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Newlyweds use cart pulled by a carabao as a bridal car

  • Amfe Jane Gallaza and Martin Poulsen got married on July 13
  • Amfe said it was her idea to use the bamboo cart
  • This is the second time they got married. They first got married in Denmark

Newlyweds Amfe Jane Gallaza and Martin Poulsen had people amazed with their creativity.

Gallaza and Martin recently got married on July 13 in Sitio Cubay, Barangay Poblacion, Bingawan, and their wedding photos are everywhere online.

The photos show them in their wedding clothes smiling and sitting in a cart made out of bamboo getting pulled by a carabao. Amfe’s brother is seen riding on top of the animal with a tuxedo on. It was unusual and creative at the same time, which had the netizens praising them.

According to Amfe, this was all her idea.

“Akon gid na siya nga idea. Gin istorya ko ang akon brother and mother ko. Ang gasakay sa karbaw brother ko.”

Amfe’s cousins and uncles assembled the whole cart.

“Ang cousins and uncles ko sila nagbuligay himo carroza.”

This is the second time they got married, the first one was a year ago in Denmark. Amfe did not have her family with her then that is why she wanted to get married again so she can experience it with them in her home country.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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