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Melai Cantiveros considers sending her two children to rehab in playful prank

In a recent online prank orchestrated by siblings Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle Guerrero, the children of Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, Mela, and Stella, were humorously led to believe that they were about to be sent abroad and temporarily cared for by the Guerrero family.

In a recent vlog episode by Ranz and Niana Guerrero, the siblings decided to prank Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco’s children, Mela and Stella.

The prank involved convincing the kids that they would be cared for by the Guerrero family for 30 days. This amusing prank quickly gained attention and laughter from netizens.

During the vlog, the two families, known as the Kamsamii Family, spent quality time together, especially the kids—Natalia, Mela, and Stella.

While the children were happily dancing and enjoying themselves in their room, Ranz and Niana secretly planned their “adoption prank.” They then approached Melai and Jason to seek their permission and collaboration for the prank.

Melai and Jason agreed to the prank, but they humorously warned that their kids were wise and not easily fooled.

“Medyo ‘yung mga anak kaso namin hindi naniniwala,” commented Melai about their children’s skepticism.

Jason added, “Pwede. Try natin kasi very wise sila.”

Melai even suggested ways to make the prank more elaborate, but Jason playfully reprimanded her for altering the plan the Guerreros had in mind. He proposed sticking to the original idea, where the kids believed they were left behind and would be explained the situation later.

Jason teased Melai, saying that her loud voice might reveal the prank to the kids. He also entrusted their children to Ranz to ensure the prank’s success.

“Ito [Jason] kasi sobrang sensitive niya sa mga anak niya kaya siya ang last say [sa pamilya namin]. Actually, katulong talaga nila ako. Sila lang ang pamilya,” Melai joked.

The prank was executed as planned, with Melai and Jason quietly leaving to make the deception more believable.

After a few minutes, Mela and Stella emerged from their room and quickly realized that they were being pranked. They began to suspect the ruse, causing laughter among the group.

“Alam ko na. Huwag na kayong mag-ganyan ganyan. Hindi. Nag-prank prank lang kayo kasi ‘yun ‘yung challenge,” said Mela.

Ranz, attempting to maintain the prank, replied, “Si Kuya Jason and si Ate Melai, sabi nila sa amin dito daw muna kayo for 30 days.”

Concerned about not having the appropriate clothes for their supposed stay, Mela and Stella continued to express their doubts.

Meanwhile, Melai, inside a car, pretended to leave, adding a more realistic touch to the prank.

“First time naming itong ginawa, guys, kasi nagtiwala naman kami kay Niana at kay Ranz na hindi naman nila sobrang sasaktan (ipa-prank) [ang dalawa],” Melai explained. “Pero ito, hangad namin na sana magtagumpay sila sa prank kasi ‘yung mga batang ‘yun very wise din. Hindi mo [mapapaniwala ‘yun].”

Mela began to worry and slowly believed that her mother had genuinely left them behind.

The pranksters even video-called Melai to make the prank more convincing. To their surprise, Stella appeared happy, contrary to their expectations of her crying.

“Hindi pa ako nakakita ng artista,” Stella happily commented while talking to Melai and dancing.

“Itong mga batang to kailangan talaga nitong i-rehab e. Ok lang sa kanila na iwan sila ng 30 days,” Melai humorously remarked.

Ranz and Niana confirmed that Mela and Stella were indeed wise, just as Jason had mentioned.

Mela jokingly stated that she still believed it was a prank even after the reveal. She and Stella playfully planned to reverse-prank everyone and make them believe it again. The entertaining prank left netizens amused by the kids’ reactions and the comedic exchange between the parents.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

A PROUD Mangyan, registered nurse, blogger, adventurer, a son, a friend, wishes to be a father someday. Blogger from

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