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PNRI’s failure to divulge 15 out of 17 vinegar brands with cancer-causing synthetic acetic acid angers netizens

  • Unnatural vinegars in the supermarket can cause cancer, Parkinson’s, and other diseases
  • The brand names cannot be revealed because it is prohibited by law
  • This can lead to new Vinegar Standards in the country

The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute did a study for over a year and concluded that 15 out of 17 brands of vinegar sold in big supermarkets in the country are created from cancer-causing synthetic acetic acid.

Synthetic acetic acid can cause cancer and other diseases in consumers because it is made from petroleum, according to Maki Pulido’s report on 24 Oras.

Raymond Sucgang, head researcher at PNRI said that, “One can only imagine all the impurities and residues from the petroleum by-products, which can be the source of various degenerative diseases.”

Their study was all about distinguishing vinegar and other condiments from natural or plant-based sources, from those which are created from petroleum.

Basically vinegar made from synthetic formulas will not have traces of carbon with natural radioactivity, unlike those made from plants, according to Sucgang.

The reason why these vinegar brands are approved is because they go through ‘conventional’ methods of testing.

Unfortunately, Sucgang and his research team cannot name the brands because it is prohibited by the law.

The FDA is already examining the study and there is a big chance that we will see new regulations for vinegar in the country.

The PNRI is planning on doing similar studies on detecting synthetic by-products in condiments such as ketchup, fish sauce or patis, and soy sauce or toyo.

Written by Charles Teves

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