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Palace ‘open’ to the return of Dengvaxia, Bodjie Pascua attacks the vaccine’s critics

Palace ‘open’ to the return of Dengvaxia, Bodjie Pascua attacks the vaccine’s critics

  • Duterte Die-Hard Supporters slammed the use of the vaccine Dengvaxia in the past
  • The palace is now open to the use of the vaccine
  • Bodjie Pascua slams its critics

Dengue is on the rise in the country once again. The outbreak officially started early this year and it has since taken nearly 500 lives, along with over a hundred thousand cases.

The Dengvaxia (Dengue Vaccine) was first used in the country back in April of 2016 during the Aquino administration. The Php 3.5 billion program faced controversy as several children allegedly died after being given the vaccine.

The program continued for a while during the Duterte administration before getting shut down. Sanofi Pasteur, the French company that manufactures Dengvaxia, said that studies conducted showed that the program actually increases the health risks of people who have never been infected by dengue.

The supporters of the current administration slammed the previous one and blamed the controversy on the former President.

Now, Malacañang is saying that they are ‘open’ to using the vaccine once again because of the current Dengue outbreak.

Former health secretary and now Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin, who is also facing charges over the deaths of the children who were vaccinated during the program, released a statement begging the current administration to run the Dengvaxia program once more.

Garin said the vaccination program will be able to reduce dengue-related hospitalization by 80 percent and will decrease the cases of the fever to 93%.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo also said that if the positives outweigh the negatives, then running the program would be a no-brainer.

“If the weight of findings show that there is benefit using Dengvaxia against dengue, then certainly the government should consider it,”.

Panelo said that the Palace is open to any solution that would counter the current outbreak.

“We’re always open to anything that will benefit the Filipino people. We’re not closed to any suggestion. We need experts to support any call for the return of Dengvaxia,” he added.

Actor Bodjie Pascua was not happy with Panelo’s statement.

Back in June 2018, Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Atty. Persida Acosta attributed the death of 60 children to the Dengvaxia program and based this on her team’s examination. Ted Failon and Noli de Castro also reported the controversy in the past.

“Ano masasabi mo ngayon Persida? Ka Noli? Ano na DDS?” said Pascua.

Also in 2018, the use of vaccines declined because according to Filipino doctors from the Doctors for Truth and Public Welfare group, PAO has been spreading ‘fake news’ about Dengvaxia.

PAO forensics chief Dr. Erwin Erfe was also criticized by the doctors for spreading fake news about measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine having links to autism.

The Department of Health still claims that there have been zero deaths caused by the Dengvaxia program and that those children died of other causes.

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10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

  • Celebrities have been banned in the Philippines as well as other countries due to conflicts and issues.
  • Here are 10 international stars that are not allowed to enter one country or more.

After the Tony Labrusca incident at the immigration office of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Bureau of Immigration has been keeping an eye on celebrities with foreign passports to find out if they actually do have a valid working permit.

One of the most powerful agencies in a country is the immigration office as they can deport or even ban someone, a foreigner coming into one country.

Foreigners working in the Philippines are not the only ones at risk as there have been cases of international celebrities prohibited on entering a specific place.

Here is a list of celebrities who were banned in certain places.

The Beatles

“We were the first working-class singers that stayed working-class and pronounced it and didn’t try and change our…

Posted by The Beatles on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The legendary band have been banned to enter the country in 1966. It was said to be the result of them declining then first lady Imelda Marcos at the Malacañang.

Alec Baldwin

Posted by The Alec Baldwin Show on Sunday, October 14, 2018

In 2009, Baldwin was prohibited to enter the country after he has joked about the sex trafficking in the Philippines.

Snoop Dogg

He has been banned in three countries: first, in the United Kingdom after vandalizing one Duty-Free shop in 2006; in Netherlands he was also denied entry since the law enforcement insisted and requested to find a replacement for him because he was already banned in the country; and in Norway when he was caught with 8 grams of Marijuana.

Justin Bieber

Bieber was banned in China after he had posted photos at the Great Wall of China that offended the government. Adding to that, he was also reportedly seen skateboarding recklessly in Beijing.

Lady Gaga

Muslim countries are usually not keen on having this Pop star in their country as they say that she spreads satanic faith. In 2012, Gaga was banned in Indonesia as they claimed that she has a vulgar style and indecent clothes that affect the kids’ sense of morality.


The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party had stated that they were offended by her choreography, resulting to her getting banned from the country in 2007.

Miley Cyrus

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After a photo of Cyrus imitating Asian eyes, the Chinese foreign minister said that she pollutes the minds of children with her American ignorance.

In 2014, she also got banned in Dominican Republic after they stated that she did things that were punishable by the Dominican Law.

Brad Pitt

Pitt has been banned in China for over 15 years because of his movie, Seven Years in Tibet, that was released in 1997.

Paris Hilton

After having two misdemeanor charges in relation to cocaine possession in Las Vegas, Japan has decided to ban the socialite.

Katy Perry

In 2017, Perry got banned in China after supported the Taiwanese independence in 2015 by wearing a sunflower dress in Taipei. It was in line with the Sunflower Student Movement that protested against the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement.

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Miss Universe 2018 opposes the lowering of age criminal responsibility; Malacañang thinks the beauty queen is ‘misinformed’

Miss Universe 2018 opposes the lowering of age criminal responsibility; Malacañang thinks the beauty queen is ‘misinformed’

  • “I would rather that the efforts be refocused to why those children may be committing those crimes.”
  • Catriona Gray should be educated about the bill, but still agrees with her that the problem of the delinquent children should be addressed first
  • Fighting for the rights of children appears to be one of her advocacies

According to Malacañang, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has been misinformed about the bill which seeks to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 years old to 12.

Last February 20 at the Novotel Hotel in Quezon City, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray held a press conference.

During her interview with GMA News on lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility, she pointed out that the government should focus first on the reasons why these children continue doing crimes; believing that the ages from 9 to 12 years old, children are not yet developed cognitively.

“I would rather that the efforts be refocused on why these children may be committing those crimes. Because working with kids, you know that when they’re that young–when they’re 11, 12, or nine years old–they’re not developed in that way, cognitively, to make decisions knowing full well the consequences,” Gray said in an interview with GMA News.

After Catriona spoke expressing her disagreement with the said bill, presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo also made a statement.

A day after the Filipina beauty queen’s press conference, Panelo said Gray should be educated about the bill but still agrees with her that the problem of the delinquent children should be addressed as well.

“She should be educated. She may have been misinformed of the facts given that the opposition to the lowering comes from yung mga dating kritiko ng administrasyon (old critics of the administration), “Yung sinasabi niya na focus on the problems, kasama yun eh (She’s saying that we should focus on the problems. That’s part of it). When you lower the criminal liability, kasama yun (that’s already part of it),” he said.

Panelo also clarified that what is stated in the law is that children in conflict will not be put in jail together with the adult criminals, but rather rehabilitated before sending them off to society.

“Sa batas nakalagay doon yung rehabilitation. Ang focus nga rehabilitation, eh (Rehabilitation is what is stated in the law. So the focus is rehabilitation). So you are solving precisely the problem why these people are engaged in crimes,” Panelo said.

He really emphasized to Catriona that the government is already focusing on the problem because the children will not be jailed  but instead will be rehabilitated to know why they have committed crimes and in time they will be put back in society.

“Miss Universe hindi naman ikukulong. Ire-rehabilitate nga natin. Kaya tama ka doon (Miss Universe, they will not be jailed. We will rehabilitate them. So you are right when you said that), let’s focus on the problem. We are precisely focusing on the problem. Because the problem is they’re engaged in crimes, So what will we do? We will have to rehabilitate them. Learn why they have committed these crimes, and then put them back to society,” he continued.

Despite being misinformed, accordingly to the Palace, they much-admired Catriona for speaking out her opinion on the matter which shows the evidence that she is truly concerned with the children.

“But I’m glad she mentioned it. It only means that she’s also concerned, which every Filipino citizen should have been – with a kind of concern,” Panelo said.

It has been the passion of Miss Universe Catriona Gray to work with children, even before winning the Miss Universe pageant – as fighting for the rights of the children appears to be one of her advocacies.

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Palace asks the Church to not meddle with State Affairs

Palace asks the Church to not meddle with State Affairs

  • Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo answered bishops who have stated remarks against President Rodrigo Duterte.
  • He said that as respect to the Head of the State, the bishops should stop meddling with the State Affairs.

The bickering between the Malacañang and the Catholic Church continue  when a clergy was asked to stop meddling in State Affairs.

President Rodrigo Duterte has released statements several times regarding his criticism of Catholic beliefs which resulted to bishops stating their disagreement with the President’s administration.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo made a statement after three bishops have issued remarks against the President after he has urged bystanders to rob and kill rich bishops.

READ: “Enough is enough.” Bishop Ruperto Santos says Catholicism in the country is “under attack”

Posted by Office of the Presidential Spokesperson on Sunday, November 25, 2018

One of which is Balanga Biship Ruperto Santos, who called the current administration a disgrace to the country. Novaliches Boshop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani Jr. then challenged President Duterte to walk in the streets without his security escorts.

Panelo said that the bishops’ statements are part of their freedom of expression but later on suggested to them that they should step out of the nation’s issues.

“Freedom of expression iyan, they are entitled to that. Ang sinasabi lang namin if you are men of the cloth, ang talagang trabaho mo ay spiritual awakening sa faithful.

“Huwag mo nang pakialaman ang estado with respect doon sa mga methods na ginagawa ng estado na sa kabutihan naman ng bayan.”

Posted by Office of the Presidential Spokesperson on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

He then asked them that if they don’t fit in the President’s criticism of certain religious members, why are they reacting.

“Now, if they are affected by the criticism on the hypocrisy of certain members, if they are not alluded to, if they are not embraced in that group, then why should they be reacting?”

Panelo added, “There will always be disagreement in religious beliefs but that should not deter us from helping each other for the good of the country. Let us therefore focus on our respective duties and maintain the inviolability of the separation between the Church and the State to avoid religion and governance from mixing and impeding upon each other.”

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“I feel that we should follow your footsteps to control this hazard.” Sri Lanka President praises Duterte’s drug war

“I feel that we should follow your footsteps to control this hazard.” Sri Lanka President praises Duterte’s drug war

  • Sri Lanka’s Head of State praised President Rodrigo Duterte’s way of dealing drug problems.
  • He said that the drug war is an example to the world.

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena heavily praised President Rodrigo Duterte‘s drug war, saying that it is an example to the whole world.

During a banquet in Malacañang, he said that he’s willing to follow the President’s way of dealing drug related problem in their country.

“Excellency, the war against crime and drugs carried out by you is an example to the whole world, and personally to me. Drug menace is rampant in my country and I feel that we should follow your footsteps to control this hazard.”

On the other hand, the drug war is not lauded by many as international media has expressed their opposition on its process as it is linked to numerous deaths and human rights violations all over the country.

Sirisena is on a five-day state visit. His schedule includes a visit to the Asian Developent Bank in Mandaluyong and at the International Rice Research Institute in Los Baños, Laguna.

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“The pilot was wrong there.” Palace blames pilot for chopper landing at Ultra

“The pilot was wrong there.” Palace blames pilot for chopper landing at Ultra

  • Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said that Michael Dino’s unauthorized chopper landing at Ultra was not his fault but the pilots.
  • He added that the pilot should’ve had the information that one should have a clearance before landing at the venue.

Malacañang stated that it was not Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino‘s fault that his chopper landed at the Ultra Philippine Sports Complex without the permission from authorities. It also disturbed an ongoing youth sports event at the venue.

During a Palace news briefing on Thursday, January 10, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo blamed the pilot and said Dino was merely a passenger who had no choice regarding the circumstances of the landing.

“It’s the fault of the pilot, not the passenger,” he said.

Posted by Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas on Saturday, December 15, 2018

“The pilot should have known that you’re supposed to have clearance. Ask permission first before going there. You should know it’s clear. The pilot was wrong there.”

When asked if he thinks that Dino should take responsibility, Panelo answered, “Ano ang kasalanan ng pasahero, pasahero lang ‘yun.”

Posted by Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Meandwhile, The Philippine Sports Commission chairman Butch Ramirez said that he was informed by the PhilSports Arena staff that there was no clearance issued for Dino’s landing.

“I was informed by PhilSports personnel that there was no clearance [regarding the] landing that day.

“Any public or private officials who seek landing must clear from the PhilSports Administrator who is under the leadership of the Philippine Sports Commission,” Ramirez stated.

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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks the Catholic Church, again; he brands the priests are mostly homosexuals

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks the Catholic Church, again; he brands the priests are mostly homosexuals

  • President Duterte said that most of the Catholic priests are homosexuals.
  • He also accused the Church of being the reason behind the booming population in the country.

President Rodrigo Duterte once again attacked the Catholic Church by saying that 90 percent of the priests are allegedly homosexuals.

During his speech at the Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and the 2018 Model OFW Family of the Year Awards ceremony in Malacañang, he called the Catholic church the “most hypocritical institution in the entire Philippines” and even the pope knows it.

“No offense intended, I have so many relatives who are gay. I have two brothers-in-law who are gay, but most of the priests there are homosexuals. Almost 90 percent of you, so do not postulate on immorality.”

The President also mentioned in his speech that during his youth, he was corrupted because of a priest, who is the late Fr. Mark Falvey. He accused the latter of molesting him when he was in his high school.

He also blamed the Church for the rapid growth of population in the country.

“We are very poor. We have a runaway population. It’s because of the church. They have always been against family planning but the priests and the bishops are also into it producing more Filipinos, the id**ts of all times.”

It can be remembered that last week, Duterte urged people to stop going to church and just use their money to set their own chapel in their homes.

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“Eh ngayon kung maniwala kayo, eh g*go kayo.” Pres. Rodrigo Duterte admits he’s taking MJ

“Eh ngayon kung maniwala kayo, eh g*go kayo.” Pres. Rodrigo Duterte admits he’s taking MJ

  • President Rodrigo Duterte said that he used to take Marijuana to keep him awake during his hectic schedules.
  • He later on clarified that he was just joking as it is his style to lighten up the mood.

During a speech in front of the ASEAN National Organizing Council in Malacañang on Monday, December 3, President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that he was taking Marijuana or MJ to keep him awake during his hectic schedules.

“It’s a killing activity, and I think that at my age — ako hindi masyado, kasi nagmamarijuana ako eh, para magising. Sa iba, hindi na kaya.”

He was referring to his activities during the 33rd ASEAN Summit in Singapore which happened in November. During that period, they used to start early in the morning and end the meetings late at night.

“You know we start at 8:30 in the morning and we end up almost 10? 11? Nandiyan man ‘yan silang lahat. And it’s every 30 minutes, 8:30 tapos 9:30, 10:30, iba na naman. Baka akala nitong Asean Secretariat boy scout kami. Hindi kaya ‘yan. It’s [a] whole [day], hindi kaya.”

Duterte said that during that time, they had no sleep and he doesn’t even have time to catch up with the readings.

“Susmaryosep, walang tulog. And the more that crescendo becomes faster, mas lalo kang ‘di nakakatulog kasi hinahabol ka na babasahin eh, and so you do not want your President to look ignorant. So I have to catch up with the reading, wala na talagang panahon.”

It can be remembered that the President skipped several meetings during the summit’s second day because he needed “power naps” and managed to get some rest.

In an interview with the reporters, he said that he was joking about the Marijuana statement. He said that he just wanted to “shake the tree” in the speech as it got a bit boring.

“I want to shake the tree in the middle of a [speech] kasi boring ‘pag wala. Alam mo naman ako, patawa talaga.”

"Kung maniwala kayo, gago kayo." Nilinaw ni Pang. Rodrigo Duterte na nagbibiro lang siya nang sabihing gumagamit siya ng marijuana. | via Joyce Balancio, ABS-CBN NewsBASAHIN:

Posted by ABS-CBN News on Monday, December 3, 2018

Regardless of negative reactions, the President added that it was just his “style”.

“Nobody can stop me from just doing my style. Minsan sabi ninyo misogynist ako kung mag biro ako ng ganon, that’s my style. It’s too late to change.

“If I want to joke, I will joke. Eh ngayon kung maniwala kayo, eh g*go kayo.”

Aside from the statement about Marijuana, he also complained about the food served in the ASEAN summit.

“Pangit pa ng mga ulam, susmaryosep…Andiyan yung Protocol, magbaon ako ng Karne Norte pati tuyo.”

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Palace disagrees with Baguio City’s Anti-Profanity ordinance, “I don’t think it should be prohibited.”

Palace disagrees with Baguio City’s Anti-Profanity ordinance, “I don’t think it should be prohibited.”

  • Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo spoke against Baguio City’s anti-profanity ordinance.
  • Panelo also hinted that it might also be unconstitutional as cursing falls under freedom of speech.

Malacañang stated that they’re against Baguio city’s anti-profanity ordinance, saying that it is a part of freedom of speech.

In a Palace briefing on Thursday, November 8, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said that it’s a part of freedom of expression.

“It’s just an expression, I don’t think it is—or it should be prohibited.”

Panelo added that as long as one does not injure another person, it should be okay. He said that profanities are even a part of a person’s anger.

“But you know profane words are uttered in a moment of anger – so all of us does it. I don’t think I have not heard of anyone not cursing when one is angry.”

He also added that the ordinance might unconstitutional.

“It may not pass the constitutional test when it is raised before the courts.”

Under the ordinance, teachers and guidance counselors are required to tell off students who are caught cursung. They will have their parents supponed, according to Bagio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan.

And when a tourist caughts cursing, they will be immediately informed that there’s an ordinance in the city.

“Sabihan mo lang iyung tao na hindi naman ganoon, mayroon kaming ordinansa dito na anti-profanity.”

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Malacañang explains why Nora Aunor is not a National Artist; Nora reacts

Malacañang explains why Nora Aunor is not a National Artist; Nora reacts

  • Actress Nora Aunor is excluded from among those granted the National Artist title.
  • Palace explained that the distinction would only torment her emotionally and mentally.
  • She encouraged her supporters to just forget about the award and focus on making meaningful films. 

Nora Aunor was not included in the list of National Artist[s] this year.

Malacañan Palace explained that they actually did the veteran actress a favor by excluding her as the distinction would only “torment” her.

According to Presidential spokesperson and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, they are still positive that she will still be in the future lists of National Artists.

“In God’s perfect time we are optimistic that she will be proclaimed as a National Artist. Her non-inclusion does not diminish her iconic stature as the country’s Superstar and her significant contributions to film, theater, television and music industries.

“Her non-inclusion is to spare Ms. Nora Aunor from the emotional and psychological torment coming from the barrage of mixed reactions the award will bring.

“Her phenomenal rise to movie and musical stardom that counted a generation of shrieking and adoring fans unparalleled in the movie and music industry is a walking testament to her mesmerizing artistry and singing voice and the people’s acceptance. She truly is the crowned people’s artist.”

Nora Aunor speaks up.

The actress then commented regarding the recent happening.

She stated that even if she’s not included in the list, the respect that she gets from her colleagues is enough; and if people are just going to use the title to attack her personal achievements, then it’s better to just forget about it.

“Sapat na sa aking ang respetong natanggap ko sa mga kasamahan ko sa trabaho. Kung gagamitin lang naman ang National Artist para pagpiyestahan at hamakin ang mga personal kong pagpupunyagi sa buhay, ako na ang nakikiusap na itigil natin ang lahat ng ito.

Nora Aunor then encouraged people to continue making meaningful movies as she will also continue doing her craft.

“Ano ba naman ang isang award kung ang kapalit naman nito’y ang paulit-ulit na paghamak sa pagkatao ko at sa mga taong naniniwala sa akin? Mas nakabubuti pong ipagpatuloy nalang natin ang paglikha ng makabuluhang pelikula at mga awit na magsisilbing inspirasyon sa ating mga Filipino.

“Tuloy lang ang buhay. Tuloy ang trabaho hangga’t binibibiyayaan parin ako ng Diyos para makapagtrabaho. Kaya mga minamahal kong mga Noranians at mga kaibigan, huwag na kayong malungkot o masaktan. Kalimutan na nating ang Nationa Artist na yan.”

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