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Pinoy Starbucks barista reveals off-the-menu drinks customers can order

  • Pinoy Starbucks barista shares ‘secret’ drinks.
  • The baristas created Starbucks drink customizations in a viral thread on Twitter.

We often see Starbucks’ “secret menu” items on the internet, but the thing is, some of them are only available in selected countries.

But you can actually order some off-the-menu items in your local Starbucks branch.

A Twitter user and Starbucks barista named Brad Vargas – along with his friend – shared some items that you can order but will not see in their regular menu.

As baristas, we get alot of customers asking us to suggest beverages they’ve never tried or even heard of. So @PatingkerBell and I decided to make a thread of Starbucks drinks that are off the menu

The milk tea craze is back! And according to Brad, “we’ve got you covered!” as they can have their own version of milk tea.

If you’re craving for milk tea, we got you covered. Just order Iced shaken black tea and ask the barista to add white chocolate mocha

Looking for something a bit more fruity?

This one is a refresher. it’s also iced shaken black tea but ask to add strawberry sauce instead

They also have something for the chocolate lovers. The barista said that his drink tastes like the childhood classic chocolate drink Chucky.

“Two-two” for the chocolate lovers. Simply order iced classic chocolate and replace vanilla syrup with white chocolate mocha. This one tastes like your childhood favorite chocolate milk drink Chucky

They also have something called Oreo Frappuccino!

This one’s a personal favorite. Add chips to your White Chocolate Mocha Cream Frappuccino and you get what I call the Oreo Frappuccino.

There’s also a drink that has a simple twist to the classic Caramel Macchiato.

You’ve probably heard the noise with this one. ‘Blackpink’ made popular by @patingkerbell. If you haven’t seen his thread, it’s Iced Caramel Macchiato but have the vanilla syrup replaced with raspberry.

What happens when you ask your barista to ‘marblize’ your simple Green Tea Frappuccino with strawberry sauce? You get this

Love pink? They also have a Pink Drink!

You’ve probably heard this from a quirky friend. They call this the Pink Drink and it’s obvious why. Order milk then add raspberry and vanilla syrup. Don’t forget the Caramel Drizzle

If you can take the strong taste of coffee bitterness, then maybe you should try The Barista’s Coffee.

The Barista’s Drink is a popular off the menu beverage. order it like this: iced White Mocha Americano with no water and a splash of breve

If you’re planning to pull an all-nighter, the Devil’s Drink might be the one for you.

I had a classmate that didn’t sleep for an exam cause of this You can add two shots of espresso to your simple Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. They call this one the Devil’s Drink. You’ll know why when your body forgets what sleep is.

And lastly, he has some mint syrup options for both mint fans and non-fans alike.

Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea (For people who don’t like menthe this stuff might make you think twice) Add Strawberry and Menthe( Mint Syrup)to your drink

Try adding Menthe (Mint Syrup) to your mocha or java chip frappuccino

Starbucks International didn’t miss the thread as they praise the creations of the Filipino baristas.

We love all those Frappuccino customizations, Brad. Keep it up!

So what will your next Starbucks order be?

Written by Jacks

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