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Guy caught his girlfriend cheating after planning a surprise for his girlfriend’s birthday

  • A guy planned to surprise his girlfriend but caught her cheating on him
  • The guy holds back his tears as he took a photo of himself holding the flowers with his girlfriend in the background

A guy planned to surprise his girlfriend with some flowers and a gift but instead, he was the one who got a surprise when he discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him.

In photos he posted online, the guy seemed to be in the parking garage of a building. He was apparently waiting to surprise his girlfriend when another guy came up to her first.

The way she reacted by jumping into his arms and even wrapping her legs around the other guy made him realize that he was definitely not just a casual acquaintance.

The photos he posted shows him barely holding back his tears while holding a bouquet of flowers while his cheating girlfriend and her new guy are embracing each other in the background.

Netizens hoped that he had broken up with the woman so he could find someone better who would love him faithfully.

It is unknown if the girl noticed him afterward or if he broke up with her.

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