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The Aquino-Falcis boostings for Pinoy Ako blog goes viral; Mark Lopez reveals the transactions

The Aquino-Falcis boostings for Pinoy Ako blog goes viral; Mark Lopez reveals the transactions

  • Mark Lopez uploaded list of transactions of Kris Aquino’s post boostings using Nicko Falcis’s account.
  • Aquino has allegedly spent Php195,000 for the boosting of posts.

After Kris Aquino’s former financial manager, Nicko Falcis, has uploaded screenshots allegedly proving that Jover Laurio received funds from the actress to boost anti-administration posts, Mark Lopez posted screenshots of said transactions.

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Posted by Mark Lopez on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Based on the photos, Pinoy Ako Blog has spent at least P195,000 in sponsored posts.

Posted by Mark Lopez on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Lopez called the attention of President Rodrigo Duterte, Erwin Tulfo, Mocha Uson, Bongbong Marcos, Imee Marcos, Isabelle Duterte, James Deakin, Senator Win Gatchalian, Sass Rogando Sasot, and other Netizens to take a look at the shown transactions.

Posted by Mark Lopez on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It was said to be made under the Facebook account of Falcis.

The photos have reached more than 9,000 shares on Facebook.

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Jover Laurio calls out DDS who plans to ruin her wedding

Jover Laurio calls out DDS who plans to ruin her wedding

  • Jover Laurio posted about Duterte bloggers and trolls trying to ruin her wedding.
  • The DDS allegedly harrased her wedding’s attendees and urged them to not go to the event. 

Pinoy Ako Blog‘s Jover Laurio called out the devoted supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte for allegedly plotting to ruin her wedding.

In a post titled This Is How Low They Can Get, she attached some screenshots of said Duterte supporters leaking the list of the attendees of her upcoming marriage ceremony. The list is apparently filled with allies of the Aquino administration.

“You want to break me by ruining my wedding? Well, saang part diyan na pinagtatanggol niyo Ang pangulo niyo? Isang blogger niyo nagpost ng invitation ko, happy ko alam kung saan niyo yan ninakaw para ipost at pagkatuwaan ninyo,” she wrote.

She also inserted a screenshot of a message sent to their supposed godfather, calling him names.

“Halos lahat ng mga sponsor hinaharass niyo para matakot at hindi umattend sa kasal. Ganun kayo kapathetic.”

Laurio added that the man she will marry is a Duterte supporter as well but he is not a “blind follower”.

“Sa wedding day ko, with or without sponsors, I will walk down the aisle marrying my forever. Kayo, you will just be the same pathetic EJK and rapist enabler.”

She ended the post with a wish for people to get what they deserve.

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Radio announcer writes an open letter to Kris Aquino: “Filipino people no longer buys your drama”

Radio announcer writes an open letter to Kris Aquino: “Filipino people no longer buys your drama”

  • Radio announcer slams Kris Aquino regarding her issue with Mocha Uson
  • In the open letter, he states that the topic was spun out of proportion and Aquino was just “OA”

Mark Lopez, a radio announcer and an alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas, writes an open letter to the youngest daughter of former president Cory Aquino and former Senator Ninoy Aquino.

In the letter, which he posted on his Facebook profile, he expressed how Kris Aquino is “really a terrible actress”.

Lopez stated that he found Aquino “OA (over acting)” regarding the issue she has with Mocha Uson’s video which shows her dad being kissed by women in a plane.

He said that Uson didn’t say anything that can be considered a derogatory attack or provocation on her deceased parents. It was just connected with the issue of Duterte’s kissing incident that was “spun out of proportion”.

The announcer exclaimed that Mocha did nothing but post the two videos to validate the kissing of two leaders as part and parcel of our pop culture. In addition, he said that he no longer believes in her and her family as her family was the one that destroyed the nation.

You can view the full post of Mark Lopez below:

“Dear Kris Aquino,

Firstly, let me tell you how terrible you really are as an actress.


Instead of gaining sympathy and rousing your yellow minions, you have only succeeded in generating ridicule and disgust.

Puede ba, what was it in the Mocha post that turned you into the OA of the week?

Really you are so OA as in overarching in trying desperately to turn the Ninoy video post as an affront to your family when clearly what it was aiming for was simply to contextualize the Korean Kissing episode with President Duterte.

Mocha did not say anything that can be construed as a derogatory attack or provocation on your deceased parents.

She simply asked “Masagwa daw ito?” (referring to Duterte’s kissing video) versus “Pero ito hindi?!!!” (Referring to the Ninoy kissing video) and concluded with the text “Paki explain!!!”

So where is the insult or attack to your family?

Now let me explain to you in plain and simple language sans the hysterics and theatrics that you poorly exhibit –

The Duterte kissing issue is being spun out of proportion by groups identified with your family. The kissing incident is being portrayed as an abuse of power, of propagating misogyny and exploitation of the weakness of women.

Which really is not.

Precisely why that video of your father surfaced.

To counter the argument against Duterte’s action.

What Mocha did was post the two videos to validate the kissing of two leaders as part and parcel of our pop culture. Frankly, it is a sad indictment of our false worship, made worse by what people like you churn tastelessly in media and entertainment.

And for you to spin what Mocha Uson posted as a revalida of this Pilipino culture of reverence into your revolting, repugnant and selfish art of necro politics is really so annoying and so sickening!

Not content with this atrocious spin, you now want to make it about you and your deflated career.

Really Kris? Trying to use Mocha to prop yourself, complete with all the bad acting and terrible script?

How did it become about you or your fight just because your parents are dead? Where did that come from?

Who wrote this, Edwin Lacierda? What’s next after your rant, you gonna raise your hand and do the Katniss Everdeen salute? Are you now going to lead the “resistance?” (Lol)

Guess what Kris, the Filipino people no longer buys your drama.

Your family’s penchant for necro politics is no longer cute. Quit trying to parlay it or milk it.

It is no longer effective.

We no longer believe in your family, most especially with you. Don’t make me start pa how your family destroyed this nation, and that no amount of poorly contrived crying from you will absolve your family of your heinous crimes.

Tigilan mo na ang hilig nyo i exploit ang mga patay.

Please Kris, wake up from your delusion.

Irrelevant na kayo. The only way you and your family are mentioned now is because you are the best examples of the worst kind of politics.

Your family will be highlighted now not because of your legacy but because of the incompetence and ineptitude that set back this country instead of progressing.

Just like your acting career.

Kaya puede ba? Tantanan mo na kami.

Tama na. Sobra na.”

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