sa toy kingdom tapos magtuturo ako ng laruan. Pag-uwi naman namin, magagalit Ate kong inggetera azar kasi bat daw ako may laruan tapos siya wala kaya si Kuya bibilhan rin siya.”

Altera revealed that she once thought they were from a wealthy family because they could afford a lot of luxuries that ordinary families couldn’t have.

However, upon growing up, a certain realization hit her.

Nung medyo lumalaki na ko nalaman ko si Kuya nagw-work sa iba’t ibang fastfood chain habang nag-aaral para may pambaon o kaya pambili ng project kasi gipit kami. Minsan din sakanya nagpapagawa ung mga kaklase niya ng assignment tapos babayaran na lang siya.”

Shockingly, her older brother was doing all sorts of work just to be able to help lessen the expenses in their family. He would even accept his classmates offer to do their home works in return for a good amount of money.

Nung grumaduate siya, siya pa ung nagpakain samin sa Jollibee hahaha. Dahil kay Kuya, nakapag tapos si Kuya Aj na panget tsaka si Ate pati na rin ako nung highschool ako hanggang ngayon na nasa Feu na ko. Nagawa niya kami pag-aralin kahit na nagmamasteral siya. Mula sa uniform, allowance, gastusin sa mga projects, gamit sa school, gamit sa kaartehan, damit/ sapatos, internet, kahit minsan di kailangan siya bumibili tsaka nagbibigay samin. Dahil kay Kuya, meron kami lahat ng kailangan at gusto namin.”

Mula gamit sa ulo hanggang paa. Lahat ng luho ko sa buhay (pati debut), siya nagbibigay lalo na pag christmas. Sobrang bait niya kasi kahit wala siya natatanggap samin hindi siya nagrereklamo. Kahit na sinasabi niya na nagtitipid siya, konting pangungulit ko lang bibilhin na niya tapos sasabihin niya ‘peste ka talaga.’

Dahil kay Kuya, hindi na ako baduy. HAHAHAHA. Nung mga panahong hindi pa ko nap-puberty hits at nasa kausuhan pa ako ng pormahang never give up shirt, pants lang, at slippers, magkasama kaming nasa mall papasok sa parang hotel ata yun na may event. Nakapasok na si Kuya tapos biglang ako di daw pwede, nun ko lang nakita si Kuya na nagalit ng ganon tapos inaway niya ung guard ano daw problema sakin. Nahiya ako kaya sabi ko, ‘Kuya sa iba na lang tayo daan.’ Tapos sabi niya ‘Hindi, daanan naman to eh.’ Inaway niya ng bongga talaga hanggang sa pinapasok na ko. Simula nun, binibili na niya ko ng magagandang damit. Pag namimili kami siya na rin pumipili para sakin kasi lagi nya sinasabi, ‘Ano ba yan beh ang chaka wag yan. Eto try mo.’ Kuya na instant stylist ko pa.“

Altera also shared that her brother didn’t complain even once and showed love and generosity towards his family. Whenever they are in need or if they want something, he would give it to them in an instant, even if he said he was trying to save money.

Dahil kay Kuya, nakapunta kami kung saan saan. Dahil nga di naman kami mayaman, di ako naghahangad na magpunta sa kung san mang lupalot. Gusto ko lang noon makapunta sa Star City o EK okay na sakin. Habang tumatagal nakakapagtravel si Kuya dahil sa work niya tapos hanggang sa lumipas ilang years, kami naman ang tnravel niya.“

Dahil kay Kuya, nagkaron ako ng chance makakita ng artista sa personal at makapag papicture. Hindi lang once, hindi lang twice. Pag nakikita niya kong masaya pag tapos sasabihin niya, “Oh ano masaya kana? Talo mo na mga nambubully sayo. Peste ka.” Minsan pa iniiwan niya kami ng pinsan ko sa backstage tapos dun katabi lang namin ung mga artista na kausap niya. Pero kahit na mukang masaya ung trabaho niya. Lagi ko nakikita si Kuya na stressed, wala laging tulog tapos sobrang busy niya. Pero kahit na ganon gusto ko maging katulad niya.”

At dahil sakanya, malinaw na sakin gusto kong trabaho in the future. Bukod kay Anne Curtis, idol ko si Kuya. 

To the best brother in the world,

Altera also said that due to his brother’s generosity and hard work, they were able to buy things that they couldn’t have afforded back in the day. They were able to travel to places they didn’t know they would lay a foot on.

All thanks to her ever loving brother!

Meanwhile, the netizens shared how envious they were as most of them didn’t have an older brother, while the others simply couldn’t compare their sibling to Altera’s brother. Altera is indeed lucky, don’t you agree?

What about you? What are your thoughts on this matter? Share your opinions with us!

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Avoid These 6 Types of People And See Yourself Getting Richer

Avoid These 6 Types of People And See Yourself Getting Richer

  • Avoid people who can hinder you to success
  • Don’t let anyone get in your way to success
  • Types of people that you should avoid to succeed in life

There’s no shortcut to success. No matter how desperate you are to become rich if you don’t work hard, it won’t make any sense. You know what they say, ‘dreams don’t work unless you do’. Even those people who were born wealthy have to work hard to retain that status. See the cycle of life? That pretty much explains the climb to success.

One factor also for someone’s success is their choice of companionship. Whether it’s your relative or closest friend, he or she has an impact on your success. They have distinct characteristics that can either help or hold you back. So, we listed 6 types of people( that you should avoid if you really want to be rich.

1. One-day millionaires

Types of people that you should avoid to succeed in life

First on the list, the impulsive buyers. They usually believe in the thought YOLO (You Only Live Once). Following this logic, they tend to spend almost everything they have to enjoy now but would suffer later on. Yes, they are happy today but they don’t recognize the fact that all of these have consequences sooner or later.

It’s very dangerous to surround yourself with this type of people. Especially nowadays, they are so many things you can buy, you can be easily convinced. It’s true to enjoy life now, but tone it down so you won’t be on the losing side after.

2. Scaredy cats

Types of people that you should avoid to succeed in life

You will meet people who do not want to take risks in life, they are happy with their comfort zone. But that’s not the case,  there are one too many opportunities in the world that are for you to take. Staying at your safe spot cannot make a progress, you should remember that.

3. Lucid dreamers

Types of people that you should avoid to succeed in life

It’s never wrong to hope for a better life, but doing nothing to make it happen? It’s a big NO. They just wait for something to come up, and do not act particularly for it. Who would be successful being like this? The only good thing to this attitude is that they produce interesting goals. The downfall is that they don’t exert an effort for that goal to push through.

4. Fraud Bosses

Types of people that you should avoid to succeed in life

This type doesn’t really believe in the value of hard work. They are the ones who spend most of their time looking for a shortcut to getting rich. Lazy is the word. Can you imagine if only they have spent their time to more productive activities, they could have been a successful person in the beginning! They cheat, yes. They believe that it is the only way to succeed.

5. Illegal Dwellers

Types of people that you should avoid to succeed in life

The greedy. They are the people who just want to make money, regardless what the law says. Yes, they acquire wealth through illegal doings. They do not care as long as they get rich. They cannot be trusted, only thinking what is good for themselves. A liar, that’s what they are.


6. Pseudo-realistic Pessimists

Types of people that you should avoid to succeed in life

They cannot be trusted. You won’t know what their intentions really are. In every situation, they will come up with a loophole that can invade your decision-making. They believe that life is unfair so something bad will always happen. They don’t really have anything nice to say nor an important piece of advice. You don’t really want to get involved with this type of people.

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Debt Free is the new Sexy!

Debt Free is the new Sexy!


As a child, my parents reared me with an attitude never to have debts or credits in any form whatsoever. They always told me that I should be patient if I want some things and make some discipline to have it without resorting to credit card. During that time I wonder why my parents rarely used their credit cards while some of my aunties love to avail the comfort of using it. I never really understand their wisdom until I become financially literate more than three years ago.

When I was an employee, it seems that the norms that employment had been planting into the workers mind is that “You are normal if you have debts! You are a weirdo, if you don’t have any.” Well, it seems that my parents are really weird and I, too, am weird since I inherited their “golden discipline”. Every pay day you can see tons of “laborers” in the mall swiping their cards and availing stuffs their income can’t afford. So, this is the normal thing, working hard and having debt as a companion. They find themselves sexy, cool and “into the groove” with this lifestyle but in my mind I pity them; they are the undernourished people who needs a lot of money makeover and reconstruction. I believe my parents ideals on discipline of not having debts. It’s definitely a sexy thing a sane man can do! Allow me to give you five tips for you to be financially sexy;

  1. LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS. Yeah right! Just be true to yourself; accept the fact that you can’t afford some things with the size of your income and even if you can, not all things are worth buying for. It’s just a future headache for you!
  2. KNOW WHERE MONEY SHOULD GO. Indeed, knowing where it is intended for will save you from debt trap. You need to set a goal for every penny that comes into your hand. Try to put it in a savings plan as well as investment portfolio so that your hard earned money will grow!
  3. IF YOU HAVE DEBTS, EARN EXTRA INCOME. Definitely, this is one of the best tips I can give you since earning extra will give you great chance to eliminate the debts that you are having. Consolidating debt is not the best answer for debt elimination but to have more income. As simple as one, two and three, work hard and earn extra you’ll finally see that you are debt free and becoming sexy!
  4. STICK TO AN EDUCATED PLAN. They say that “Money without plan is money soon gone”, indeed, this simple statement is very powerful it will increase your awareness about the purpose of your earnings. So stick to an educated plan and consult financial coaches for you to be guided in this venture.
  5. IT’S NOT A ROCKET SCIENCE, IT’S EMOTIONAL I.Q. The need to increase and improve the power of emotions is the key of becoming debt-free! The root cause of any sickness in money matters boils down to the lack of emotional stability. You cannot dictate your worth; integrity and even self-esteem through the things you are buying to show outwardly that you are getting successful. Many of them like your gadgets, cars, and the likes won’t help you in addressing that matter. Remember what is essential is invisible in the eye.

Financial planner Larry Burkett reminds us that “Debt is not the problem; it’s the symptom of overspending and undersaving. The key is for us to be financially literate to be live life as “sexy” as you can be! (Contributor: Jaymark Balabis)

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