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LOOK: Rally attendee saw doing the Nazi salute, netizens alarmed

Netizens expressed their concerns after a guy, who appeared to be a BBM supporter, was spotted doing the infamous Nazi salute.

The guy got spotted among the crowd of Marcos supporters who held a rally to support President Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Netizens expressed their concerns after a guy, who appeared to be a BBM supporter, was spotted doing the infamous Nazi salute.

A photo shared by ABS-CBN news captured the still unidentified man, who was also holding a placard that shows several figures who are notoriously known in history for their fascist and dictatorial regimes. John Paul Tanyag (@dumidyeypee) shared the said photo and concern on Twitter.

“this guy is doing a Hitler salute while holding a frame with words “Sieg Heil!“, a Nazi chant,” his caption reads.

Both the Nazi salute and the phrase ‘Sieg Heil’ are highly attributed to the German dictator, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi empire he built in the 1930s and 1940s. The term ‘sieg heil’ is a greeting that means ‘Hail, victory.’ 

In most instances, the ‘heil’ would be replaced with Hitler, to show respect to the infamous Nazi. Today, gratification and glorification of the Nazi culture and Hitler are legal offenses, punishable by law, in Germany. Across the world, there has also been an utter condemnation of the atrocities of Nazi Germany.

On Twitter, netizens expressed their alarm upon seeing the photo.

these are the kind of supporters the sitting president has. disgusting!” said Vonners.

Twitter user, @balyenathots, voiced out her concern seeing the photo, in a tweet, “genuinely terrifying that there are people who are loud and proud like this what the fuck” she said in her tweet.

“this is a different kind of crazy holy fawk,” noticed Macky.

Meanwhile, Mirayumiii finds a disconnect between the guy’s fanaticism for Hitler and his apparent support for Vice president Sara Zimmerman-Duterte, who is of Jewish descent. Jews are among the recipients of the worst crimes made under the Nazi ideology.

No one in the QRTs has pointed this out yet, so I will

 Sara Duterte (BBM’s VP) is of Jewish descent and that says a lot about the lack of understanding here,” her tweet reads.

Finding another disconnect, @_youk0uno wondered why a non-Aryan looking Asian would subscribe to the Nazi ideology. “can someone explain to me the logistics of being a brown nazi” he asked. Part of Hitler’s Gleichschaltung, or ‘nazification,’ was constructing a new Germany built on the idea of a ‘master race’ he called ‘Aryan’, in which the guy seen in the photo can not in any way be allowed to be a part of.

“by the way, this person should be reported to authorities. look at the sign they carry… those are all leaders of the axis powers and ferdinand marcos on there  jesus fucking christ,” said ramenyanaa, who is obviously distraught.

“Does this PERSON OF COLOR even know what type of people the Nazi’s hunted down? Because…” wondered @mielabong.

The Nazi salute has long been declared illegal in Hitler’s home country, Germany. Today, it remains a symbol of his atrocities and crimes.

Written by JE C.C.

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