What are the jobs that you are more likely to cheat?

  • Both men and women have different levels of cheating and different reasons for doing so
  • The top 12 careers where men cheat the most

As people go on with their own separate lives, we are bound to take different careers and engage in different types of jobs.

There are determined levels to cheating, from “microcheating” to just full-blown affairs. Different people do it for different reasons too.

One poll found out that the reasons for men and women being unfaithful are very different. The number one answer for women was because they felt that their partner had stopped giving them the attention they needed. Meanwhile, the number one answer for men was as simple as finding another person attractive.

According to Swiss journalist and author of “Cheating: A Handbook for Women” Michèle Binswanger, women seemed to be more concerned about emotional affairs and men with physical aspects.

“For men it’s often a question of opportunity.

If they get a perfect opportunity and the risk of being caught is very small, they might be more likely to cheat. Women usually have more opportunities, but other motivations… Many felt undesired, unheard or just unhappy, so they started looking for excitement.”

On the other hand a survey from Ashley Madison – the leading dating website that helps married people have affairs – has shown a certain number of careers that are more likely to cheat than others. A total number of 1,074 members of the website answered their survey and it was found that despite straying from their partners, the respondents had a different attitude towards their careers as nearly half of them said that they never switched jobs and those who did it said that they only do it once in every ten years.

Here are the top ten careers for the infidelity of men according to the Ashley Madison survey.

10. Arts and Entertainment

9. Education

8. Legal

7. Medical

6. Marketing and Communications

5. Finance

4. Retail and Hospitality

3. Entrepreneurs

2. I.T

1. Trades

Written by Jacks

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