GMA Network invests $20-million for ‘digitization upgrades’

GMA Network invests $20-million for ‘digitization upgrades’

  • GMA Network Inc. has invested $20 million to push its state-of-the-art upgrades in the second phase of its digitization project.
  • The Network chairman and CEO Gozon envisioned to bring world-class programming to Filipino viewers.
  • GMA aimed to revolutionize TV viewing experience in the country.

Media giant GMA Network, Inc. is said to earmark $20 million in order to complete the second phase of the company’s efforts to digitize its operations.

The converted money is over a billion-peso which is believed to boost production, post-production, content management and distribution capabilities of the broadcasting network.

GMA Network plans to upgrade its facilities in order to deliver full 4K HD while utilizing and enhancing digital terrestrial transmitters to enable its services to be viewed on digital-enabled TV sets and set-top boxes in areas such as Mega Manila, North Central Luzon, Cebu and Davao.

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Post-production is equally improved with increased storage and color grading capabilities whereas New Automation System (NAS) is being implemented to advance its speed in news and information delivery through their eight shows: Unang Hirit, 24 Oras, 24 Oras Weekend, Saksi, News To Go, Balitanghali, Quick Response Team, and State of the Nation with Jessica Soho.

GMA Network chairman and chief executive officer Felipe L. Gozon said that, “All these state-of-the-art upgrades are part of GMA Network’s ongoing digitization project to bring world class programming to our viewers here and abroad.

“We are excited to unveil more innovative offerings that will not only maintain our position as the country’s leading broadcast network but will also revolutionize the TV viewing experience in the Philippines,” he added.

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Soldier’s proposal video goes viral

Soldier’s proposal video goes viral

  • Instructor proposed to a female soldier who is not even his girlfriend.
  • She said yes after changing the proposal from “wife” to “girlfriend”.

No matter what the situation is, proposal videos seem to always touch the hearts of many Filipinos.

There are lavish ones, touching, and even just simple proposals.

Another video went viral as a soldier proposed to a fellow soldier in the middle of the field.

The thing that makes it so amusing is that she’s not even his girlfriend in the first place!

In a 24 Oras report by Marisol Abdurahman, a Special Forces group taking the Basin Airborne Course were in the middle of their training exercises at Fort Magsaysay, Nueve Ecija.

One of the jumpers is Lieutenant Amod, who landed safely on the ground with others after jumping out from a helicopter.

What she didn’t expect that when she was on her way back to their instructors, she was met by another group of soldiers who were holding a banner wherein the words “Will you be my?” printed on it.

Their instructor made his way to her, also carrying a banner that read “WIFE”. The others cheered on and continued to capture everything on camera.

Amod was surprised by the proposal as she couldn’t help but shout “Bakit ganyan agad?”

Sundalo, nag-alok ng kasal sa kapwa-sundalong hindi naman niya niligawan

WATCH: Sundalo, nag-alok ng kasal sa kapwa-sundalong hindi naman niya niligawan | Silipin 'yan sa pagtutok ni Marisol Abdurahman Sa mga Kapuso abroad, tumutok o mag-subscribe sa GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, at GMA News TV International para sa iba pang mga balita.

Posted by 24 Oras on Thursday, December 20, 2018

The two are not even dating and have only met a month ago. As everyone continued to convice Amod to say yes, the instructor decided to change his proposal and asked her to be his girlfriend instead. The female soldier finally agreed.

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Are you addicted to Clash of Clans? Then read this

Are you addicted to Clash of Clans? Then read this

Are you one of the millions of players addicted to Clash of Clans (CoC)? Do you spend most of your time playing this popular strategy game rather than doing something more productive?

Clash of Clans or CoC is an online video game where players build villages, strengthen troops, and  raid and destroy other villages to ravage their resources. CoC has become so popularly addictive that an estimated 8.5 million people are playing it on a daily basis.

CoC is so popularly addictive that an estimated no. of 8.5M people are playing it everyday. PHOTO CREDIT:
CoC is so addictive that an estimated 8.5M people are playing it everyday.

Experts say online games such as CoC are considered addictive, just like gambling, cigarettes, and alcohol. They have adverse effects on the players’ health and on their relationships with loved ones.

Let’s take the case of Joy, who recently broke up with her boyfriend of six years because of CoC.  In her interview with GMA’s 24 Oras, Joy revealed her partner got too addicted to the online game that he couldn’t do anything more productive than play CoC. While he may stay up for 16 to 20 hours watching over his virtual village, he refused to take care of their child.

Gamers become so addicted they refuse to do anything other than play CoC. Photo Credit:
Gamers become so addicted they refuse to do anything other than play CoC.
Photo Credit:

The player’s health is also at risk. There are chronic diseases caused by sleep deprivation such as heart diseases and stroke, and playing CoC until wee hours contributes to the development of these diseases.

Money is also at stake when one starts to get heavily hooked on the game. Joseph, for instance, is a student who used up half of his tuition fee by playing Clash of Clans. And since the online game also has gem-purchases (Note: selling at real world denominations) to speed up progression, boost villages, buy more soldiers, etc. etc., gamers notably addicted to the CoC heedlessly spend money to make purchases they think necessary to strengthen their village.

You can purchase gems to build more villages online. Photo Credit:
You can purchase gems to build more villages online.
Photo Credit:

Dr. Bernadette Arcena, a psychiatrist at St. Luke’s Hospital, said people engaged in this kind of addiction are suffering from Escapism, or a mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation. Since some can not control what is going on in their real lives, they resort to playing and get addicted to something that they can control.

Some consider CoC as just a game to kill time, others play it for fun, while others find it totally addictive. But remember that too much of anything is not good. We must be responsible enough to know our limitations. For parents, educate your children to play in moderation. Be strict and set rules on playing online games. Always invest more time in your real life than your virtual one.

It's ok to play CoC... but be responsible and play in moderation. Photo Credit:
It’s ok to play CoC… but be responsible and play in moderation.
Photo Credit:

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LOOK: Teenage girl discovers real gender; Now a boy

LOOK: Teenage girl discovers real gender; Now a boy


What would you do, if for years you raised your child to be a daughter, and soon finds out that he’s rather, a boy?

This is what happened to a parents in Ilocos Norte.  The mother thought she bore a baby girl.  They named her Kristel.  But a few years after, they discovered that their princess was actually a boy.

Kristel Lumabao has a birth defect called “hypospadias”.
Photo Credit:

Kristel Lumabao is a 19-year old Criminology student from Laoag.  According to his mom, Erlinda, she was so sure she gave birth to a baby girl; her child’s organ was that of a girl’s.  But as the baby grows up, they realized the changes in his body; with no ovary and uterus.

Kristel discovered the same changes when he was in High School, when during puberty stage he never had a menstrual period and his body structure was turning very masculine, grew a mustache, and developed a deep voice.  Confused by these changes, a doctor suggested that they do a Karyotyping – a procedure done to examine chromosomes in a sample of cells, which can help identify genetic problems as the cause of a disorder or disease.  Shockingly, the result interepretation says: normal male.

It was discovered that Kristel was suffering from a birth defect called hypospadias.  Hypospadias is a birth defect of the urethra in the male where the urinary opening is not at the correct location on the head of the penis.  It is the second most common birth abnormality in boys, affecting approximately 1 of every 300.

Hypospadias is thought to result from failure of the urinary channel to completely tubularize to the end of the penis.  The cause of hypospadias is not known.

But inspite of the now different gender, Kristel and his family happily embraces the new him.  He even wants to change his name to “Ice Krystler“.

Nagpapasalamat ako na kahit ganito ang aking sitwasyon, masaya po ako“, Kristel quips.

(“I am thankful that despite my situation, I am happy”)

And guess who was the happiest upon knowing he has a son?Kristel’s father, Joel Lumabao.

Nagpapasalamat ako sa Poong Maykapal dahil nagkaroon ako ng lalaking anak. Di ko alam kung gaano ako kasaya“, says Joel.

(“I thank God for having a son.  I can’t explain how happy I am right now”)

Watch the video below:


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