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Chef shares experience with ‘matapobreng’ saleslady

  • RV Manabat went to a store with a local bag with his name on it
  • Asked if the expensive coffee machine has a discount
  • The saleslady then proceeded to show him snobbish behavior

Chef RV Manabat went on Facebook and shared his recent experience with a snobbish saleswoman.

Manabat went to a mall and brought with him his laptop for repair. He put the laptop in a customized bag with his name on it which had more space so it was the one he used.

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After going to a PowerMac branch, he went into another store that sold expensive products. A nice espresso machine caught his eye and he immediately asked for the price.

“Then I went inside an upscale store. A cute red automatic espresso machine captured my attention. So I approached the salesperson, ‘magkano ito?’ ‘It’s P290K, all automatic, made in Italy, comes in red and stainless.'”

He really liked the machine so he asked if there was a discount.

“I answered back, ‘may discount ba?’ The saleswoman stared at my bag, and said, ‘10% pag cash, puwede installment but no discount, made in Italy ito eh, normally mga artista at mayayaman po bumibili nito.'”

Manabat questioned whether he could still get a discount with a credit card, the saleslady then looked at his bag.

“Then my follow up question, ‘so kapag straight credit card transaction ba, pwede 10% discount?’ She stared at my bag again, laughed, and said, ‘Ano po ba ang card nyo? I-checheck pa natin kung kaya ng limit, bale magiging 261K po kasi ito.'”

Manabat then just smiled and walked out of the store.

“Lesson sa mga medyo matapobreng salesperson — not because someone is NOT wearing Prada means that person cannot afford an Audi. And NOT everyone who wears Gucci can afford a brand new Toyota.”

Netizens reacted to his post.

People tend to judged others based on their looks…marami na rin po akong na encounter na mga taong ganyan..the funny side is that once they will discover that you’re someone to look up to..the way they will treat you will pivot 360 degrees..

nakulangan ng training sa customer service.

Sana chef ngpakilala ka at inilabas mo ang cash at credit card mo.

Tsk tsk, yes i agree with u 100%.. may mga ganyan tlga sa malls. Sad, wag nalang patulan talaga

Yung salespersons na yan kala mo kung sino pagtitingin ka ng brand nila titignan ka pa mula ulo hanggang paa.. Bakit mayaman din ba kayo kaya nga nagwork kayo as salesperson di ba..

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