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Netizen shares letter of HIV-positive friend who committed suicide after being raped

His friend took his own life after being raped by a “catfish” or someone who fabricated an online identity and later he was found to be HIV positive.

A netizen took to social media to share an emotional letter by a friend who committed suicide after he was raped and contracted HIV infection.

In an effort to raise awareness on rape, suicide, and HIV prevalence, Twitter user Kerrum Marsayiah posted on January 8 an image of the letter given to him by his gay friend, who felt hopeless about life.

According to Kerrum, his friend took his own life after being raped by a “catfish”—someone who fabricated an online—whom he later discovered was HIV positive.

“Roughly two years ago, my friend took his own life after being raped by a Grindr catfish, and then a HIV+ test result,” he wrote as a caption to the letter’s photo.

“I find this letter haunting but it serves as a sobering reminder of how much work is to be done around rape, HIV, and suicide in the gay community,” he added.

In the letter, Kerrum’s friend felt like there’s no other way out of problems so he decided to take his life.

“Please try not to be sad and please don’t think you could have done anything,” he wrote to Kerrum.

“Don’t think back to times and situations trying to spot the signs because I used all the energy I had left to make sure there weren’t any,” he added.

Kerrum’s friend thanked him for always being there for him.

“I love you and want you to know how thankful I am for having you as a friend and for making my time in this world that so much more special,” he said.

“I hope one day you will understand why I had to do this, and that nobody could have convinced me otherwise,” he added.

The tweet quickly went viral.

A lot of netizens commented, mostly sharing their thoughts as well as commending and expressing sympathy for Kerrum.

“Your friend’s letter is so powerful. As others have said it demonstrates the devastating impact of rape & the wider issues of men’s mental health, HIV & suicide. So much more needs to be done to support young people. The value your friend put on your relationship is beautiful. ❤️”

“This letter is amazing, but there’s only one part where this is wrong. He said he had to do it, however he didn’t have to. There’s always someone to talk to and other solutions. Suicide is never the answer.”

“My partner took his life last year, so the pain this causes I know all too well. How nice that your friend left you such a beautiful letter. You should be very proud of that, you’re obviously a lovely man.
Thanks for sharing. ❤️”

“So sorry for the circumstances that have led to us reading this note but it’s so clear the love that radiates from it. You’re clearly a wonderful friend and person and we’d all be lucky to have someone like you in our lives. 🌈♥️”

“So sorry for your loss. Even two years later, it can’t be easy without them. Thank you for sharing, as you are absolutely right; so much more work to be done. 💛

“That letter melts my heart, such a sad situation but so much positivity and love for you, you must be an amazing friend to him then, now and forever. 😢💕”

“I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you find peace and love in honor of your friend. I’m proud of what you’re doing shedding light on what he went through for everyone else’s awareness 🥰”

The viral post has since garnered over 88,000 likes and 19,600 shares.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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