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Mayor Vico Sotto spoils surprise online Christmas tree lighting in Pasig City—and netizens cannot get enough of it

He’s loved by all, even if they’re not from Pasig City—but this slip of the tongue had the Pasig City PIO splitting hairs and people busting their gut.

Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto has been en of the most loved public officials in the country since the 2019 Midterm Elections—even by those who live outside of Pasig City.

He’s known for being transparent with how he runs his city, even going as far as streaming bidding for city projects live on Facebook.

There is, however, a limit to how “transparent” one should be, as some “projects” and “programs” are meant to be kept a secret.

Case in point:

Yup. Mayor Vico just spoiled what Pasig City had planned to brighten up the mood as we close in on the country’s first quarantine Christmas.

Netizens were amused and amazed at how transparent Vico was—perhaps too much so.

However, the best reply still belongs to his city’s own Public Information Office (PIO):

His response was also quite candid, even going to the point of asking people to “pretend to be surprised” this coming Friday, November 13.

Perhaps that ominous date (Friday the 13th) got to him.

Vico is indeed known for his transparency, doing live video updates every time his city does something for the benefit of its citizens.

He’s also known for posting updates of the city’s infrastructure projects, like this one which lit up Dr. Sixto Avenue:

His most recent viral tweet—outside of the spoiler—was this gem:

This tweet has been featured in every major news outlet’s social media account, never mind being retweeted at least 14,700 times, quoted 7,540 times, and being liked more than 68,500 times.

Vico really is setting a standard for public officials—and the rest of them have a lot of catching up to do.

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