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Netizen has an unexpected heartwarming result after using FaceApp and showing her photo to her mom

  • With FaceApp mother made a heart-melting realization about her daughter
  • FaceApp can improve selfies which can make you look older
  • It made her realized that she should show her love for her mom while she still young

A Twitter user named Anne was trying FaceApp, a mobile app that has what is considered the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. It allows the user to upload their photo and have the app make them look older.

In her post, Anne said that after she was having fun with her photo, making her face older, and then showing it to her mom.

Her mother stared at her photo for a long time and suddenly said, “GUSTO KO LANG MAKITA ITSURA MO PAG TUMANDA KA NA KASI SYEMPRE WALA NA AKO NUN.”

Her heart melted after hearing these words from her mom. It made her realize that she should show her love for her mom while she still could.

Netizens also felt the same way as she advised them to tell their mothers how much they love them.

Anne’s post went viral as it garnered 48 thousand likes. Her mom was happy after Anne told her that her post went viral because of what she said. She even posted a photo of herself with her mom by a special request of a netizen.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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