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Joseph Estrada is alive and kicking but already has a tomb prepared for when he dies

Jinggoy himself said that even he was surprised when he initially found out about it.

Unusual as it may seem to most, but former president Joseph Estrada already has a tomb ready for when his inevitable death comes.

In former senator Jinggoy Estrada’s latest vlog on his new YouTube channel JINGFLIX PH, he gave  a tour of the Erap Museum in Tanay, Rizal.

The place is packed with his father’s achievements in his acting and political career. It is a must visit for any Erap fan.

But one thing surprised the viewers was the fact that the former president’s tomb has already been built.

Jinggoy himself said that even he was surprised when he initially found out about it.

“Nung nakito ko to tinanong ko, ‘Bakit ka nagpatayo nito? Buhay na buhay ka pa, Dad,'” he said in the video as he showed the tomb.

“Kung sakasakaling may mangyari daw sa kanya, gusto niya dito daw siya,” he added.

“Alam mo bakit dito niya pinili? Kasi nung nakulong siya dito, ito yung paborito niyang lugar, itong batong to na parang silya.

“Dito siya lagi umuupo at dito siya nagmemeditate, dito siya nagdadasal,” Jinggoy explained.

Estrada’s presidency was cut short due to corruption charges.

He was detained in the same place before it became a museum after the Sandiganbayan approved his appeal for a house arrest because of a knee injury.

His decision to wage an “all-out-war” against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front garnered praise from the public.

Estrada ran again for the presidency in 2010 but failed miserably.

He served as Mayor of Manila from 2013 to 2019.

Erap is 83-years old and has numerous ailments, but he undergoes stem cell therapy to improve his overall health.

Written by paulie walnuts

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