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Struggling businesswoman in a terrible marriage starting to find peace through God

She thought of leaving her husband but that would also mean more problems for her parents who aren’t getting any younger

A miserable woman whose husband has cheated on is beginning to find peace with the help of God.

In a series of tweets, @WorldNelles details how God was always there when nothing in her life was going right.

Amid the constant failures as a business owner, she found out that her husband was having an affair but decided not to confront him.

The struggle continued as she looked for ways to give her staff their separation pay. Her parents even offered to donate a property of theirs to her and sell it just to compensate her employees.

She thought of leaving her husband, but that would also mean more problems for her parents, who aren’t getting any younger.

She kept on looking to God for guidance when her husband subtly admitted that he has been unfaithful one night.

The couple knew the circumstances and proceeded to try and fix their dismal marriage.

She is still struggling but somehow has found peace through the Almighty.

She has yet to pay her staff their dues.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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