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”Di po ako namatay.’ Kim Atienza playfully responds to netizens amidst light-hearted online banter over photo with Mike Enriquez

With a hint of humor, Kim clarified, “Di po ako namatay.”

In the midst of somber moments, Filipinos often find solace in humor, as was recently demonstrated when Kim Atienza decided to share an old profile picture of himself.

The image harks back to his initial days as part of GMA Integrated News’ ’24 Oras’ after his departure from ‘TV Patrol.’ Kim’s role in the show involves presenting intriguing trivia and captivating facts, aptly titled ‘Kuya Kim, Ano Na?’

In light of the recent passing of Mike Enriquez, one of the main anchors of GMA Network’s flagship news program, ’24 Oras,’ Kim revisited his early days on the show. During that time, he was warmly welcomed by Mike.

Kim reposted a split-screen photo of himself and Mike, wherein they held a small crocodile. He made it his profile picture on August 30, 2023, with the peculiar choice of converting the image to black and white.

The choice of black and white images is commonly seen in news outlets when commemorating the passing of individuals.

Kim’s caption humorously read, “My first day in 24 Oras 2 years ago. It was Booma who welcomed me. I’ll never forget.” In their newsroom, Mike was fondly referred to as “Booma.” This call sign was used for radio communications.

However, netizens soon embraced the playful nature of the post, humorously suggesting that even Kim had passed away. Some expressed their surprise and questioned whether everyone in the photo had indeed moved on. Others playfully commented “Rest In Peace” for both Mike and Kim, with some even joining in on the jest.

Kim Atienza couldn’t help but notice that his post had become a source of online banter. In response, he opted to share a colored profile picture of himself alongside Mike once more.

With a hint of humor, Kim clarified, “Di po ako namatay.”

This playful interaction resonated with many netizens, who warmly welcomed Kim back from his “momentary death.”

Meanwhile, on September 3, 2023, Mike was laid to rest. He passed away in the ICU of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City on August 29, 2023, at the age of 71.

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