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“Kung kayo ang nasa kalagayan ko, ano ang gagawin n’yo?” Ramon Tulfo will never apologize to PGH doctor

  • Ramon Tulfo said that he won’t apologize to the PGH doctor he called out.
  • Netizens criticized the broadcaster for failing to admit his mistakes instead of making it a bigger issue. 

It looks like that the Ramon Tulfo vs. Philippine General Hospital (PGH) controversy hasn’t ended yet as Tulfo posted another statement on his Facebook account.

On a post dated August 20, Tulfo addressed PGH’s demand for him to apologize.

He wrote an apology directed to the patients at the hospital’s emergency room who got shocked by his outburst, however, he added will never apologize to the Dr. Jay Guerrero, who was the one assigned to the ER at that time.

I apologize to the patients at the PGH emergency room who were stunned by my outburst. Humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa inyo.

But i will never apologize to the doctor at the triage section who refused to look over the child patient I brought with me.

He added that he saw no compassion in the doctor’s face and if questioned PGH’s policy about not allowing videos to be taken inside the emergency room.

Please review the video. Nakita ba ninyo yung reaksiyon sa mukha ng doktor?

I didn’t see any shred of compassion or empathy on his face. Wala siyang ipinakita na pagkabahala sa pasyente.

Kung sinabi lang niya sana na, “sandali lang at tatapusin ko ang ginagawa ko” eh di sana ako umangal.

Ang ipinairal niya ay yung PGH policy na walang video. The PGH is a public hospital, mind you. Kung wala silang tinatago , bakit ayaw nilang magpa-video?

The broadcaster also said that the reason for his outburst was the doctor’s decision to leave without paying attention to the child. He also reminded everyone that he’s not related to the child, but he never left her side even if he can just let his staff handle the situation.

Umalis siya na hindi inasikaso ang bata.

Yan ang dahilan ng pagwawala ko.

Tandaan n’yo, di ko kaanu-ano ang bata. But I saw one of my grandchildren in her. I never left her side up to the very end.

Puede ko namang iniwan na lang sa mga staff ko ang pag-asikaso sa bata. Pero di ko nagawa yun dahil likas akong matulungin at hands-on sa pagtulong.

Kung kayo ang nasa kalagayan ko, ano ang gagawin n’yo?

The Netizens began slamming him in the comments section of his post, saying that he should just apologize as he violated a policy that is implemented in all hospitals in the country.

Sir Ramon Tulfo,nasa policy po ng lahat ospital na bawal mag video,mag photo o any form sa loob ng hospital premises. Nasa batas po yan and as a journalist ,you should know better. The triage officer is doing his job and yet you interrupted him when you took a video. He is merely protecting his patient from you. He is protecting her right to privacy. 

Yes ,PGH is a public hospital but this does not mean that you can do whatever you want. It is still an institution who has its policy and you should comply with those policy whoever you are.

Sir you endanger the life of the little girl since the beginning your driver bump into her. 
1. You claim that the patient need an emergent care but instead of transporting her to a nearby hospital , you transported her to PGH ,which is very far away from Navotas, where the accident occur.
2. You endanger her when you took a video of her without the consent of the mother. You violated her fundamental right, the right to privacy /confidentiality.
3. You endanger her when you interrupted the triage officer from doing his job and delaying the treatment plan for the patient.

Based in your actions, it is very obvious that you do not really care what happen to the child. Your primary goal in that time is to make a scoop, to make a good name for yourself and for your siblings ,who arw facing a controversy right now. You just used the child for your publicity. You do not see her as your grandchild but as a escape from bad name your sibling is facing right now 

In short papogi lang po pinapakita mo sa publiko at hindi kawang gawa o serbisyo. Likas ba matulungin??? That is a big joke. Kung likas ka matulungin, sana sa pinakamalapit na ospital mo dinala no. 

Sir ,isa ka pong malaking trapo sa industriya ng media, UN ANG TOTOO.

“Kung kayo ang nasa kalagayan ko, anong gagawin niyo?”

1. Dalhin ang bata sa PINAKAMALAPIT na ospital.
2. Sundin ang mga patakaran ng ospital
3. Di mambabastos ng doktor

Public or private hospital, the same rules apply. Pag sinabing bawal magvideo bawal. Ano yan? Porke sa public hospital dinala wala ng right to privacy ang mga patient at mga staff? Sige, pag ikaw ay nangailangan ng medical assistance sa public hospitalka magpunta. Kuhanan ka rin ng video at di ka rin pakikinggan na ayaw mo magpavideo, tigilan ang pagvideo sayo, we are violating privacy act. Kasi we will use your own logic na di naman logical. Na sa public hospital ka eh? So kung wala kang tinatago…. diosme! Magsosorry ka na nga lang, meron ka pa ring lusot at pinapalabas mo na yung MD ang dapat i-chastise ng publiko. Enebenemenyen.

Ineexpect cguro ni Mon Tulfo na luluha-luha yung doctor at magpapanic tulad sa telenovelas. Sana nag doctor nalang kayo para alam no yung sinasabi mo. Or better yet, do your research before ka mag know it all dyan, with all do respect, Ramon Tulfo. Wag masyadong magpahalata na tanga po kayo.

Libre po ang pagiging tanga. It amuses everyone! I don’t have to elaborate.
It is just his tactic. Tayo po ang may problema dahil pinapansin natin ang taong ito.
If educado nga tayo, hayaan nyu na xa pumutak. Pag walang pumapansin, perhaps he might cease to exist.
You can never educate a man who refuses to be educated.

Who tf are you to talk about compassion or empathy kung ikaw mismo hindi maisipang intindihin ang mga patakaran sa ospital? These doctors sacrifice hours of their time to attend to HUNDREDS of patients everyday, despite the lack of quality healthcare facilities in public hospitals like PGH. They are qualified enough to work anywhere they would wish to work but instead stayed at PGH, A PUBLIC HOSPITAL, MIND YOU, and serve the majority of Filipinos who simply cannot afford to pay fees at a private hospital. 

Itigil mo na tong bullshit mo. Ibalik mo ang 60M na ninakaw ng pamilya mo sa taumbayan. Nakakahiya ka.

He should know better than that kasi “journalist” siya. Ayaw lang talaga aminin na nagkamali siya. at may balak pa mag senador. At hibdi ang PGH ang nagpalabas ng video ha. siya mismo. the nerve!

How people continue to follow blindly these kinds of people with no ounce of humility whatsoever is beyond me. You don’t even have the balls to own up to your mistakes. You’re just a bully with a social following.

Written by Jacks

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