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Debt Free is the new Sexy!

Debt Free by Jay Mark Balabis

As a child, my parents reared me with an attitude never to have debts or credits in any form whatsoever. They always told me that I should be patient if I want some things and make some discipline to have it without resorting to credit card. During that time I wonder why my parents rarely used their credit cards while some of my aunties love to avail the comfort of using it. I never really understand their wisdom until I become financially literate more than three years ago.

When I was an employee, it seems that the norms that employment had been planting into the workers mind is that “You are normal if you have debts! You are a weirdo, if you don’t have any.” Well, it seems that my parents are really weird and I, too, am weird since I inherited their “golden discipline”. Every pay day you can see tons of “laborers” in the mall swiping their cards and availing stuffs their income can’t afford. So, this is the normal thing, working hard and having debt as a companion. They find themselves sexy, cool and “into the groove” with this lifestyle but in my mind I pity them; they are the undernourished people who needs a lot of money makeover and reconstruction. I believe my parents ideals on discipline of not having debts. It’s definitely a sexy thing a sane man can do! Allow me to give you five tips for you to be financially sexy;

  1. LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS. Yeah right! Just be true to yourself; accept the fact that you can’t afford some things with the size of your income and even if you can, not all things are worth buying for. It’s just a future headache for you!
  2. KNOW WHERE MONEY SHOULD GO. Indeed, knowing where it is intended for will save you from debt trap. You need to set a goal for every penny that comes into your hand. Try to put it in a savings plan as well as investment portfolio so that your hard earned money will grow!
  3. IF YOU HAVE DEBTS, EARN EXTRA INCOME. Definitely, this is one of the best tips I can give you since earning extra will give you great chance to eliminate the debts that you are having. Consolidating debt is not the best answer for debt elimination but to have more income. As simple as one, two and three, work hard and earn extra you’ll finally see that you are debt free and becoming sexy!
  4. STICK TO AN EDUCATED PLAN. They say that “Money without plan is money soon gone”, indeed, this simple statement is very powerful it will increase your awareness about the purpose of your earnings. So stick to an educated plan and consult financial coaches for you to be guided in this venture.
  5. IT’S NOT A ROCKET SCIENCE, IT’S EMOTIONAL I.Q. The need to increase and improve the power of emotions is the key of becoming debt-free! The root cause of any sickness in money matters boils down to the lack of emotional stability. You cannot dictate your worth; integrity and even self-esteem through the things you are buying to show outwardly that you are getting successful. Many of them like your gadgets, cars, and the likes won’t help you in addressing that matter. Remember what is essential is invisible in the eye.

Financial planner Larry Burkett reminds us that “Debt is not the problem; it’s the symptom of overspending and undersaving. The key is for us to be financially literate to be live life as “sexy” as you can be! (Contributor: Jaymark Balabis)

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