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Gym Addicts Are Less Likely To Have Active Sex Life

We know, we know, good bods exude more sex appeal.

gym addicts are not sexually active
Let’s Go To The Gym.. Gym.. Gy.. G.. ?

But does it mean more Sex?

A study says no. Researchers at the University of North Carolina concluded that workout intensity and sexual drive has an intimate relationship.

They asked 1,100 men around the area how often they have sex and/or think about it. Then they compared it to the times they have thought about working out.

The study found out that, even though men is always sexually hungry, men reach a tipping point in their sex lives. This is the point where they are too tired to have sex or are just not interested anymore. Well, because they have worn themselves out in the gym.

gym addicts are not sexually active
More Core, More!

Physical Toughness VS Sexual Appetite

The study revealed that men who spend more time in the gym are likely to have a lower sex drive than those who do less intense exercise.


Due to the fact that they are always in the gym, their mindset starts to focus on working out than having sex.

Instead of pleasuring themselves sexually, they tend to give in to the temptation that is working out. They feel more pleasure through it, researchers said.


The study also claims that being a gym rat also can lead to infertility, for men. This takes place especially when a couple is struggling to conceive. Working out says a lot about this issue.

gym addicts are not sexually active
Why did I even go here?

Well, being gym fit does not equate to perfect lifestyle, I guess.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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