Asian-European gay couple photos went viral

The photo of Asian-European couple is now being widely circulated online after Senyora Santibañez, a Facebook Page with over 863,297 likes posted the photo with caption of “Think again;” the photo reads, “Para sa mga babae d’yan, kung feeling n’yo ang ganda ganda n’yo na. Think again.”

Naparuj 'Mond' Kaendi

The photo was actually grabbed from the Asian guy’s Instagram account @Bemondce. The photo instantly became viral and after 3 hours, it already received 55,888 likes and 12,553 shares. The reactions are pretty unanimous. It is very, very cute and envious.

Based on his Instagram account he is Naparuj ‘Mond’ Kaendi and he’s working as Creative Director & Senior Booking Agent at Bacca Model Management. His boyfriend, a German guy named Thorsten Mid, instantly won the internet with his charming and Chris Pratt-alike face.

Check out some of their cutest photo together:

Asian-European gay couple lionheartv Asian-European gay couple lionheartv

Naparuj also posted this photo (below) nine months ago confirming that he’s already married with his European boyfriend.

Naparuj MOND Kaendi boyfriend

Naparuj also posted on his Instagram a reaction to this viral photo: “#THANKYOU all of you for the support and all the positivity. To be honest I wasn’t so surprised when random people walked to us last night and showed us all these candid pictures of us that have been posted the whole evening. It happened before, same time last year and all the nasty comments left me nothing but worries and tears. This year though, in the other hand, Thorsten and I, unexpectedly, are so thankful and overwhelmed by the storm of your huge support. We never meant to try to be under the spotlight and all… But thank y’all anyway.”

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  1. I’m happy to the both of you!
    I hope I can also find the man of my life!
    Wish you all the best! 🙂

  2. Well,, dun sa unang picture, si Mr. pogi ang nakahawak sa kamay, that means, wala xa paki alam sa sasabihin ng iba, insecure ang karamihan, babae ako pero wala saakin kung pogi or gwapo ang karelasyon ko, kc at the end of the day, ang ugali pa rin ang titiningnan ng isat isa, kung si Mr. pogi ide-date ang isa sa mg nagcomment dto, mai chance na maattract xa pero aalis at aalis yan pag nakita nia na judgmental kau,, malamang marami ngang maganda o gwapo sa paligid, pero nagustuhan nia ang karelasyon nia kc di nia makita ang attitude nun sa ibang tao na sa tingin nila sa sarili nila is PERFECT.,



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