ROTC commander accused of killing cadet with a pipe, to face charges

ROTC commander accused of killing cadet with a pipe, to face charges

  • An ROTC commander got nabbed by the police after being accused of killing fellow student with a pipe
  • Willy Amihoy, 23, was found dead inside the comfort room of ISCOF boys’ dormitory Monday noon
  • Suspect Decilao killed Amihoy for allegedly bullying him by spreading rumors of stealing a wallet

A Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) corps commander has been detained at the Dumangas police to face charges over the death of a fellow student, after the latter spread rumors about him.

The suspect was identified as Elmer Decilao, 22, a graduating student pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Education degree.

The victim, Willy Amihoy, 23, a freshman pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, was found dead inside the comfort room of the boys’ dormitory of Iloilo State College of Fisheries (ISCOF) – Dumangas Campus yesterday noon.

According to Police Maj. John Suegay, Amihoy allegedly bullied Decilao by accusing him of stealing a wallet. This greatly peeved the suspect until he killed the victim by hitting him on the head with a pipe.

School security guard Rex Damian received a report about an altercation inside the boy’s dormitory in the campus. When he went there to investigate, he found drops of blood on the kitchen floor. The bloodstains led him inside the toilet where the victim was slumped face down on the floor.

Decilao tried to flee by jumping over the fence but he was later arrested. He will face murder charges according to the police.

The school administration has yet to issue a statement on the incident whereas Akbayan Youth called on campus authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.

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“Maybe resign, taken out of the position, whatever.” Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar get sued over sign language controversy

“Maybe resign, taken out of the position, whatever.” Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar get sued over sign language controversy

  • Members and supporters of the Filipino deaf community file complaint against Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar.
  • They said that they do not accept and would not accept the duo’s apology.

Both Presidential Communications Operations Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson and co-host Andrew Olivar have apologized to the public regarding their controversial video showing them mocking deaf people and those using sign language.

But that is not enough to appease the offended party.

President of the Philippine Federation of the Deaf Carolyn Dagani stated that the video showing Olivar imitating the sign language was “vulgar” and showed a “very dangerous public example for hearing people.” She also urged Uson to be removed from the office.

“Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar were laughing and making fun of us. Together, they stepped all over us and crushed us, killing our dignity. 

“Maybe resign, taken out of the position, whatever.”

She also said that the members of the community do not accept Uson and Olivar’s apology.

“No, we don’t accept, there are so many deaf people I have asked and they would not accept.”

Another complainant, Dr. Liza Martinez, Executive Director of the Philippine Deaf Resource Center, said the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, including four local laws, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, Civil Code, Cybercrime Law and the Magna Carta on Disabled Persons, may apply against Uson and Olivar.

“Meron kasing specific section dun regarding the ridicule of persons with disabilities.”

Lauro Purcil, the gonvenor of the Philippine Coalition on the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, said that Uson should set a good example as she is a part of the Philippine government.

“Siya ay government high-ranking official at siya ay dapat magbigay ng tamang halimbawa at tamang impormasyon na may paggalang sa tao sa mga kapwa naming may kapansanan.”

Uson has other pending civil and criminal complaints at the Ombudsman filed by Akbayan Youth and Senator Antonio Trillianes III for allegedly spreading fake news and regarding her performance in a casino.


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Youth group asks Duterte to honor Paris agreement to secure PH’s future

Youth group asks Duterte to honor Paris agreement to secure PH’s future

A youth group on Wednesday, July 20, appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to push for the ratification of the historic Paris Agreement that aims to limit global warming to below two degrees Celsius (36ºF) and to keep temperatures at 1.5 ºC above pre-industrial levels.

“We appeal to our new president to reconsider his position on the Paris Agreement. Ratifying the Paris agreement is not just about honoring our word to the international community; it is about giving the youth a chance to live freely without fear of super-disasters like the recent super-typhoon Haiyan. The Paris agreement is about securing the future of the Filipino youth,” said Rafaela David, chairperson of Akbayan Youth.

The youth group further emphasized how the Philippines must maintain its leadership in the issue, as it has done in the past years.

“We may be a small nation, but we have stood up for what is right by our people, and successfully rallied other nations most affected by climate change to fight for international solidarity in the face of catastrophic changes in our environment. Why then would we renegade [sic] on our commitment when victory is close at hand? Kumbaga sa basketball, panalo ka na sana, kaso pinasa mo pa sa kabilang team ang bola.”

The youth group also urged congress to call for the immediate ratification of the agreement.

“We also call on our legislators to be proactive in ensuring the ratification of the Paris agreement. Even as they wait for the President to transmit the treaty to the legislative branch, we hope they do not dampen the hope of the youth, and put in their weight to ensure that the Paris agreement is ratified. By doing so, we are assured that the future of the youth is at the center of their agenda,” concluded David.

The Paris agreement was agreed and signed by 195 countries after years of failed negotiations. It will only be considered binding if at least 55 nation-states ratify it by 21 April 2017. Delegates of Akbayan Youth joined the civil society network that monitored the agreement in Paris, France last December 2015.

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Akbayan Youth urges young Pinoys to register and vote for Sangguniang Kabataan

Akbayan Youth urges young Pinoys to register and vote for Sangguniang Kabataan

INTRAMUROS, MANILA. Inspired by the popular movie franchise Superman, members of the Akbayan Youth group trooped to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) national headquarters today, July 15, to mark the “return” of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) and to call for the active participation of young people in the upcoming local youth council elections in October 2016.

“A better, bolder and stronger SK awaits young people,” said Von Yacob, Akbayan Youth spokesperson for SK affairs. “We are excited to participate in the SK elections because after several postponements and an enacted SK reform law, it is finally here,” he added.

The SK Reform Law was signed by then President Benigno Aquino last year, championed by Akbayan Partylist in the House of Representatives and Senator Bam Aquino in the Senate.

The reformed youth institution is a historical one, being the first to enable a law against political dynasties. Among the reforms are the expansion of the age range from 15 to 30 years old and the creation of local youth development councils.

Akbayan Youth is positive that the SK will impact youth development on a community level. Yacob urged young people to participate in the budgeting process to forward their agenda. The Local Government Code allows 10% of barangay funds to youth development programs and projects.

The COMELEC has set the registration for the barangay and SK elections from July 15 to 30 of this year. The youth group, on the other hand, urged COMELEC to conduct a massive voters’ registration drive so as not to disenfranchise young people.

“We should get the information out there,” the youth group said in a statement. “15 days of voters’ registration may not be enough if people are not informed,” Yacob argued.

Akbayan Youth also recommended that COMELEC partner with the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education to excuse students when they register to vote during school hours.

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Youth group: Death penalty not the solution to crime

Youth group: Death penalty not the solution to crime

A youth group has criticized the possible reintroduction of death penalty in the Philippines, saying executions will only continue the cycle of violence in the country.

“How can we start the healing process if we continue the cycle of violence? Death penalty by hanging promotes retribution instead of rehabilitation, revenge rather than justice. The country still recovering from the divisiveness of the previous national election will only bleed further with such a controversial proposition,” said Paeng David, National Chairperson of Akbayan Youth.

David further pointed out that the death penalty is not the solution to criminality and drug addiction, and will only serve to target the poor and vulnerable.

“Execution is not the solution. Amnesty International reports even show that two-thirds of all countries have turned their backs against the barbaric practice, and more are expected to also abolish it. Other reports show no marked difference between crime rate in states that have death penalty and those who have no such policy,” emphasized David

“Apart from being ineffective, [the] death penalty is also anti-poor. In a justice system like ours, only the rich can afford good legal representation and the poor are left to be condemned to death,” continued David.

The group forwarded the idea that instead of bringing back the death penalty, the government should focus on reforming the justice system and promoting rehabilitative criminal justice in the country.

“A critical step to curbing criminality is to make sure our justice system works and that it provides fair judgment, regardless of who and how rich the person to be made to account is. Unless we ensure that trials are not rigged to favor the rich, the chances of executing the innocent will be great,” added David.

“Moreover, those who stray away from the law should never be stripped of their humanity. The young people who take drugs deserve to be given health and rehabilitative services to get them away from the influence of drugs. We extremely hope the new administration would reconsider, and instead of employing vindictive justice, choose to promote rehabilitative justice and give back to our youth their chance at a good life,” said David.

Finally, the youth group called for all Filipinos to rally together against public executions.

“The fight against [the] death penalty is a fight for our humanity. Different our votes might have been during elections, but together we must unite against such efforts to curb our humanity,” concluded David.

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