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Reality vs Expectation: Woman orders ironing board online, receives a mini version

  • A woman received a mini ironing board instead of a regular-sized ironing board
  • They admit that they were the ones who were not able to check the product details
  • check the product detail before confirming an item

A Twitter user named Davao Conyo shared a video clip of his mother who ordered an ironing board from Shopee, an online shopping store. His mother was a bit disappointed when she received the item.

“Nag-order si Mama ng iron board sa Shopee. Let’s just say na hindi na siya uulit.”

The item that his mother ordered was not what she expected. She had ordered what she thought was a regular-sized ironing board where she could iron their clothes. Since they weren’t able to check the product description, they did not realize they had ordered a mini version of an ironing board.

Both mother and son were laughing when they received the item. He even joked to his mom that it is intended only for underwear.

He clarified in an interview with Dailypedia that they were not scammed by Shopee as they admitted that they were the ones who were not able to check the product details.

Netizens had mixed reactions to what happened.

A netizen also advised that before confirming an order, they should check the product details.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

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