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Kapuso, Kapamilya stars are happy for Jane de Leon as the new ‘Darna’

Kapuso, Kapamilya stars are happy for Jane de Leon as the new ‘Darna’

  • Jane de Leon in shock about her biggest break as ‘Darna’
  • The announcement was made by ABS-CBN Films’ managing director Olivia Lamasan

ABS-CBN Films’ announcement of the new ‘Darna’ united Kapamilya and Kapuso celebrities and their fans. Right after the big announcement, netizens and celebrities flocked to Jane de Leon’s social media accounts and congratulated the newest ‘Darna’ after Liza Soberano had to drop the project due to a finger injury.

Her followers gradually grew on social media. In fact, her Instagram went from having more than 700k followers to over 927k and her first post after the announcement immediately got 114,173 likes and more than 5k comments as of this writing.

The first two ‘Darna’ choices Angel Locsin and Liza Soberano were happy with the outcome of the audition.

Celebrities like Maymay Entrata, Darren Espanto, Elisse Joson, Iñigo Pascual, Michelle Vito, Jolina Magdangal, Hero Angeles, Kitkat, JC Alcantara, Yam Concepcion and Sandra Aguinaldo made congratulatory comments on De Leon’s now-verified Instagram account.

ABS-CBN Board Member and Chief Content Officer Charo Santos-Concio meanwhile gave de Leon a message to ponder on, “Congratulations to our new DARNA, @imjanedeleon ❤️ Stay grounded as you fly high 🥰”

Jane’s GirlTrends friends Chie Filomeno, Mica Javier, Mikee Agustin and Joana Jane Hipolito congratulated her as well.

Even Kapuso stars Ysabel Ortega, Megan Young, Barbara Miguel, Elia Iliano, Bryce Eusebio, Ana de Leon, and Lexi Gonzales approved of the new Darna’

Meanwhile, De Leon wrote on Instagram following the news and teased her followers that she will begin working on her new project “soon.” “MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA TIWALA!”

Directed by Jerrold Tarog, Star Cinema’s Darna is slated for release in 2020.

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Netizen pokes fun on Piolo Pascual’s ability to be at two places at once

Netizen pokes fun on Piolo Pascual’s ability to be at two places at once

  • A netizen baffled other social media users for Piolo Pascual’s ability to be at two places at the same time: one at ASAP and one in Davao City
  • One FB user commented that Pascual’s appearance on ASAP was pre-recorded
  • Pascual has been on the triathlon sport for 10 years and was happy that his son is following his footsteps

If you can recall the popular tear-jerker film A Walk to Remember’s plot, you would know the reference and importance of being at two places in the same time for the main character, Jaime.

One netizen pointed out that Piolo Pascual was able to do so last Sunday.

Facebook user Jason Nebria provided “proof shots” on his Facebook account of the renowned-actor cycling along the road, while he appears on the television screen singing on ASAP Natin ‘To’s live broadcast.

Nebria jokes on the program’s technical issue to the delight of the netizens, which made his post viral with over two thousand reactions.

One netizen explained the reason behind the baffling scene: it was simply because Pascual’s portion of the show was already pre-recorded and taped last week even though ASAP was on a live broadcast that day.

Atika kog live ang ASAP karon! HAHAHAHA

Posted by Jason Nebria on Saturday, March 23, 2019

The celebrity athlete in actuality was in Davao City that Sunday, racing for the first time in the Alveo Ironman 70.3 Davao for the Sun Life Tri Team.

Pascual has partnered with Sun Life Tri Team for his decade long triathlon journey and is joined by all-male relay teammates Jan Michael Chiu and Toniel Ty who will swim (1.9K) and run (21K), respectively.

They wanted to promote health and awareness through the race.

The doting father was also happy that his son Iñigo has shown interest in the sport and is said to make his debut in the 5150 Triathlon Race in Naga, Cebu on April 28.

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Piolo Pascual’s Mom teases her son to make another baby

Piolo Pascual’s Mom teases her son to make another baby

  • Piolo Pascual still shows no signs about marriage and settling down
  • Mommy Amy Pascual is teasing her son to make another baby
  • Piolo is prophesized to find his soulmate this 2019

It’s not new that Piolo’s mother, Amy Pascual, is eager for her youngest son to settle down, but the ultimate heartthrob has proven time and time again that he is still blurry on the topic.

Back in his 30’s, when he stated that he is ready to settle down, he later changed his mind when he promised Iñigo, his only child with his former non-showbiz partner, to focus on parenting now.

Piolo Pascual has good intentions for the movie industry to make good movies through jis outfit, Spring Films. Even though the producer has moved away from the limelight, he still managed to maintain his popularity.

But even with all his success,  Mommy Amy Pascual is still worried that her son is not getting any younger and that he should find a woman to settle down with.

Excited, Mommy Amy’s fortune teller said that there is a prophesy this 2019 that her son will finally meet a woman to settle down with.

“Sana nga matupad na ngayong taon. Been waiting for this a long time,” stated the doting mom.

Now at the age of 42, Piolo is still not linked to anyone. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments on the comment box down below, and please leave a like and share.

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Piolo Pascual gets back on a Netizen; who tags him and Inigo Pascual as “Mag-amang bakla”

Piolo Pascual gets back on a Netizen; who tags him and Inigo Pascual as “Mag-amang bakla”

  • Piolo Pascual fired back on a Netizen who called him and Inigo Pascual as ‘gays’. 
  • They then continued to challenge each other into a fistfight.

Piolo Pascual has always been someone who kept his cool toward bashers, but it looked like the actor has had enough this time as he aired his piece against a Netizen who accused him and his son, Inigo as “gays’.

It started when Piolo posted a commemorative photo of him and his son, after they have finished their first “resolution run” in Jakarta, Indonesia. His fans immediately showed support by congratulating them.

But not everyone was fond of the father and son duo as a Netizen posted a comment that irked the actor.

“Mag-amang bakla haha”, the comment read. Piolo immediately replied, challenging the basher to a fistfight.

The Netizen continued to annoy him saying, “San lugar sige punta ako.”

They continued to exchanged comments, the basher repeatedly asked about the location where he can proceed and meet the actor.

The Netizen then suggested that they should do it in front of ABS-CBN in hopes of becoming famous before saying that he’s in Timog.

“San sa timog,” Piolo replied again.

“Ala ito Malabo nato ako na nga pupunta eh,” the Netizen commented.

Piolo’s reply read, “Public mo account mo at intayin moko jan.

He also took a screenshot of the Netizen’s profile and shared it on his Instagram stories.

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ONE MUSIC POPSSSS welcomes new hosts

ONE MUSIC POPSSSS welcomes new hosts

  • One Music’s One Music Popssss introduced their newest hosts.
  • The online show is now on its sixth season.

After five seasons, One Music‘s live online show ‘One Music Popssss‘ is welcoming their newest hosts.

Ryle Santiago, AC Bonifacio, and Jayda are joining Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual who can be watched on the show every Tuesday afternoon.

The show that airs on the YouTube page of ABS-CBN’s One Music regularly features musical guests and exclusive performances.

Adding to Maris and Inigo’s “MarNigo’s Hangout” and “Inigo vs Maris“, new segments with the new hosts will be produced such as “Dance with AC” wherein viewers can learn the basics of dance, “Guitar with Ryle” wherein Ryle will teach you how to play the guitar, and “In My Room with Jayda” wherein she will open up about her music and songwriting process.

One Music is a digital venue where fans, music lovers, and aspiring artists can come together to be discovered, connect with other artists, and share their love and passion for music.

‘One Music Popssss’ can be watched every Tuesday, 5 PM on One Music’s YouTube page.

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“‘Wag manganak kung hindi maalagaan.” Iñigo Pascual tweets about his two-cents on street children

“‘Wag manganak kung hindi maalagaan.” Iñigo Pascual tweets about his two-cents on street children

  • Inigo Pascual expresses his disappointment over parents who leave their children on the road, begging for money.
  • His followers have mixed opinions about how he worded his concern and suggested that he should learn more about the said problem.

As the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, street people asking for money can’t be avoided, especially on the major roads of the metro.

Kapamilya star Inigo Pascual can’t help but tweet about what he feels whenever he sees kids asking for alms from motorists. He expressed that kids should enjoy their childhood and have the freedom to grow.

He then added his disappointment towards the parents who chose to let their kids roam around the streets begging for food and money.

im so done seeing kids asking for money from people in cars…
kids are meant to have a childhood…
they deserve to play and learn life…

wag maganak kung hindi maalagaan.
hindi nila kasalanan na hindi kaya ng magulang nilang suportahan sila…

Pascual seconded the thoughts of a netizen who replied that those said parents even blame the government for everything.

Tapos isisisi sa gobyerno kung bakit sila naghihirap! Sana sila na lang yung mahirap hindi yung paparamdam pa nila sa anak nila yung hirap ng buhay dito sa mundo.

@iamjoshuagarcia @BarrettoJulia #NAKProposal

The young actor said that the government does have its flaws, however, it’s unfair to blame every single thing to those in authority.

Oo corrupt ang gobyerno natin!
Lahat naman ng bansa may sarisariling pagkukulang.
Pero di ibig sabihin na yun lang ang rason kung bakit naghihirap.
Laging pwedeng merong gawin.
at laging isipin ang mga bata ay karapatan pra maging bata.

His intentions are good, but there are some netizens who hoped that he could have worded his message better. Twitter user @chacastano explained that it’s also not the people’s fault if they were born poor, thus it results to them doing anything to survive.

She also emphasized that most of those people have no access to the government’s social services as they are actually not the government’s priority.

Inigo, hindi kasalanan ng mga mahihirap na mahirap sila. Kung mayroong oportunidad na makaahon sa kahirapan gagawin naman nila. Kaso wala naman silang access sa basic social services dahil hindi naman ito prayoridad ng gobyerno. Kita naman ito sa budget cuts pa lang.

@DeusSexPH suggested that he should use his platform to spread about the importance of sex education.

I hope you understand that it isn’t necessarily a choice. Many underprivileged families don’t even know abt birth control. That’s why it’s so impt to fill the void of sex ed & reproductive health in the PH!

If you rly care, I hope you use your platform for the good of the cause.

The netizen added that contrary to what Pascual is implying, it is the government’s fault for not doing anything about the problem.

Unplanned and teen pregnancies, HIV, and fatal abortions are actual crises in the country. We can only do so much as private citizens and the government has yet to step up. In that sense, it is the government’s fault. For refusing to do anything. I hope you can understand that.

In any case, I know you mean well, and it is obvious you are coming from a place of concern, but please, please do yourself some good and educate yourself on this.

This Twitter user urged Pascual to listen to those pointing out what’s wrong with his first statement.

Nobody wants kids to have to work, that’s obvious. But I hope you at least listened to those who were saying that this is also a systemic problem that needs to be fixed, so the blame should not be on the parents alone!

You have a voice. And a platform. PLEASE use it for GOOD.

@laurencecoke3 said that the reason for the contradicting tweets that the actor is receiving is because he said it in a way that people may easily misinterpret.

The TV personality is currently an ambassador for children of World Vision, a non-profit development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

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Iñigo Pascual claps back to a Netizen’s accusation of him dating a G-Force dancer

Iñigo Pascual claps back to a Netizen’s accusation of him dating a G-Force dancer

  • Netizen accused Iñigo Pascual of having a relationship with G-Force dancer Sam Libao and whom he followed to Siargao.
  • Pascual replied to one of the comments and clarified that he had a mall show in Nueva Ecija.

Young star Iñigo Pascual is one of the most talked about personalities in this generation.

Aside from being the son of actor Piolo Pascual, Inigo is also slowly building a name for himself in the Philippine entertainment industry.

And because of his rising fame, rumors and allegations regarding his personal life start to build up as well.

The young Pascual has been getting a series of comments from an anonymous user on Instagram insisting that he’s in a relationship with G-Force dancer, Sam Libao.

In an Instagram post dated August 10, the Netizen accused him of lying about his relationship.

Sinungaling ka ayaw mo pa amin na jowa mo si sam libao

The Netizen proceeded to mention Maris Racal, saying that Pascual isn’t really dating his onscreen partner.

Yes si g force sam ang totoong jowa ni inigo at di si maris love pa nga ang tawagan nila at pareho pa sila naka red kahapon

On his third comment, the Insagram user then insisted that Pascual followed Libao and her family in Siargao.

Alam ko nasa siargao ka sinundan mo si sam at ang family niyan doon

Pascual replied to the comment and clarified that he had a mall show in Nueva Ejiha and sarcastically thanked the Netizen for the love.

@lito432 Hahhahaha funniest thing ive seen all day! I had a mallshow in Nueva Ecija … pang50th account na ata to ah. Salamat sa pagmamahal mo. Solid ka

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Kapamilya and Kapuso Stars Unite To Celebrate Vivo V7 Plus Grand Launch

Kapamilya and Kapuso Stars Unite To Celebrate Vivo V7 Plus Grand Launch

  • Vivo launches their newest flagship, V7+
  • Kapamilya and Kapuso stars share one stage to celebrate Vivo’s biggest launch

It’s not every day we get to see Kapamilya and Kapuso Stars sharing one stage, right?

Vivo V7 Plus

But Vivo Philippines has that power to make them unite for one big celebration. In the recent grand launch of their newest flagship V7 Plus at the Manila Marriott Hotel, the top 5 leading global smartphone brand takes on the biggest leap to date!

The V7+ is the Vivo’s newest pride in its line of leading-edge smartphones, elevating the brand’s leadership in selfie and smartphone display technology. With that being said, I think they have fulfilled that mission of empowering self-expression of the next generation.

Imagine? A 24MP front shooter camera that provides a selfie that has a quality of those shot using a DSLR! With superb 5.99″ all-screen display and 84.4% screen to body ratio, Vivo has clearly outdone themselves. Another cool spec of this new stunner is the Special Face Beauty 7.0–a setting that brightens up photos and evens out complexions so capturing a selfie moment is not a problem, especially in a dimly-lit environment. Portrait mode, on the other hand, blurs out backgrounds to highlight sharper selfie features. There’s more yet. Hold your breath!

This latest offering from Vivo has the dual-sim (Nano-SIM) and runs on Funtouch OS 3.2 based on Android 7.1 Nougat. Moreover, it rocks a Smart Split 3.0 feature, allowing users to check their messages, mails, among other things without interrupting the currently running app. The smartphone is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SoC coupled with 4 GB RAM + 64 GB of ROM expandable up to 256 GB.

The security feature is also augmented with its face ID access feature that allows one to unlock the phone with mere facial recognition. An eye-protection mode is also an option, a facet providing comfort and protection during longish phone usage.


The launch was graced by the brand’s growing endorsers. Their ambassadors include Darren Espanto, KZ Tandingan, Chie Filomeno, Maris Racal, Inigo Pascual, Jason Dy, Boyband PH, Julie Anne San Jose, Paul Salas, TJ Monterde, Andrea Brillantes, Tony Labrusca, Kira Ballinger, Barbie Forteza, Loisa Andalio, Kisses Delavin, Maymay Entrata and of course, the teen king and queen Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.


You can have all of this for only Php. 17,990! A moment of silence here. You can get that Vivo flagship with that amount? A major dibs, perhaps!

What do you think guys? Share us your thoughts.

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Piolo Pascual reveals why he chooses Sun Life Financial

Piolo Pascual reveals why he chooses Sun Life Financial


Sun Life Financial first introduced life insurance in the Philippines in 1895. And now, 120 years later, Sun Life Financial is still the number one life insurance company in the Philippines in terms of total premiums. Their brand ambassador, Kapamilya actor Piolo Pascual, revealed why he chose Sun Life over other brands last January 30, 2016 during the #LiveFreePH press conference held at the Seda Hotel in Davao City.

“When Sun Life came into the picture, they offered me [a] different policy. Parang, it kind of clicked. It was easier to understand. It was kind of more user-friendly because the policy they were offering were easier to understand and the return was faster so I didn’t just stick to one policy, they have different policies that I could choose from so it was easier for me to understand what I was getting into,” Pascual explained.

What Pascual pointed out that life insurance is one of those investments that is hard to talk about and difficult to understand. And while many Filipinos aim to have financial freedom, many still find it difficult to invest in insurance plans as they find its terms complicated.

Fortunately, Sun Life Financial offers policies that are easier to comprehend. With over 7,000 trained and qualified financial advisors nationwide, more Filipinos can be financially free.

Piolo Pascual and Inigo Pascual, Sun Life Financial Amabassadors, in Seda Hotel during the #LiveFreePH press conference held in Davao City.
Piolo Pascual and Inigo Pascual, Sun Life Financial Amabassadors, at Seda Hotel during the #LiveFreePH press conference held in Davao City.


While there are many life many insurance companies in the Philippines that offer similar financial services, Sun Life Financial aims to encourage Filipinos to pursue financial freedom with the help of their financial advisors who will support them.

#LiveFreePH Freedom Tour is a nationwide caravan that aims to guide Filipinos as they begin their journey towards financial freedom. This includes #LiveFreePH mall booths where they can take part in several activities like declaring their vision of financial freedom via the “Live Free Freedom Wall.” The caravan has already made stops in Pampanga and Iloilo, and most recently in Davao City last January 30, 2016. The #LiveFreePH caravan held in Abreeza Mall, Davao City culminated with a concert dubbed “Freedom Celebration,” which featured Sun Life ambassadors, Kapamilya actors Piolo Pascual and Inigo Pascual.

The #LiveFreePH caravan held in Abreeza Mall, Davao City culminated in a concert dubbed "Freedom Celebration" last January 30, 2016.
The #LiveFreePH caravan held in Abreeza Mall, Davao City culminated in a concert dubbed “Freedom Celebration” last January 30, 2016.

Watch out this year for Sun Life Financial’s new programs that aim to help Filipinos realize their vision of financial freedom.

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Despite their busy schedules, these 10 Pinoy celebrity dads have managed to stay hunky

Despite their busy schedules, these 10 Pinoy celebrity dads have managed to stay hunky


The Dailypedia has made a list of our favorite hunky dads that are taking the entertainment industry and the social media by storm. Here are our hunky Pinoy celebrity dads.

1. Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual isn’t just your “boy-next-door” hunk. The guy whom everyone watches out for in teleseryes and movies is also the father of the equally talented and cute teenager Inigo Pascual.

Photo Screen-grabbed from @piolo_pascual Instagram account
Photo Screen-grabbed from @piolo_pascual Instagram account

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