Transwoman gets honest to her straight date; his response is amazing!

  • A transwoman admits to a guy her sexual identity
  • A transphobic is someone who shows dislike against transsexual or transgender people
  • One of the netizens misinterpreted her post and said that it is not  being transphobic but rather having a preference

To have a stronger relationship, all you need is to be honest, all the time. Just like a transwoman who admitted to a guy her sexual identity.

A Twitter user named Tiffany Monroe‏ @tiffanymonroee posted the response of a guy to whom she admitted that she is a transwoman and the guy accepted her for who she is. “I told this guy I was trans and look at his response.”

As she was being accepted, she called out to all transphobic persons who quoted on her tweet. A transphobic is someone who shows dislike against transsexual or transgender people.

But one of the netizens misinterpreted her post and told her that it is not being transphobic, but rather having a preference.

Tiffany replied and explained that there is really a difference between having a preference and being transphobic. But for her, it can’t be considered as a preference once you’ve already encountered a transwoman because that is optional.

And she added that her tweet was only intended for transphobic men.

As a reply to her explanation with the way she posted on her tweet, by pointing out she was accepted and proved that the guy was a real man, it turned out like calling the attention of anyone who doesn’t feel the same.

After all the negative and positive reactions, she thanked all the people who had given positive reactions to her tweet. But to all those who were being rude and transphobic, she just shook them off.

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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