Does sufficient sleep increase women’s sexual desire?

There are many reasons why women refuse to have sex with their partners. While previous survey cited headache to be the most popular excuse, an American study revealed that being tired is actually the most common reason why women lose their “appetite” for sex. A study of more than 1,000 employees revealed that 76% of workers get tired most days of the week and up refusing to have sex.

According to The Guardian, a pilot study explained that sleep affects how much women would want sex and how they easily get aroused. An extra hour of sleep, as published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, can increase the desire for sex to 14% and raise the chances for women to feel sexual arousal.

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As women’s sexual desires are complicated, questions about the effects of lack of sleep are equally complex, says Dr David Kalmbach, lead author of the research from University of Michigan. 20%-50% of women have trouble with the lack of sexual desire or difficulty in arousal while 20% of women have problems lubricating which Kalmbach associates with sleep deprivation.

So does sufficient sleep affect a woman’s sexual drive?

While loss of intimacy, overfamiliarity, and institutionalization of relationships are relative culprits to loss of sexual desire, sleep is likely to be linked to promote healthy sexual responses, the same way it protects the body against a lot of medical conditions. The recommended sleep range for adults 18 to 64 years old is between 7 to 9 hours, according to National Sleep Foundation.  A relaxed, well-rested body will surely contribute to a woman’s sexual desire.

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