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Illegal loggers, suspected to be behind the cutting of Rizal’s century-old tree

Illegal loggers, suspected to be behind the cutting of Rizal’s century-old tree


We are really bestowed by Mother Earth with many precious gifts that nourish our lives. A tree is one of the best example. They are the green gold on the earth and are very useful and helpful friends of humanity.

It is a symbol of life on earth and natural home for many people and wild animals as it also gives us the clean air we need.

Recently, a post from a netizen broke the hearts of many. He expressed how bad he felt about a hundred-year-old tree being chopped down by illegal loggers in a forest at Sitio Lubog, Rodriguez, Rizal. The said tree was a tourist spot and was the oldest tree from that town.

The tree is called a Dao Tree, according to a netizen that has been there and have seen identical trees in other provinces. It is a tropical tree that reaches up to 148 feet.

“I’ve never seen a tree as big as that one. That is the biggest tree in that forest!” he exclaimed.

See the throwback photo when a guy posed with the century-old tree during an event last 2016 and a recent photo that showed that the tree has been cut down into pieces.


Posted by Duanne Vasquez on Saturday, April 20, 2019

A tree plays a very important role to us. Without a tree, we can’t have the clean air we breathe. It lessens the heat we experience today. It cleans contaminated soils, controls erosion, and a lot more. So why cut down a tree instead of planting more for the next generations?

Illegal logging should stop. Not tomorrow, but today.

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A kasambahay and Tanod’s son graduated as Cum laude, proving that poverty is not a hindrance to success

A kasambahay and Tanod’s son graduated as Cum laude, proving that poverty is not a hindrance to success

  • His parents were in doubt with their capability to put him through college because of poverty
  • Without the knowledge of his parents, he made the first move in finding other alternative ways to enter college
  • Despite having financial difficulties, he was able to graduate with flying colors

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

For a journalism student from Tanay, Rizal graduated with flying colors, despite being financially unstable to support his education.

On his Facebook account, Jhonrick Art Catindoy Orense shared his success in graduating as Cum laude with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the International Peace Leadership College in Tanay, Rizal.

Orense’s post went viral on social media while wearing his graduation toga and medals and holding a note saying “Anak ng isang kasambahay at barangay-tanod nagtapos bilang cum laude” which inspired a lot of netizens.

In an interview with INQUIRER.net, Orense said that because of poverty, his parents were in doubt with their capability to put him through college, as he heard the following words of advice after graduating from high school:

Nak, mag-TESDA ka na lang.
Magtrabaho ka na lang muna.
Wala tayong pera.”

He admitted his frustration to the advice of his parents but without the knowledge of his parents, he made the first move in finding other alternative ways to enter college.

Andun na po yung tampo, pero ako po yung gumawa ng first step para mag college ng hindi nila alam,” he admitted. “Dun po ako nagsimulang mag-apply sa iba’t-ibang scholarship programs at nag-take ng entrance exam sa iba’t-ibang colleges and universities,” he said.

Even though he was able to enter college, Orense still faced financial difficulties to comply with his requirements and other expenses while studying.

“Since hindi naman po ganun kalaki yung kinikita ni tatay sa pagiging tanod, at (sa pagiging) kasambahay ni Inay. Madalas pong kumukuha yung nanay ko ng advance payment sa amo para may maipambayad po kapag may biglaang bayarin,” he said.

To help his parents with other expenses in school and for his allowances, he took part-time jobs like making murals for schools and designing logos for clubs and organizations.
Orense never told his parents that he was a consistent Dean’s Lister up until he graduated as he wanted to surprise them that despite having financial difficulties, he was able to graduate with flying colors.

“I surprised them after ng deliberation po namin. Iyak po ng iyak. Kasi akala po nila ga-graduate lang ako. Sobrang saya po nila nung nalaman na may Latin honors po ako,” he said.

Orense parents were so proud of him because, among four siblings in the family, he was the only who graduated in college. Indeed, he has proven that poverty is not a hindrance to success.

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Pinoy makes a DIY dog powered scooter

Pinoy makes a DIY dog powered scooter

  • He is also known as “Kuya Aso” because he always strolled his dogs regularly
  • Emil Paraiso Pronuncial’s campaign slogan is “a tired dog, is a happy dog”
  • This is where he drew his inspiration to create his DIY Dog Powered Scooter
  • Because of his love for his dogs, he resigned from his job and went doing business for him to have quality time for his dogs

Dogs are men’s best friend. For dog lovers, they treat their dog as family. They would feed them, shower them, make regular visits to the veterinarian clinic, and most importantly, allow them to exercise.

A post from the Facebook page DOG LOVER PHILIPPINES showed a Filipino who was able to make a “Do it yourself (DIY) dog powered scooter.” Sending a video with his dog using the dog powered scooter, he wrote on his caption that they were going to a fast food chain; which piqued the attention of netizens.

The man behind this DIY dog powered scooter is Emil Paraiso Pronuncial, who lives in Barangay San Andres, Cainta, Rizal. In their barangay, he is also known as “Kuya Aso” because he always strolls his dog regularly.

In an interview with DailyPedia via Facebook messenger, he said that as fur parent, it is their responsibility to let their dogs exercise. He was so diligent that every day he lets his pet take a stroll, for the canine to be able to freely walk or run. Since he had a lot of dogs, he would be having a hard time bringing them all.

So he made a research on the internet on what he can do for the safety of his pets, until he discovered the dog powered scooter that originated from other countries.

Emil tried to search for it, but soon realized it is not available in the Philippines. He even tried to purchase one online but it would cost him $675; which is so expensive. He really loved the concept of the dog powered scooter primarily for the safety of the dogs, unlike using a regular bike where you are not in control of your dogs and may cause an accident.

Emil’s campaign slogan is “a tired dog, is a happy dog.” This is where he drew his inspiration in creating his DIY dog powered scooter. He wanted his dogs to be always happy and which has been the advocacy that he is campaigning for. Emil felt pity seeing other dogs that were just waiting for their owner and usually serve as  guard dogs.

Their owners must have forgotten their obligations in being a responsible pet owner. And he said that dogs are already part of one’s family and we should know what makes them happy; because dogs continuously share their happiness with us.

He started his project by simply looking at the original pattern that he saw on the internet. Then he searched for where he could buy a kick bike/kick scooter and bought other materials need for his project. He was hands on and personally cut the materials since he didn’t have a machine shop. Emil went to a welding shop and let them assemble the dog powered scooter.

He had made a variety of dog powered scooter: a single dog powered scooter which is good for fast running dogs and for smaller dogs, he has the dog powered scooter. During their strolls, they would have stopovers on lawns where the dogs can be free.

Accordingly, dogs would not be satisfied if they won’t be allowed to run around. There were also people inquiring and wanted to have the dog powered scooter too. But he told them that it was not for sale and if they really wished, Emil can help them assemble the thing.

Being more creative, he even made personalized bags intended for dogs for the very purpose that if you are driving a motorcycle, you can safely bring them with you. So he decided to make a cart to bring his entire kennel, making it easy for him to transport to find new locations for their regular everyday strolls which help the dogs develop their mental faculties.

Because of his love for his dogs, he resigned from his job and went on business for him to have quality time with his dogs. It was hard for him to travel, even for three days, because no one would stroll and watch over his dogs. In short, he couldn’t easily leave them because for him they were his children.

Emil’s love for his dogs was so exceptional and inspiring that he was willing to provide for the comfort of his pets. Love does not apply only for humans but extends to all living creatures in this world.

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Alleged son of a Mayor incites feud with a woman and her driver at a Rizal resort

Alleged son of a Mayor incites feud with a woman and her driver at a Rizal resort

  • Man who claims to be a son of a Mayor confronts a woman and her driver at a resort in Rizal
  • The man told them that their car almost hit his family while they’re maneuvering to park

In this day and age of #MeToo Movement, where social media is used to highlight the problematic and widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, most especially to women, a man who claimed to be a son of a mayor is currently being the subject of scrutiny online for allegedly hurting a woman and her driver during an argument in a resort in Tanay, Rizal; all while saying, “Pumapatol ako sa babae!”

In a Facebook post by netizen Sweetie Ria Solis, said that a man who owns an SUV confronted her driver after a parking incident and accused them of almost running over his wife and kid.

According to the post, the complainant told Solis that their car almost bumped his family while they were maneuvering to park but Solis refuted this as the man’s family were far from their actual position for the accusation to actually happen.

The wife of the accuser started shouting and pointing her finger at Solis’ driver but she kept her cool and asked the irate wife to calm down instead. Twenty minutes after the incident, however, the man arrived in his car with his family in tow and again confronted Solis and her driver.

A scuffle then occurred where the man hurt Solis and began yelling that he is the son of a politician. “Di niyo ba ako kilala, anak ako ng mayor! Pumapatol ako sa babae! Gusto niyo pagbabarilin ko kayo lahat dito?

Solis deduced that the wife of the complainant told him a different story that caused him to become livid. In her post, she invalidated the man with her own words, “Your condescending, rude attitude and behavior doesn’t intimidate me or scare me sir. Anak ng Mayor daw, what is scary po? You are fit perfectly with your ugly personality.”

Please pa share nlan po pra makarating s knya,kc bka NAAALIMPUNGATAN pa po eto TAO na to na NANAMPAL NG BABAE!!at pra…

Posted by Ofw Kuwait Balita on Monday, February 18, 2019

She then posted the questionable man’s face on social media to warn others of his unbecoming conduct. As of this writing, the post has already reached 1,800 shares on Facebook.

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Eat Bulaga to move out of Broadway Centrum

Eat Bulaga to move out of Broadway Centrum

  • Eat Bulaga hinted about a possible studio transfer.
  • They are said to move to a four-story building in Cainta, Rizal after using the Broadway Centrum for nearly four decades.

Is Eat Bulaga finally transferring to its new home?

A few viewers of GMA-7‘s daily noontime show have noticed what seemed to be hints that the program will move into a brand new studio.

A short video was shown in the middle of the program after the segment Boom. There, they introduced a kid named Amboy which invited his two friends to play.

It was seen that Amboy was holding a newspaper named Balita Pilipinas that contained the faces of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon. “4 na dekada ng saya” was also written.

The kid made the newspaper into a paper airplane and made it fly in the air. A sign was seen containing the words, “Truckrental para sa lipat-bahay”.

Amboy and his friends then went to a store wherein they were greeted by the owner that said, “Bulaga!”

When the children reached the playground, on of his friends said, “Ang saya naman dito, Amboy.

“Kahit nasaan tayo, masaya.” Amboy replied.

It was no secret that the show has been planning to move out of the said venue and are planning to move in a four-story building in Cainta, Rizal named APT Studios.

Eat Bulaga has been in numerous studios before, including Broadcast City, Celebrity Sports Plaza, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, and in Broadway Centrum, wherein the show has stayed for almost 40 years.

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Angel Locsin helps in relief goods distribution in Marikina City

Angel Locsin helps in relief goods distribution in Marikina City

  • Angel Locsin visited evacuation centers in Rizal and Marikina City to personally hand out goods and help with the distribution.
  • Flood victims from Marikina City took it to Facebook to post their gratitude toward the actress’s time and help.

With the recent calamity that struck Metro Manila, especially Marikina City, people have been volunteering and offering their assistance to all the victims.

Angel Locsin is one of those who took time to get out of her way.

The flood victims were temporarily appeased when Locsin visited one of the evacuation centers in Montalban, Rizan and Malanday, Marikina City.

The actress first tweeted about the situation in Montalban, wherein there were an estimated 500 evacuees at the Kasiglahan Village Senior High School.

(1) For those who are thinking of giving hot meals & other essentials, Last night, may estimated 500 evacuees sa Kasiglahan Village Senior High School Montalban, Rizal… I don’t have the total head count kasi medyo magulo pa last night…but you could check & see for yourself 🙂

She also informed everyone their recommended route to all who are planning to visit and volunteer in the area.

(2) We avoided flooded areas by passing thru commonwealth litex. This route is recommended if you are planning to visit Burgos Elementary school evacuation center rin. Thank you and stay safe!

On the other hand, flood victims in Marikina City also posted about their gratitude toward the actress for helping them in the time of need.

Facebook user Ailene Nicdao Catacutan thanked Locsin for bringing joy in the midst of a hard time.

Thank You Ms.Angel Locsin for giving relief goods to the evacuees of Barangay Malanday Marikina.Truly your smile,your generousity,your visit put a huge smile to the tired souls and faces of 
Marikenos in times like this.
Truly you are an Angel sent from above!
Kudos to what you do.
God Bless You Indeed!

She also inserted a video of the actress personally handing out the goods to the flood victims.

Video Courtesy of Ailene Nicdao Catacutan | Facebook

Another Netizen named Joshua Jacinto expressed his thanks to Locsin.

Maraming salamat Ms. Angel Locsin sa pagbisita sa mga kababayan naming nasalanta ng baha.
Maraming salamat din kay kapt. Mak at sa mga Kagawad ng Barangay Malanday at sa kasapian ng sangguniang kabataan.
Sa ngalan po ng Parokya ng La Purisima Concepcion, Malanday, lubos po kaming nagpapasalamat..
Nawa ay patuloy kayong pagpalain ng Panginoon!

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A Boy and His Cousin was Kidnapped by Unafraid Captors Inside a Compound

A Boy and His Cousin was Kidnapped by Unafraid Captors Inside a Compound


Kidnapping cases are one of the most alarming crimes in the country. Just when people thought that these kinds of cases had finally lain low, the new ones had just begun to resurface.

Just recently, a Facebook netizen who asked to hide her identity, posted what their family had went through when two kids from their family got kidnapped in Morong, Rizal.

Earlier on the same day, the netizen’s child and his cousin were playing in the backyard inside their compound when two men wearing bonnets covered their mouths and forcefully brought them inside a tricycle. Good thing that her child was able to keep a phone with him which their family used to give instructions to the little boys.

The vehicle stopped in Teresa, Rizal which gave them the chance to escape when one of the two men called someone on the phone. Their families told them to run to a place where there are a lot of people. Fortunately, the kids saw a fastfood chain and went inside. They handed the phone over to the guard and the family told him not to let anyone get to the kids until they and the police got to the place.

Thankfully, the kids were rescued by the authorities.

However, the suspects were not caught hence; there is a huge possibility that kidnappers are roaming various places as of the moment. Which is why the netizen who posted the story, told her friends to be alert at all times regarding their child’s safety.

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Faith In Humanity Restored! This Driver Returns Bag Containing Money and Gadgets

Faith In Humanity Restored! This Driver Returns Bag Containing Money and Gadgets


Faith in humanity was once restored after this Facebook post of Jann DG went viral.

In her post, she shared her mom’s experience in San Mateo, Rizal. It was om  February 20 when Jann’s mother and niece went to Ampid, San Mateo to withdraw some cash. They rode a tricycle instead, since their car was not available at the time.

They were already home when they noticed what’s missing. Her mother’s purse contains money, phones, ID’s, and even business cards.

They went back to Budgetlane where they rode a tricycle earlier. Considering how people think nowadays, Jann started to think that the purse will no longer be returned to them.

Then, fortunately, after trying to call the phone inside her mother’s purse, someone picked up. Rannie A. Nunag, the driver of the tricycle with the plate number B2-568 was the one who answered the call.

Driver Returns Bag Containing Money and Gadgets
Rannie Nunag | Photos from Jann DG

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Nunag answered the phone call and said, “Ma’am, sa inyo po ba ‘yung bag? Saan ko po ibabalik ‘to? Sa pinaghatiran ko po kanina?”

They rushed to Budgetlane and agreed to meet at the terminal. Jann found Nung holding the purse with everything untouched inside.

“Ma’am, buti hindi po kinuha no’ng dalawang nakasakay kanina. Inaabot ko po kasi akala ko sa kanila,” the driver even confessed.

With over a hundred thousand reactions on Facebook, and 31,396 shares, she admitted in her post that after they realized that her mother’s purse was gone, they no longer hoped for it to be returned.

Life is hard, and every day, people fight for survival. It’s easy to keep what this tricycle driver has found, but he chose to do the right thing.

May this inspire other drivers. Kudos to our honest public drivers!

Here is the original post of Jann DG:

PLEASE READ!!!RANNIE A. NUNAG, tricycle driver of body number B2-568Budgetlane—San Mateo, RizalIt was February 20,…

Posted by Jann DG on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Creepy! The Tanay Accident’s Victims Could Have Possibly Foretold The Tragedy

Creepy! The Tanay Accident’s Victims Could Have Possibly Foretold The Tragedy


After the real-life Final Destination tragedy happened to the group of students in Tanay, speculations hit the internet.

The recent accident that took 14 people’s lives in Tanay, Rizal upset the whole country. It was heartbreaking to know that what supposed to be a camping trip became a tragedy.

Upon hearing this saddening news, posts of the victims was brought up and it scared the hell out of the netizens.


  1. A devil is with them. These group selfies circulated online and shocked everyone. At the back-most part of the picture, an image forming demonic features can be seen.


 real-life Final Destination tragedy
Last Groupie of the students

2. Creepy Facebook posts of the victims

 real-life Final Destination tragedy
Tomorrow is the day. Will be gone for a few days. I hope to survive our mountain escapade. My family will be missed. I will miss my children and my love, Sting Dillinger. May God bless me with my adventure.
 real-life Final Destination tragedy
Thank you Facebook, until next time. Bye! I want to die! I am very embarrassed!
 real-life Final Destination tragedy
Life is short, really. If you want to do something, do it. If you love someone, tell them.

The youngsters, together with the driver, died at Magnetic Hill – which is known for being an accident prone area. It is revealed in reports that the tragedy was a human error and due to the lack of maintenance on the vehicle used, and not an environmental issue. The bus is overloaded, it is seen that even the center seats are used.

The eerie vibe these posts gave us is unexplainable. All the students above died because of the accident. Is it really possible they were able to foretell their death?

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Furious Woman Reportedly Caught Recording “Furious 7” inside Cinema House

Furious Woman Reportedly Caught Recording “Furious 7” inside Cinema House


A woman was reportedly caught recording the blockbuster Hollywood film Furious 7 while inside the cinema house in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal.

Concerned citizen Alaine Yambot-Alejandrino and her husband allegedly tried to stop the woman from recording the movie since they were distracted by the phones’ glare.

Shortly after the movie, the woman got furious and confronted Alaine and her husband. According to Alaine, the woman in red shirt, who reportedly admitted the crime, as well as her two friends raised their middle fingers on them.

PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot from: Facebook / Alaine Yambot-Alejandrino
PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot from: Facebook / Alaine Yambot-Alejandrino

Watch the video here.

As of writing, the administration of the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall has not released a statement regarding the issue.

Furious 7 is a certified box office film which has already earned $143.6 million in its opening weekend. The latest chapter of the Fast and the Furious series has been highly anticipated by fans who are awaiting what will happen to Paul Walker’s character in the film.

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