BE VIGILANT: Netizen Discovers Tampered Citibank ATM

BE VIGILANT: Netizen Discovers Tampered Citibank ATM

  • Concerned Facebook netizen Cody Garvin shared bothering incident when he tried to withdraw from ATM machine in Hurst, Texas
  • Cody wanted to warn people from a possible ‘modus’ of scammers

We can’t hide the fact that crime is rampant in this day and age. It’s like everyday, people find more ways to go against the law or commit violations among others.


One concerned netizen named Cody Garvin shared his ATM experience through a Facebook post. “Start checking the ATM people! Thank god I did! 711 on 26 in Hurst”

Apparently, the card slot got cloned on top of the real one.

Cody was lucky enough to find out this trick that he thought might already have fooled many before him.

Cody was thankful that he saw this because in that way, he can now warn others about what could have been his disaster.

The incident happened yesterday at Hurst, Texas in USA. Cody even filmed the actual removing of the clone card slot from being attached to the ATM machine.

Check out the video here:

Cody hoped that people will start being cautious on withdrawing money from ATM machines in order to prevent scam.

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