Wife shares the reason why she unfriended her husband on Facebook

Wife shares the reason why she unfriended her husband on Facebook

  • Netizen shares the reason she unfriended her own husband on Facebook
  • She said that the move helped them strengthen their relationship as the social media is unhealthy for partners

We unfriend people on Facebook for various reasons. Maybe we’ve had a misunderstanding with someone or we just don’t know that person very well.

Facebook user Nicole Joanne Meilat shared how she ended up unfriending her own husband on Facebook and how it actually affected their relationship.

Nicole said that when they were still friends on the platform, she used to tag him on sweet and family-related things but he never reads them.

However, he comments on other people’s posts, and that somewhat hurt her feelings.

Sharing my reason why I unfriended my husband on facebook.

Why? Sabi nga nila “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”. Sometimes men are insensitive, One time nung friend pa kami sa facebook I used to tag him sa almost everything na I think useful and informative but to tell you wala ni isa sa tinag ko ang binasa niya. Even sweet wall post or tagged family photos dedma siya. You know What hurt my feelings the most, kapag sa post ng iba or sa non-sense na bagay kahit hindi siya nakatag pustahan makikita mo may comment siya #Coolkid. Hahaha! Feeling niya nakakairita yung mga tinatag ko sakanya. (Which is true, ngayon ko lang narealize)

That’s when she decided to unfriend him. “Ang gaan sa feelings!” she wrote as she realized that the social media is very unhealthy when it comes to partners as you always mind about the people that can read your post or comments.

That’s why I decided to unfriend him, kaloka inabot ata ng ilang linggo bago niya narealized d na kami friend! Since then unconsciously I stopped tagging him, I stopped seeing his post and lastly d ko nakikita mga comment niya hahahahaha. Ang gaan sa feelings! And narealize ko sobrang unhealthy ng Social Media sa magpartner kailangan scripted dahil alam mong may ibang nakakabasa. Yung tipong pag nag i love you ka, kailangan may mag i love you too. Ganon kastressful haha!

Even if her husband didn’t notice her bold move for weeks, the decision actually made positive changes in their relationship. Nicole shared how they started saying the things they wanted to say to each other in person rather than on social media.

One important thing she noticed is she stopped caring for what he posts on his Facebook profile.

Ngayon na we are no longer connected sa social media. We started to have long conversation at home. Yung gsto niya i-tag sakin sinasabi na niya sakin personally. Kahit na nakatira kami in one roof at almost 24/7 magkasama meron paring mga bagay na hindi mo alam kaya mas nagkaron tuloy kami ng mga bagay na mapagkekwentuhan personally. At higit sa lahat WALA NA KAMING PAKIALAMANAN ng posts kagaya neto. 

To cut the story short, mas naging intimate yung relationship namin kasi parang may namimiss kami lagi sa isa’t isa kahit magkasama na kami sa iisang bubong.

Lastly, Nicole attached some screenshots of her husband telling her to accept his friend request but she refuses to do so.

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