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A man becomes popular after ‘Riding-in-Tandem’ snatched his phone while doing Facebook live!

The footage captured one of the men’s right arm reaching for Johnpaul’s phone.

As long as there are people living in the poverty line, it would be very hard to imagine a world where thievery is non-existent.

It does sound harsh, but the less fortunate will always be linked with petty crimes such as theft, robbery, holdup, and even kidnapping for ransom. That’s just the reality of it all.

And the poor might not like the association, but a lot of them constantly validate the stereotype.

Take Nnetizen Johnpaul Cofreros’ recent experience of losing his phone.

Johnpaul went live on Facebook as he walked the streets on his way home.

He showed his viewers that he was carrying rice and three eggs in a plastic.

It seemed nothing special was going to happen as he continued his playful banter with his friends watching the stream.

He turned to the front camera and it captured vehicles plying the road.

Then all of a sudden, a motorcycle with two guys on it accelerated in his direction.

The footage captured one of the men’s right arm reaching for Johnpaul’s phone.

He eventually snatched it from the owner’s hands and they drove off.

One of the thieves placed the phone in his bag and later noticed that the phone was video recording.

The thief is clearly not very smart, looked directly at the phone which captured his face wearing a mask.

Netizens just laughed and said Johnpaul shouldn’t even feel bad because his phone getting stolen just made him famous.

The video has over a million shares on Facebook, and Johnpaul himself has amassed over three thousand followers.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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