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Young lady bravely reveals to netizens she was a rape victim

“Medusa is a rape victim, and so am I.”

A courageous young woman recently shared on social media that she was a victim of rape.

A certain Maya Santos revealed it when she uploaded photos of herself with a Medusa tattoo on her arm on Twitter.

“Medusa is a rape victim, and so am I,” she tweeted.

“Women rape victims are always portrayed as evil whenever they seek justice with utmost vengeance, they are cursed by the society that could only see her as sinful. Not knowing her true narrative, she’s stigmatized,” she added.

Medusa is a Greek mythological figure who was once a beautiful maiden.

One day when she was walking along the shore, she caught the attention of Poseidon, the god of the sea.

He was instantly infatuated with her.

Poseidon was in the middle of a conflict of Athena, and he saw Medusa as a possession that he could take from the goddess.

So, he decided that he will take her by force.

Medusa ran into Athena’s temple, hoping that the goddess would protect her, but the former did not provide her any protection.

Poseidon had his way with Medusa.

Athena was furious when she found out. But in her eyes, it was Medusa who deserved the punishment.

She then turned Medusa’s hair into snakes and cursed her that anyone who would look into her eyes will turn to stone.

The word spread quickly that Medusa had become a monster.

“So many iconic women rape/abuse survivors pero si Medusa pa rin pinili ko as a literature junkie. He he,” Myla said in a comment.

Myla earned praises from netizens for her “brave” tweet that already went viral.

A lot of them took to the comments section to praise her and send her love.

“We don’t know each other, but I’m moved and I just want to say you’re powerful.”

“I wish other rape survivors are as brave and upfront as you are in dealing with what happened and rise above the stigma and be as resilient as ever! A modern Medusa minus the vengeful attitude, and retaining the former glory and beauty which attracted even a god! 😉”

“Awwwww. It’s good to see whenever someone makes a stand even they know that many backward thinking people will shun them. Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward.”

“You are so strong, Maya. We are with you!”

“Thank you for sharing this, truly. You are powerful, you are strong. ❤️”

“Courageous! Stay strong dear!💪🏾💓”

“Everytime I hear or read cases like this, I’m filled with rage, my heart breaks and I feel sad on a soul level. I salute all of you strong women. I love you.”

Written by Angelle De Leon

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