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Man has an affair with fellow Mobile Legends player; wife calls him out on Facebook

Man has an affair with fellow Mobile Legends player; wife calls him out on Facebook

  • Eryl Cafuir Santos calls out her husband for all the pain and damage he caused during their time together
  • Wife calls out husband on Facebook for cheating and ruining her life
  • Says that she will be filing charges

Netizen and mother of two Eryl Santos went on Facebook to call out her husband for the stress and hardships he brought her when they were still together.

She detailed how her husband, Aivan Jade Santos, was one of the worse things to happen to her. Eryl said she did everything for him but he always found a way to take their marriage for granted.

Aivan had a bad habit of gambling which really hurt the family financially.

“Binigay ko sa ‘yo lahat ng pwedeng maibigay ko to the point na magkandautang-utang ako sa mga loan sharks dahil sa pagtulong sa pagpyapyansa sayo nung nakulong ka at sa pangtubos ng mga high end cellphones na binili ko para sa ateng dalwa na paulit ulit mong sinangla dahil lang nagcacasino ka.”

Eryl hoped that one day, Aivan would change for the better, but that never happened. This made her realize that she needed someone else, someone that would accept her for who she really is.

“Thinking na one day magbabago ka through age and time but most especially through God. I know I am not perfect too but I need a man who will help me make my imperfections worth loving for.”

What hurt Eryl the most is the fact that he got her pregnant and then went on to cheat on her with other women, and this isn’t the first time he did this.

Aivan came back to her and Eryl made the mistake by accepting him thinking that he was a changed man.

“Ginawa muna to noon sa akin, binuntis mo ako sa panganay naten tapos tinalikuran at sumama ka sa ibang babae at naglaro ng bahay bahayan. Wala kang narinig sa akin, at nung bumalik ka, pinatawad kita at tinanggap ng buong buo. Yung una kaya ko pang isiping nagkamali ka lang, pero ngayong pangalawa, hindi na pagkakamali to, may sakit kana.”

Eryl made it clear that they will not be getting back together as the damage Aivan caused was just too much.

“Don’t you ever dare come back to us kasi hindi na ako babalik sayo, kasi hinde mo deserve maging part ng pamilyang ito na winasak mo.”

She mentioned that she filed a case against her husband in an attempt to recover a certain amount that according to her, Aivan wasted.

“Thank you for setting me free and see you in COURT. Nagsampa ako ng kaso hindi para habulin ka pero para pagbayaran mo ang mga kasalanan mo economically, physically and psychologically.”

But with all the difficulties that she faced, she said that she will still respect Aivan’s new woman, Isabelita Carla Rellosa Vargas, whom he dated a few days after they met on Mobile Legends.

“You could still have my respect kasi ganung klaseng tao ako. I will give you respect para maunawaan mo kung ano ba ang salitang respeto. I am just concerned sa inyo. kailangan nyong magpagamot para humaba ang love story nyo. Pacheck up na kayo sa St. Lukes BGC.”

The reason she shared her story is that she needed to get it off her chest, given all the heartache that was brought to her by her husband.

“At sa lahat ng makakabasa nito. pagbigyan nyo na ako. matagal akong nanahimik. matagal kong dinala ang sakit at ang lungkot. Gusto ko ng lumaya sa bangungot. Please, kindly respect my decision of posting this last chapter of our story. This will be the start of a new life, a new journey for me and my children…”

She posted photos taken at a time they were still happy together.

Eryl also posted screenshots of Aivan and Vargas messaging each other intimately which she got from Vargas’ former live-in partner.

Dailypedia was able to get more information on the matter from Eryl herself.

Eryl and Aivan go way back. They met back in June 2003 when they were classmates at Cavite National High School.

Their relationship became official after a month but it did not last long as they were still young. Aivan was Eryl’s first boyfriend.

The two were reunited during college which eventually led to their horrific marriage.

“Nagkareunion lang po nung college na po ako kaya kami uli nagkita tas from there narekindle yung relationship namin into something more then nagtuloy tuloy n through marriage”

The first time Aivan cheated was when Eryl was just three months into her pregnancy with their first child. Aivan went away for nearly a year and had a child with another woman before coming back to Eryl.

“[Aivan] played bahay bahayan to his mistress then whom he have relationship for a year and managed to have a child. He came back when my first born was about to reach 1 year old. I believe in second chance. So i gave our marriage and our family a second chance.”

Aivan briefly showed that he changed for the better, but had a big problem when it came to gambling.

“Nung pagbalik niya, he really showed me that he will change for the better pero there were times i mean most of the time d niya maiwasan yung gambling like casino, ending and sakla.”

Aivan even pawned both their iPhone 7s twice just so he had money to go gambling.

“Sympre i tried to save the phone kaya tinutubos ko kasi nga niloan ko yun binabayaran ko tas mapupunta lang s wala. Kaya ako nagkandautang utang kasi i tried to find ways paramagkapera para matubos yung phone. 60k isa ang phone sa market ang value niya pag sinangla is around 30k plus”

Aivan left for the second time when Eryl got pregnant again. He was cheating on her then with Isabelita Vargas.

Isabelita’s ex-boyfriend is actually one of Aivan’s friends who warned her that Aivan is already married. Isabelita said that he doesn’t have to worry about anything. He caught her cheating so he kicked her out of their apartment on July 20.

He was able to access her Facebook so he sent Eryl her intimate conversations with Aivan.

Aivan felt bad for Isabelita and decided to live with her in another apartment. He went away for a while and didn’t even attend his son’s birthday.


Posted by ER YL on Saturday, August 3, 2019

“I was enraged knowing that my husband and his mistress managed to expose their relationship out in the open. It seemed to me that they were proud of their affair. That was so disrespectful on my part.”

She has filed a case under Republic Act No. 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children) against her husband. She is looking to gain a certain amount of money from Aivan since she knows he can’t provide for their family.

Having found out about the case, Aivan immediately cut off all communication with Eryl.

“He blocked all the communication he have with me when I demanded the right amount he should have given me. That’s why I don’t have contact with him anymore and since I found out about all of his affairs from many different women, I received nothing from him not a single penny to provide for our needs.

“Since nagdemand ako ng amount nagalit n siya sa akin kasi sabi niya sustento lang daw need ko. Hinde nmn sa ganon gusto ko lang tlga msecure kami kasi nga andami niya babae eh kesa nmn dun s mga yun napupunta pera niya,” she added.

Aivan also mentioned that he is planning on marrying Isabelita.

“Kaya ako nagdemand kasi mahirap umasa sa kanya knowing ang dami nga niya babae. Tas yung isa pa dun sinabihan niya na papaksalan niya eh paano naman kami?”

Eryl feels bad for her eldest son. Her son would constantly look at pictures of his dad on the phone. He would also call out ‘daddy’ to any man that resembled his father.

Eryl is currently waiting for a court date to settle her case.

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When is it time to end a relationship with a cheating partner?

When is it time to end a relationship with a cheating partner?

  • Cheating is influenced by one’s environment
  • It is up to a partner if they still want to be with a cheater

The latest cheating rumor has had Philippine social media in a buzz.

Gerald Anderson allegedly cheated on his girlfriend Bea Alonzo with actress Julia Barretto. According to the Alonzo, Anderson just stopped talking to her all the sudden.

Some may say cheating in a relationship is inevitable, but when do you enough is enough and give up on a relationship?

According to wellness expert Dr. Lulu Marquez, communication is very important when it comes to alleged cheating by a partner.

Having good communication means that flirting should also be constant.

The first step would be to ask the cheating partner why they did it.

“Kasi kung sila ang magkakatuluyan dapat tuloy-tuloy ang communication ng asawa. The more na mag-sweetheart kayo, the more that you continue communicating.”

One reason why a partner would cheat is that they may have been influenced by the environment that they thrive in.

There is also a big chance that one would cheat if one of their parents have cheated in the past.

Moreover, Marquez said there is a lesser chance of cheating when a partner has low levels of testosterone or estrogen, the sex hormones of males and females respectively.

People start having low levels of sex hormones when they reach middle age.

If a partner keeps on cheating even when they have already been caught multiple times, then it’s up to the other party to decide whether to stay with them or leave them to avoid any more pain.

“It can happen again. When they marry, it can happen again. Kung mapagpatawad ka o martir ka, nasa sa iyo na ‘yon.”

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Guy travels 2,400 km to surprise girlfriend in a teddy bear suit, catches her cheating

Guy travels 2,400 km to surprise girlfriend in a teddy bear suit, catches her cheating

  • Guy travels 2,400 km. to surprise his girlfriend
  • Sees her with another man

It is common for long-distance relationships to fall apart.

One man in China found out the hard way.

In a post shared on Twitter and on Weibo, photos show a man in a teddy bear suit catching his girlfriend with another man.

The guy traveled 2,400 km just to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday. He wanted to make the surprise special by wearing a teddy bear suit.

The photos show the woman wrapped in another man’s arms, while her boyfriend is staring at them. The girlfriend then felt somebody looking at her and saw that it was boyfriend number one, who took off the head of the teddy bear costume.

The guy ran off after seeing his girlfriend with another man. His girlfriend then chased him and hugged him while apologizing, but it seems he has completely given up on their relationship.

He put on the teddy bear head again to hide the fact that he was crying.

Chinese netizens bashed the girl and advised the guy to just find a new girlfriend.

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Liking pictures of other people is ‘micro-cheating’

Liking pictures of other people is ‘micro-cheating’

  • Liking other people’s photos while in a relationship is micro-cheating
  • Commenting with emojis can also be considered as cheating
  • Even dressing up to look good is also micro-cheating

You can see and connect to millions of people when you’re on a social media platform. Liking someone’s pictures seems perfectly harmless to some but it can lead to some problems, including accusations of cheating on your partner.

The term ‘Micro-cheating’ has been used extensively recently.

Micro-cheating is when you do things subconsciously without knowing that these actions can lead to infidelity.

“Micro-cheating happens when you create small opportunities for affectionate behaviors that fall outside your relationship,” says sex and relationship therapist Tammy Nelson, PhD.

Examples of micro-cheating include liking other people’s photos of the opposite sex, making comments about their looks, and even just dropping emojis.

NYC-based Psychotherapist and Relationship Specialist Lisa Brateman says that micro-cheating is a little harsh or difficult to manage because most people who are in relationships do this constantly.

These people see micro-cheating as harmless but end up destroying their relationships.

To avoid micro-cheating from escalating, couples need to discuss the limitations of the things that they do on social media platforms.

Micro-cheating can also include instances where you dress a little nicer when you are about to meet up with a certain person, not telling your partner that you will be drinking after work, deleting messages out of fear that your partner would read it.

Nelson states that, “You cross the line if you think your partner would feel uncomfortable if they saw your actions.”

If you yourself suspect that your partner is also committing this, then you should just be honest with one another, says clinical psychologist Janis Abrahms Spring, PhD, author of After the Affair.

Micro-cheating is nothing more than feeling more attractive and is not really cheating, but the continuous practice of this will escalate into something worse.

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Girlfriend defends her cheating boyfriend, gets bashed on social media

Girlfriend defends her cheating boyfriend, gets bashed on social media

  • Woman says her boyfriend drove three hours just to say sorry
  • The boyfriend allegedly cheated multiple times
  • The woman defends him and gets bashed by netizens

Netizen @MaiMartinezx shared how her boyfriend, Kervin, wanted to make things right and keep their relationship alive after he was caught cheating on her.

Mai’s boyfriend drove all the way from Davao to Mati just to make it up to her.

He told Mai, “I’ll come to you, we will fix this.”

“Guys, he traveled three hours from Davao to Mati to make things right,” Mai said in her thread.

The whole drive was three hours which really impressed Mai and made her feel special.

“Hayyy I don’t know what I did to deserve a man like you. I love youuu “

The photo shows Mai holding a bouquet of flowers which Kervin gave her. She had a big smile on her face.

The whole reason for all this was that Kervin actually cheated on Mai.

Screenshots were posted of the alleged cheating that Kervin committed.

One user said that Kervin was sending pictures of his private parts to several women and that he would ask for video calls.

The user said, “(Mai) you deserve a love that is pure.”

Mai did not care and said that she already knew about it a month ago.

“Hi! Thanks for bringing up something I already know about–actually, last month pa. Haha.  Thanks sa info pero matagal na nmn pinag usapan yan,” Mai replied.

“Clearly he was just asking you why you have to post it pa (when you can just DM me unless you have other intentions) hehe 😅”

Netizens started trashing their relationship, calling her boyfriend a cheater.

She did not expect her post to get this much hate, so she tweeted, “I know my boyfriend better than what somebody posted about him online.”

Her post has over 7k likes.

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Guy caught his girlfriend cheating after planning a surprise for his girlfriend’s birthday

Guy caught his girlfriend cheating after planning a surprise for his girlfriend’s birthday

  • A guy planned to surprise his girlfriend but caught her cheating on him
  • The guy holds back his tears as he took a photo of himself holding the flowers with his girlfriend in the background

A guy planned to surprise his girlfriend with some flowers and a gift but instead, he was the one who got a surprise when he discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him.

In photos he posted online, the guy seemed to be in the parking garage of a building. He was apparently waiting to surprise his girlfriend when another guy came up to her first.

The way she reacted by jumping into his arms and even wrapping her legs around the other guy made him realize that he was definitely not just a casual acquaintance.

The photos he posted shows him barely holding back his tears while holding a bouquet of flowers while his cheating girlfriend and her new guy are embracing each other in the background.

Netizens hoped that he had broken up with the woman so he could find someone better who would love him faithfully.

It is unknown if the girl noticed him afterward or if he broke up with her.

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Girl catches cheating boyfriend on their 6th anniversary

Girl catches cheating boyfriend on their 6th anniversary

  • Netizen catches her boyfriend cheating on the day of their 6th anniversary.
  • Girl expresses her sentiments regarding her ex-boyfriend’s lack of support for their child but still has the time to go with a date with another woman

It was a couple’s 6th anniversary, but instead of a celebration, this one netizen found out that her boyfriend has been cheating behind her back for the “nth time”.

Facebook user Michelle Ann Trinidad posted on her account calling the guy out and saying that it was their 6th anniversary but cheating was his gift for her.

“”Pa-victim pero cheater”

Oops! You’ve just caught for the nth time.
Di mo na naman ginalingan bessy e sabi ko naman sayo e galisan mo naman. 😂
Sweet nyo ah muntik nang anayin hehe.
Buti di ko kayo binaba baka masira moment nyo hahaha

6th yr anniversary natin dapat ngayon eh. So yan yung regalo mo? Hahahaha. Bago mo yan? Bat mukang luma? Hahahaha.
Once a cheater always a cheater. Kamusta ba dyan sa mall? Lamig ba? At kung maglingkisan kayo dyan parang mga teenager lang? Ingat kayo ha. Told you karma is digital. In just one snap, you got served what u deserved.”

In the sarcastic post, Michelle stated that it was nice that he was with the girl but not his child, who was sick at that time.

She also stated that he better not make it look like she was the one who has been fooling him and he has no right to share memes hinting that he’s been the victim.

She also told him that he can’t even take care of their child well and give support but he still has the time to go on a date with his other girl.

“Buti pa sya nakakasama mo? Yung anak mo kaya kilala ka pa kaya? Alam mong may sakit anak mo ngayon ni presensya ng kaluluwa mo wala!!! Ayan ba yung matinong ama? How to be u po daddy? Pano po maging makapal ang muka? pangproject lang po. Pusuan ko na kayo ❤

Kaya “Kennard Mallari” wag na wag mong palalabasin sa mga friends mo at sa social media na ako yung nagloko kaya ka iniwan ha? Hugas na hugas ka eh. Oh ayan proof galingan mo next time.
Wala kang karapatang magshare ng mga memes na feeling niloko ka or broken kasi gago ka. Oo wala talaga.
Di ka talaga deserving. Panindigan mo yang ginagawa mo ha pati sa anak mo di ka makapagsustento ng ayos tapos ganyan pa? Wag na wag ka talagang papakita na samen wag mo kong subukan this time. Ekis ka dyan prend. Very wrong move”

Michelle ended her post by saying that having a child doesn’t mean you also have a guaranteed “forever” with your partner.

“Di talaga porket may anak na poreber na.
Minsan talaga yung blessing wala dun sa binibigay/dumadating minsan yung nawawala. Mahal ako ni lord kaya sigiro ganon ❤ share ko lang. Block pa kuya!

#AyokongManggigil #HappyValentinesDaySainyo”

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What are the jobs that you are more likely to cheat?

What are the jobs that you are more likely to cheat?

  • Both men and women have different levels of cheating and different reasons for doing so
  • The top 12 careers where men cheat the most

As people go on with their own separate lives, we are bound to take different careers and engage in different types of jobs.

There are determined levels to cheating, from “microcheating” to just full-blown affairs. Different people do it for different reasons too.

One poll found out that the reasons for men and women being unfaithful are very different. The number one answer for women was because they felt that their partner had stopped giving them the attention they needed. Meanwhile, the number one answer for men was as simple as finding another person attractive.

According to Swiss journalist and author of “Cheating: A Handbook for Women” Michèle Binswanger, women seemed to be more concerned about emotional affairs and men with physical aspects.

“For men it’s often a question of opportunity.

If they get a perfect opportunity and the risk of being caught is very small, they might be more likely to cheat. Women usually have more opportunities, but other motivations… Many felt undesired, unheard or just unhappy, so they started looking for excitement.”

On the other hand a survey from Ashley Madison – the leading dating website that helps married people have affairs – has shown a certain number of careers that are more likely to cheat than others. A total number of 1,074 members of the website answered their survey and it was found that despite straying from their partners, the respondents had a different attitude towards their careers as nearly half of them said that they never switched jobs and those who did it said that they only do it once in every ten years.

Here are the top ten careers for the infidelity of men according to the Ashley Madison survey.

10. Arts and Entertainment

9. Education

8. Legal

7. Medical

6. Marketing and Communications

5. Finance

4. Retail and Hospitality

3. Entrepreneurs

2. I.T

1. Trades

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“Once a cheater, always a cheater”, study concludes

“Once a cheater, always a cheater”, study concludes

  • A study has found that people who cheated in their first relationship are three times more likely to cheat in their next relationship.
  • Researchers discovered that our emotional reaction is a powerful factor that prevents us from cheating.

Have you ever cheated on someone?

Science says you’re more likely to cheat again in your next relationship. In fact, the study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior  confirms the saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater” is true.

PHOTO CREDIT: Indian Express

To arrive at this conclusion, researchers looked into 484 subjects in mind gender romantic relationships. Subjects were asked to report their own extra-dyadic sexual involvement”, which is defined as having sexual relations with someone other than their partner. They were also asked to disclose whether they suspected their partners of being unfaithful in each relationship they had been in.

Their findings suggests that people who have cheated during their first relationship are three times more likely to cheat again compared to those who are faithful.

Meanwhile, those who knew that their previous partners had cheated on them were twice as likely to be cheated on by their next partners.

Princeton Neuroscience and co-author of the study Neil Garrett  explained that our emotional reaction is a powerful factor that prevents us from cheating.

“With serial cheaters, it could be the case that they initially felt bad about cheating, but have cheated so much they’ve adapted to their ways and simply don’t feel bad about cheating any more,”Garrett said.

“Another possibility is that they never felt bad about cheating to begin with, so they didn’t need adaptation to occur, they were comfortable with it from the get-go,” he added.

Another possibility is that when we lie, our brain actually gets used to doing it. A previous study has shown that the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for emotions, weakens when lies are repeatedly told. Similarly, when somebody cheats on their partner, they will feel slightly less bad as they do it again.

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Woman Shares What Furious Girlfriend did to Her Cheater Boyfriend’s Car

Woman Shares What Furious Girlfriend did to Her Cheater Boyfriend’s Car

  • A Facebook user named Nikki Alonso shared what an angry girlfriend did after learning that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.
  • The furious lady wrecked the windows of a car using a hammer.

Infidelity is one of the most painful situations a couple can go through as it can be devastating to someone once they realize that their partner isn’t contented with them.

When a person gets cheated on, they usually pour their heart out to be able to cope up from a terrible feeling. But people who experience the same thing don’t always resort to crying to their heart’s content. Sometimes, they simply try to get even by giving them the same pain they had felt.

As a proof, a woman was spotted wrecking her boyfriend’s car.

It was witnessed by a Facebook netizen named Nikki Alonso, who later on shared it on her social media account.

Read on to know the full story:


In the picture Alonso posted, the car was partly damaged as the mirrors seemed to be her target.

Ang sabi nambabae daw si kuya pogi kaya g na g si ateng na maganda. It’s wasak timah!

From what she heard, the woman’s boyfriend cheated on her which is why she did such a thing to his car.

Mas nasaktan ako sa kotse kesa sa breakup. Haha!

PS: Hindi ako ang nang murder ng kotse, Naging tsismosa lang po ako tenkyu “

Also, Alonso clarified that she wasn’t the one who did it to the car.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

On the other hand, some of the netizens didn’t seem to be happy about it. Some said it could put the woman in big trouble for wrecking her boyfriend’s car, while the others warned their partners not to cheat if they don’t want the same thing to happen to them.

The woman probably just did it out of anger since being cheated on is a devastating feeling. Despite the woman’s intention, it can indeed cause a trouble for the woman especially if her boyfriend decides to file a complaint against him.

What are your thoughts on this issue? In case your partner cheated, would you destroy their precious belonging to get even as well?

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