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Robin Padilla’s Accidental Exposure During Mariel Rodriguez’s Live Selling Session Sparks Online Buzz

Robin Padilla, a well-known actor and public servant, has yet to address the recent incident publicly

During a recent live selling session conducted by Mariel Rodriguez, a surprising incident occurred involving her husband, Senator Robin Padilla, which quickly generated attention online.

The incident took place as the celebrity couple promoted a food supplement they endorse. In a now-viral video, Senator Robin Padilla could be seen preparing the food supplement by shaking it in a drinking container.

However, what caught the attention of viewers was what happened next.

Robin unexpectedly bent down during the live session, revealing that he was not wearing any underwear and only had a thobe (a traditional Muslim robe) covering his body.

This accidental exposure of his private part was noticed by viewers who were tuned in to Mariel’s live selling event.

The video quickly circulated on social media platforms, generating various reactions from netizens. Some found humor in the situation, while others expressed offense.

Robin Padilla has not issued an official statement regarding the incident at the time of this report. Additionally, Mariel Rodriguez has reportedly refrained from commenting on the matter.

This incident is not the first time Robin Padilla has been accidentally exposed. A similar occurrence took place in 2011 during the airing of a documentary about his love story with Mariel titled ‘Iisang Landas: Ang Kuwentong Pag-Ibig nina Robin at Mariel,’ which was broadcast on ABS-CBN.

Robin Padilla, a well-known actor and public servant, has yet to address the recent incident publicly.

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