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Study says that beer can reduce the risk of dementia

Japanese scientists suggest that the acid found in bitter hops could be used to help combat dementia.

  • Research in Japan found out that beer can actually improve one’s cognitive functions.
  • The study was conducted with 100 people aged 45 to 69.

Who knew that drinking beer would actually benefit a person’s brain?

A new scientific study in Japan stated that beer is actually good for the brain and can improve concentration and speed up the thought process. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of people suddenly become smarter after a bottle or two.

Beer lovers take note of this: it is also found that beer also reduces stress levels and improves one’s mood. Those who also took supplements containing hop extracts displayed better memory recall and were able to solve mental puzzles faster.

Known as the MBHA, Japanese scientists suggest that the acid found in bitter hops could be used to help combat dementia, which is a condition that results in a decline in memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking skills.

After 12 weeks of taking the supplement, there were notable improvements in the cognitive function of participants. Scientists based at Juntento University Faculty of Medicine and the Fukushima Healthcare Center carried out the research on 100 people aged 45 to 69 who had shown symptoms of Selective Cognitive Decline or worsening memory loss.

Some were given placebos, and others were given a daily dose of MHBA. Upon the 12 week period of the research, scientists carried out mental tests and assessments while saliva and blood samples were also analyzed to determine if it affects the hormones and chemicals linked to cognitive functions.

“The present study results showed that MHBA supplementation improved mental processing speed, attention, and concentration and reduced mental stress after intellectual work in healthy adults aged 45 to 69 years with Selective Cognitive Decline,” concluded the study’s authors.

“In particular, early intervention through MHBA supplementation in persons with SCD could be successful in improving cognitive function.”

The research has been published in the latest edition of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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