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Stranger than fiction: Netizen ‘files a complaint’ with DepEd over the ‘Sahaya issue’ which had netizens laughing

Stranger than fiction: Netizen ‘files a complaint’ with DepEd over the ‘Sahaya issue’ which had netizens laughing

  • One Facebook user poked fun at the valedictorian controversy in the Sahaya series and files a complaint on the DepEd page
  • Netizens who read his post and screenshots of the complaint expressed their amusement and joined in on the fun by calling on Tulfo
  • The humorous post has now gone viral with over 10 thousand reactions on FB

One invested viewer of the primetime series Sahaya took to Facebook and shared his private message to the Department of Education (DepEd)’s page, complaining about the controversy surrounding the valedictorian award between fictional characters Sahaya and Farida.

Netizen Kevin Beethoven posted screenshots of his messages to DepEd where he explained how the principal and Farida were in cahoots with each other and how Sahaya deserved to receive the valedictorian award.

Aired on April 3, the 12th episode of the series titled Sahaya: Apela ng tunay na Valedictorian showed that both Sahaya and Farida got perfect scores on a quiz bee. Mayor Dante made a tiebreaker question to determine the victor. Sahaya’s answer was chosen by the mayor, which caused her to be picked as the school’s valedictorian.

The Facebook user’s post went viral with over ten thousand reactions and netizens commenting on his post and how they found it funny and surreal.

One social media user even commented on how he was waiting for DepEd to reply to the original poster’s ‘complaint.’

IpaTulfo mo rin para mapagalitan yang mga yan,” another netizen joked.

Sahaya is currently being broadcast by GMA Network and stars Bianca Umali in the titular role. It is directed by Zig Dulay and has a premise of a disgraced Badjao, Manisan, fleeing to Zamboanga upon learning her pregnancy to another man.


Posted by Kevin Beethoven on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

She will give birth to Sahaya, the drama’s heroine, who develops a strong connection with water, later on in the series.

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Catching flight and feelings? Filipina student PMs airline to track down her seatmate whom she thinks is ‘the one’

Catching flight and feelings? Filipina student PMs airline to track down her seatmate whom she thinks is ‘the one’

  • A Filipina student seems to have caught some feelings with her guy seatmate on a 10-hour flight to Seattle and is now on a hunt to track him down
  • Jomaica Alfiler enlisted the help of the airlines and Facebook for her ‘mission’
  • Alfiler admitted in an interview that she took her chance in order not to live with any regrets

A Seattle-based Filipina student met a “lovely gentleman” who sat beside her on a 10-hour flight. She didn’t get his personal details in the end, so she messaged the airline and took to Facebook to track down the man who could be “the one.”

Jomaica Alfiler, 21, is a business student who was flying home to Seattle from Frankfurt, having previously been on holiday in Portugal, as per The Sun’s report.

She boarded the 10-hour LH490 flight and sat in window seat 43A, next to a “good looking man in his twenties.” The subject of her quest sat in 43B, helped her with her luggage, her seat, and even offered her his blanket.

Alfiler, however, forgot to get his full name or contact details. She has now reached out to the German airline Lufthansa Airlines for help, fearing she may have missed her chance at love.

She also posted about her now viral-predicament on her Facebook account on March 28 with the notable hashtag #catchflightsandfeelings 😂❤️✈️. Netizens in the comments section wished her all the luck she could get for her undertaking.

Hi, i was traveling from Frankfurt to Seattle and i sat right next to a lovely gentleman on the plane but i forgot to…

Posted by Jomaica Alfiler on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Alfiler stated in an interview with Daily Mail that although she and her mystery man were not able to have long conversations, they still engaged in small talk. She also added that the stranger was very helpful and kind to her.

“He asked me if I was cold since he wasn’t using his blanket so he could give it to me,” Alfiler shared. “He also tried to help me recline my seat back but we both failed. However, I still thanked him.”

Due to data protection, Lufthansa declined to help but wished the besotted student the best: “Fingers crossed karma is on your side and you will see him again. Remember: You always meet twice!”

Alfiler has not yet found her mystery man but remains hopeful. She told Mail Online, “I would like to find him, wherever he is, and at least try my chances, get to know him and see where it goes, at least I tried and I won’t have any regrets.”

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Teachers stepped in and bought shoes for two boys who only wore slippers to graduation ceremony

Teachers stepped in and bought shoes for two boys who only wore slippers to graduation ceremony

  • Teachers bought new footwear and apparel for two boys who only wore slippers to their graduation rites
  • The boys were accompanied by their 13-year-old sister, who was not able to attend school herself due to their lowly background
  • Rayhana Muhamad shared on Facebook this heart-warming story which had netizens’ sympathizing over the kids and praising the teachers for their good deed

A Facebook post has recently made the rounds on social media for featuring a touching story of teachers buying new shoes for two students who only wore slippers to their commencement exercises.

Netizen Rayhana Muhamad shared on Facebook the now-viral story and divulged that the two boys were brothers. They were accompanied to the ceremony by their 13-year-old sister. When the teachers saw the plight of the brothers and the state of their footwear, they immediately took the matter in their hands, as the students were already marching and being called on the stage to receive their diplomas.

In the video posted by Muhamad, that was published alongside her story, it can be seen that several teachers were frantically helping the boys to dress themselves into new clothes and shoes.

The Facebook user also disclosed that the sister of the two boys was not able to go to school herself, due to their financial status – the very reason which prompted the teachers to sponsor the kids’ new apparel and footwear for their graduation rites.

Muhamad also said that when she witnessed the scene, she became teary-eyed for remembering a similar event in her life: finishing Grade 1 with a 2nd honor bestowed on her, but was only dressed in old clothes and slippers and her parents were not able to come see her up on the stage.

Moving up nila lahat ng mga ka class. Niya naka uniform at sapatos, sila lng raw dalawa ng kapated niya naka stinellas…

Posted by Rayhana B. Muhamad on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Maraming salamat sa mga guro(ng) bumili sa kanila ng damit at sapatos nila at sa pag bihis nila maa sha allah (God has willed), sana marami pang guro katulad nila amen,” Muhamad concluded her post.

Less than a day of posting and the heart-warming story has reached 63 thousand likes, with netizens expressing their sadness over the boys’ circumstances and gave praises to the kind and supportive teachers.

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‘Wow mali’ – Netizen shares pagination error in his passport on Facebook

‘Wow mali’ – Netizen shares pagination error in his passport on Facebook

  • Netizen shares on Facebook the pagination error of his passport
  • He also disclosed that he was held by the immigration for the error and was advised to get a new passport, Carlos Canlas insisted on using it as it was already boarding time
  • The immigration officer let him sign the Risk Awareness Form that says they are not responsible if he was not allowed entry by Hong Kong and US, due to his passport

A financial advisor posted yesterday on Facebook screenshots of his passport, where the pages are all mixed-up and drew the netizens’ attention.

Carlos Canlas wrote “For those getting or renewing their passports, double check all the details and the pages of your passports before traveling abroad. Got hold at the immigration because of this stupid error. FYI.. When I received my passport, all the important details like my name, birthdate etc.. are correct so I didn’t bother checking all the pages. Who checks their passport ba page per page?”

Canlas thought to share the issue online to serve as warning to the public in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future, “Thought of sharing this so it won’t happen with you guys. Iwas abala na rin or hassle sa bakasyon.”

Netizen Michelangeli Ochoa-Sison asked Canlas what happened in the end and how he was able to to resolve the issue.

Canlas answered her that the immigration officer advised him to get a new passport and bring back his passport to the Department of Foreign Affairs. The financial advisor held his ground and did not agree with instruction.

“I insisted and fought that it wasn’t my fault, and boarding na at that time.. and ayaw ko maiwan sa flight kasi may connecting flight kami. The immigration officer let me sign the Risk Awareness Form na hindi sila responsible kung hindi man ako papasukin sa HK at US kasi dun ang destination namin. Thank heavens nalang kasi hindi na pinansin ng immigration sa HK & LA but my heart was pounding the whole time. Para akong mahihimatay sa kaba pero di ko nalang pinapahalata. I took the risk e. May passengers daw kasi na hindi na pinaalis with the same problem. Nagmatigas lang talaga ako na hindi na yan tinitignan abroad at ng mga immigration officers,” disclosed Canlas.

Late Post but worth sharing:For those getting or renewing their passports, double check all the details and the pages…

Posted by Carlos Canlas on Monday, April 1, 2019

His post has now gone viral with over five thousand reactions and over nine thousand shares online.

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No more ditching school: Automated entrance security messages parents of kids’ entry and exit from premises

No more ditching school: Automated entrance security messages parents of kids’ entry and exit from premises

  • Public school in Cavite enforces automated entrance security and texts parents/guardians if their kids has entered and/or exited the school premises
  • Tanzang Luma V Elementary School is said to implement the system in order to prevent students from cutting classes
  • Netizens praised the innovative solution to prevent students from ditching school

The time has come to put a stop to students cutting classes and one elementary school in Cavite shared online how they managed to do so.

Tanzang Luma V Elementary School in Imus has implemented a system in their entrance security, allowing it to be automated. The system works by sending text messages to parents, whenever their kids enter and exit the school grounds, once they swiped their IDs at the gate, as seen by Philippine Star’s Facebook post.

The Department of Education (DepEd) has released an order, nine years ago, prohibiting students in public and private elementary and secondary schools from going to computer shops, malls, theaters, and the like, during school hours.

Order No. 86, s. 2010 was made in response to the prevailing issue of absenteeism among students who ditch school and spend time in entertainment areas. DepEd has given the directive to school officials or employees, as well as local government officials, for strict compliance, in order to take steps against cutting-classes.

The action that the public school took to address this recurring problem was praised by social media users. And Philippine Star’s post reached over ten thousand reactions online.

TANZANG LUMA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL of SDO Imus City Division proudly implements the AUTOMATIC ID SYSTEM (One-Tap In and Out)…

Posted by Tanzang Luma ES on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Elisha Kirsten Camama commented, “I agree with this kind of system, because this is one of the common issues when it comes to students nowadays. It’s modernized but convenient, as well, because they inform the parents and guardians right away. I am also hoping that the other schools, and even universities, invest in this kind of system because it is really beneficial, especially to parents and guardians.”

Hazel Mendoza replied, “Must be implemented in all schools public and private!!! Good job!”

Other netizens posted the name of their own schools with the same kind of system.

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Netizens commend one indigenous student for being the first Mangyan to graduate at NIPSC

Netizens commend one indigenous student for being the first Mangyan to graduate at NIPSC

  • Anthony Suday is the first Mangyan to graduate from the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC)
  • Rene Sausa posted a picture of Suday wearing his toga together with his father, and netizens congratulated the college grad
  • Formal education in the Mangyan community has always been an issue, Suday’s achievement serves as an inspiration and a bright example for help and opportunities to come to ethnic tribes

A young college graduate is making the rounds online for being the first Mangyan to do so in Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC).

Facebook user Rene Sausa posted a picture of Anthony Suday, wearing his toga and proudly smiling at the camera together with his father. Suday, the celebrated Mangyan, will march to get his Diploma in BS Agriculture on April 2, 2019.

Sausa in his caption of the post, divulged the circumstances of Suday and his journey to being a college graduate. “He is from Mayba, Pag Asa, Occidental Mindoro. He started his life with us since 2011, as a 2nd year high school student. He is with his father, who traveled for 2 days from Mindoro, to attend his graduation. His mother passed away last December 2018 with tuberculosis, which is the number 1 killer among the Mangyans. He is just one of the current 12 Mangyans living with my family here in Balasan. There are already, more or less, 30 Mangyans who had traveled the dusty roads from Mayba to Balasan hoping to change their lives.”

This Mangyan, Anthony T Suday will March to get his Diploma in BS Agriculture on April 2, 2019. The first Mangyan to do…

Posted by Rene Sausa on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Mangyan is the general name for the eight indigenous groups found on the island of Mindoro. Each group has their own tribal name, language, and customs. Their total population is estimated to be around 280,000, but official statistics are hard to conclude under the conditions of remote areas and secluded tribal groups.

Thus, formal education in the Mangyan community has not been an easy feat, especially to those struggling financially. Many Mangyan children also live in far-flung areas which often does not have formal schools at all, resulting in a higher illiteracy occurrence among them. Unschooled Mangyan people are further subject of marginalization and abuse, in the form of being underpaid for their work and services.

Due to this, netizens have praised Suday’s hard work, sending “congratulations” on the comments section of Sausa’s post. Others have also commended the original poster’s generosity for helping the Suday family.

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‘I just cook sir?’ An OFW shares funny conversation with her employer to the delight of netizens

‘I just cook sir?’ An OFW shares funny conversation with her employer to the delight of netizens

  • Pinay OFW shared online her hilarious conversation with Malaysian employer
  • “Ok maam, I don’t cook you…I just cook, sir” line especially got netizens reeling with amusement
  • Netizens enjoyed reading the conversation and were amazed that Landong and her employer were still in sync, despite the language barrier

An overseas Filipina worker in Malaysia has shared on Facebook her somewhat confusing but amusing conversation with an employer, which had netizens’ enjoying with a good laugh.

Valleryn Caranza Landong who is originally from Bato, Camarines Sur now works in Gelang Patah, Johor Malaysia. She posted a screenshot of the hilarious conversation on her account:

Employer: Sandra I out tomolo you cook sir the brief in the frid fly veges and rice you can fly the rice put egg

Valleryn: Okie maam I dont cook you… I just cook sir?

Employer: Yes just cook sir and please fly the fish sir many eat if you cooking

Valleryn: Okie maam

Employer: Thank you

In broken English, Landong’s employer wanted her to cook the beef in the fridge, and fry the vegetables and rice while putting an egg on it, while she’s out tomorrow.

And despite the confusing string of sentences, Landong was perfectly able to understand what her employer meant. She replied with a broken English of her own, probably for the employer to better understand her, considering that she doesn’t speak proper English either.

What had netizens rolling in laughter though was the OFW’s response of “I just cook sir?”

Only about 20 percent of the world’s population speaks English as a first or secondary language. Language, especially English, is always shifting, evolving, and adapting to the needs of its users—something that Landong and her employer perfectly demonstrated.

Mastery of it is only secondary, in the face of achieving understanding when it comes to communicating.

The female employer also remarked that if Landong is the one cooking, her male employer eats a lot. What is commendable is that she properly knew how to say please and thank you, a sign of good etiquette and respect amidst news of maltreatment that OFWs suffer from their employers on almost a daily basis.

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Grade 1 pupil was removed from list of awardees due to unpaid tuition, urged to write a promissory note

Grade 1 pupil was removed from list of awardees due to unpaid tuition, urged to write a promissory note

  • A principal allegedly ordered a Grade 1 pupil to write a promissory note over an unpaid tuition balance
  • The child was also removed from the list of awardees, due to the school’s “no permit, no exam” policy
  • Promissory note ‘does not define you as a parent’ says Facebook user to the mother of the child, who works hard to provide for her children

A Facebook user recently shared a post about a school principal who allegedly ordered a Grade 1 pupil to write a promissory note, due to an unsettled school payment.

The student was also said to be removed from the list of awardees, even though it was already announced a week before that she was part of the said list.

Clen Limpin, the concerned original poster, shared what happened to the child, who was studying at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Novaliches. She admonished the principal of the school for allegedly embarrassing her friend’s daughter over a tuition balance of 3,000 pesos.

In her post, a handwritten note by the child can be seen which states, “I promise to pay my tuition fee tomorrow.”

Hindi para sa akin kundi sa kaibigan ko ang sulat na’to pero damang-dama ko ‘yung sakit because I’m a mom too. Ang tanong ko lang po tama po ba ito? Ang ipamukha ng mismong PRINCIPAL ng eskwelahan sa bata na nagkukulang ang kanyang ina sa kanya dahil lang sa late na pagbayad ng tuition fee? I feel not just for my friend but mostly for her daughter. I can’t even imagine the shame na pinamukha niya sa bata. Imbes na papuri ang ibigay ninyo sa kanya dahil I know she is a d*mn good student eh ito ang ipinamumukha ninyo. Nakakagalit. You can call the parent naman diba? Yes, we parents know our dues and we can talk privately without shaming the child! You can put us in shame all you want pero ‘wag yung bata! You never know what’s going on with our lives para gawin niyo ‘to. Ano sa tingin mo ang naiisip ng bata sa mga panahon na pinasusulat mo ‘to? Para saan? Ganito na ba talaga ang dapat ituro sa mga estudyante ngayon?” wrote Limpin.

Later, she updated her now viral-post with an additional note, and a few screenshots of a conversation between the mother of the child in the post and another teacher from the school. The photos provided context on why the child was removed from the school’s List of Awardees on Recognition Day.

Based on the exchange, the teacher was trying to explain that she overlooked what happened, and that due to the school’s “no permit, no exam” policy, it affected the child’s status of being an awardee. The teacher was sorry for the incident, but confessed she did not know what the principal did to the young student.

Limpin ended her post with a praise to her friend, who was providing for her two children, with, “Please always remember that YOU ARE A GOOD MOM! I’ve witnessed all your sacrifices and I’M VERY PROUD OF YOU. You deserve all the praise, and this letter does not define you as a parent.”

The viral post has more than 18 thousand reactions now and 14 thousand shares, with netizens crying foul over what happened. A few even lamented on how private schools become profit-driven in this day and age.

The school has yet to provide a statement over this.

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Pregnancy ‘test:’ Woman labors during licensure exams, safely delivers baby, and passes the test!

Pregnancy ‘test:’ Woman labors during licensure exams, safely delivers baby, and passes the test!

  • A pregnant woman takes the Physician’s licensure exams while experiencing labor pains
  • Stefanelle Sibuyan hid her current status from proctors, and partner, for fear of being rushed to the hospital
  • Sibuyan’s lifelong dream to become a doctor came through as she passes the exams, and safely delivers her baby boy

It is often told that pregnant women are the strongest in dealing with the pains of childbirth—of bringing out life into the world. But one story of a physician-to-be surpasses this by taking a licensure examination while at it, coming out of the unique experience an ‘ace’ for safely delivering her baby boy and passing the tests.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Stefanelle Atienzar Sibuyan shared how she powered through her Physician’s Licensure Examination (PLE) at the Mary Chiles Colleges in Sampaloc, Manila last March 11, while experiencing labor pains.

Sibuyan had a difficult pregnancy and was advised for bedrest because of her delicate situation. Carrying her baby to full term, the determined mother-to-be continued attending reviews and read her materials at home while lying down as it was her lifelong dream to become a doctor.

She recounted that she was already 1 to 2 centimeters dilated and 60 percent effaced, a week before the board exams but she did not want to miss her tests. Despite the labor pains she felt, she still hoped to be able to complete all her tests before she delivered her baby.

She began to experience spotting on the day before the last 2 days of the exam but she ended up not telling anyone, not even the baby’s father, for fear that she would be rushed to a hospital.

On the first exam date, her contractions were between 15 to 30 minutes apart. She finished the first test in an hour and tried resting while constantly checking on her baby’s movements and heart tones.

Sibuyan was determined to complete the tests before giving birth so she told her partner to wait instead at the testing center.

“I just read all the test questions once and answered them right away. Maybe it’s divine intervention. I just think of finishing the exams ahead of time so I could rest a little bit at breaks,” she said.

Posted by Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan on Monday, March 18, 2019

She finished her last exam in 20 minutes while experiencing contractions every 3 minutes, submitted everything, and met up with her partner. The testing site has a hospital so she delivered her baby there.

At 3:15 p.m., she was at the delivery room and 13 minutes later, her baby was born.

“Glad I delivered normal. Kasi pagka-transfer ko sa katabing hospital I’m 10 cm fully dilated na. Konting push na lang. I think nakatulong yung paglalakad ko nung nagbubuntis pa ako,” she narrated.

After three days, Sibuyan found out that she passed the exam and is now a licensed physician.

Her baby boy, however, had to be readmitted to the hospital due to neonatal sepsis after spending more than 12 hours inside the womb, after her bag of water burst. But just like his fighter mom, the baby has since recovered.

Sibuyan told ABS-CBN that “It wasn’t easy to act normal smiling at my proctors that time, because they don’t know I was already in labor. Knowing that my due date falls on March and PLE falls on the 1st and 2nd week. I never doubted myself that I can still push thru with this. Siguro lakasan na lang din ng loob, tiwala at dasal.”

Hi! I'm 1️⃣ week old today. Exactly one week from the time I was born right after mommy's Physician's Licensure…

Posted by Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan on Monday, March 18, 2019

“Hats off to my doctor mom! I’m not a hindrance to my mommy’s success [but] rather a blessing from up above. Mommy said I’m a risk worth taking,” Sibuyan wrote in her viral post, talking in the point-of-view of her child.

Her post now has over 9,200 likes and 1,900 shares.

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#10YearChallenge: From cancer survivor to licensed physician

#10YearChallenge: From cancer survivor to licensed physician

  • Lung cancer survivor shares inspiring journey to become a doctor on his Facebook account
  • Albien Gacias dreamt of becoming a doctor due to his deceased mother and brother
  • After undergoing treatment, Gacias returned back to school and studied medicine in 2013

It appears that the #10YearChallenge on social media did not just inspire netizens to share hilarious throwbacks of themselves but to also share uplifting and inspirational experiences online.

One such story is from this cancer survivor who is now a board passer of the Physicians Licensure Examination.

Albien Emmanuel Gacias, 30, wrote on his Facebook post last March 14: “10 years ago ang pinagdadasal ko lang naman ay ang gumaling, wala akong idea na gagawin mo pala akong instrumento para ako naman ang makapagpagaling ng iba.”

A nursing student at the time, Gacias shared his photo in 2008 when he was diagnosed with malignant germ cell tumor, a kind of lung cancer, at the age of 20. Beside him was a recent photo of him wearing a white coat, after passing the board exam last March 3.

He dedicated his success to his deceased loved ones: his mother who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2006, and to his brother, who passed away due to an accident in the same year.

Gacias started dreaming of becoming a doctor due to his mother’s illness, which only heightened when he found out that he would be suffering a different form of the disease later on.

He is the eldest in the family and takes care of his four siblings while his father works abroad. He then stopped studying for two years and underwent lobectomy—a surgery to remove part of his lung. With the help of their relatives, Gacias underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He said he lost all of his hair while being treated.

Ang naisip ko lang po that time ay mag-stop ng studies ko and yung mga brothers ko, kasi I’m the eldest in the family,” he told ABS-CBN News in an online interview.

After undergoing treatment, Gacias returned back to school even while still recovering. He still had regular appointments with the doctor to monitor if there will be a recurrence of the cancer cells.

10 years ago ang pinagdadasal ko lang naman ay ang gumaling, wala akong idea na gagawin mo pala akong instrumento para…

Posted by Albien Emmanuel Gacias on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Yung hair ko tumutubo na ulit siya. I tried to be healthy by playing lawn tennis,” Gacias shared. “At first po sobrang mahirap, pero at the end of the day mas lalo akong sinipag mag-aral kasi mas lalo kong na-value ang life.”

With the help of his uncles and aunts, Gacias was able to study medicine in 2013 at the University of Perpetual Help System in Las Piñas. Now, he is among the 1,209 new doctors in the country.

Sobrang amazing mo Lord! Thank you! I am now licensed to heal,” he proudly declared in his post.

When asked by Rappler for his message to fellow cancer survivors, he said: “Kahit gaano pa kahirap ang mga pinagdaraanan natin, just keep going. And if ever you feel sad, puwede kang umiyak. If napapagod ka, just pause and rest. Basta ‘wag kang susuko at tuloy ang laban. Magtiwala tayo sa plan ni God para sa ‘tin.”

PGI Gacias now signing off! #Grad #TatakJR

Posted by Albien Emmanuel Gacias on Monday, June 25, 2018

The cancer survivor also reminded physicians-to-be to study well and to focus on their goals no matter how trying it becomes.

Magtiwala lang tayo kay Lord…Wag po tayong mawalan ng pag-asa, laban lang everyday,” he said.

The newly licensed doctor’s Facebook post has since gone viral with over 30,000 reactions and 10,000 shares.

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