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JV Ejercito seems to take a swipe at Jinggoy Estrada for hailing Sen. Nancy Binay in battle for 12th spot

JV Ejercito seems to take a swipe at Jinggoy Estrada for hailing Sen. Nancy Binay in battle for 12th spot

  • Jinggoy concedes and settled in the 15th spot for the senatorial race.
  • His half-brother, JV Ejercito in 13th place, just one spot behind in order to make it to the Top 12.
  • JV Ejercito says he is still the ‘Good One’.

The sibling rivalry between half-brothers re-electionist senator JV Ejercito and former senator Jinggoy Estrada is still alive.

Before the elections, Estrada said that his brother was ‘the good one’ but he referred to himself as ‘the better one’.

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada is in 15th spot according to the unofficial tally for the senatorial race, but he decided to call it quits. He congratulated the the other candidates who made it in the ‘Magic 12’.

One of his colleagues, Nancy Binay, finished made it to the 12th spot and he also congratulated her.

“Kay Sen. Nancy, alam ko marami ka pang magagawa sa Senado na makakatulong sa ating mga kababayang mahihirap. Keep it up! You deserve to keep the 12th spot because you have a very big heart for the poor and you are the BETTER person among others. Congratulations my friend,” Estrada said on Facebook.”, Jinggoy said on a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, his half-brother, JV Ejercito, finished in the 13th spot. JV tweeted, “I am still the good one.”

Then retweeted an article about Estrada conceding with the caption. “And I am really the Good One…”.

After a few hours, he tweeted, “Bitter.” Netizens are still trying to figure out its crypted post.

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Senatorial candidates Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla Jr. slam online bashers

Senatorial candidates Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla Jr. slam online bashers

  • Former senators Estrada and Revilla who are seeking for re-election slammed online bashers.
  • “Memes” on social media labeled the two as thieves.
  • Despite all the issues they are facing, they chose to run for the Senatorial 2019 race and slammed their online critics.

Former senators Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. are now facing online critics because of their past record. Recently, they slammed their online critics and continue to clean their names before the public.

The images of the aforementioned senatorial candidates have been tainted due to graft or plunder cases in the pork barrel scam. “Memes” proliferated on social media and labeled the two as thieves.

For the record, Estrada was accused of receiving P183 million in kickbacks form fake projects in connivance with Janet Lim Napoles. Since he was not the “main plunderer” the anti-graft court granted him to bail out. In September 2017, he was out on bail but is still facing trials.

As for Revilla, the actor was accused of stealing P224 million in the discretionary fund while he was still a senator. In December 2018, he was acquitted of plunder but the government prosecutors insisted that Revilla should pay 124.5 million to the government as civil liability along with Napoles and his former staff and an attorney, Richard Cambe, were both found guilty of plunder. Because of the bail, he has his temporary liberty but is still facing 16 counts of graft cases.

Amidst all the issues they still chose to run for the senatorial race in this year’s elections (2019) and slammed their online critics.

Estrada told the reporters on Hugpong ng Pagbabago’s miting de avance that he was affected by the criticism online, but he also said that those issues are already rehashed.

“I would be a hypocrite if I will tell you I’m not affected by the criticism against me on social media. I am human, too. I also get hurt.”

He added, “These issues are already rehashed.”

He was also asked if online basing had contributed his slide in the surveys and answered: “They won’t stop bashing me. Maybe there are some unscrupulous elements who wanted me out.”

Revilla on the other hand, also said that despite the anti-graft court filed at the Sandiganbayan, he is acquitted from his plunder case, but critics are still at it.

“They won’t stop. Until now they bash me on facebook and continue to hurl hurtful words against me,” he said.

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Photo-op with Bong Revilla turns into a viral meme, receives mixed reaction from netizens

Photo-op with Bong Revilla turns into a viral meme, receives mixed reaction from netizens

  • A netizen mocks Bong Revilla in his caption of a photo of them together, alluding to Revilla’s alleged involvement with the pork barrel scam
  • Social media users gave dissenting opinions to Carlos Mañosa Ng II’s post
  • Revilla was acquitted of plunder and released last December but still faces 16 counts of graft presently

A photo of a netizen, smiling together with senatorial candidate Bong Revilla, is making rounds on social media for its controversial caption by mocking the former senator regarding his plunder cases by way of keeping his wallet safe from him.

Wag po kayong mag-alala. Wala naman pong nawala. Mahigpit po pagkakahawak ko sa wallet ko,” wrote netizen Carlos Mañosa Ng II on his Facebook account, alluding to Revilla’s alleged involvement with Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), or pork barrel, scam.

The actor-politician, along with former senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Jinggoy Estrada, were accused of receiving kickbacks from businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles, in exchange for directing some of their discretionary funds to phony non-government organizations.

During one of the hearings of his plunder case, Revilla denied receiving money from Napoles nor from her colleagues.

The former action star has been detained at the Police Custodial Center in Camp Crame since 2014, but was acquitted of plunder and released on December 7, 2018. Revilla still faces 16 counts of graft presently.

Netizens had dissenting opinions after seeing and reading Ng’s viral-post, which received 24 thousand reactions online.

On the one hand, social media users stood by Ng’s side, commending his mockery of the former senator while on the other hand, netizens pointed out how Ng had been disrespectful of Revilla and how his “joke” fell flat on them.

Pinoy nga naman ninakawan na pinagtatanggol pa. Sa cine (mo) ka nalang malupit Bong Revilla, mandarambong,” commented Wilfred Noel Manuel.

“Double check mo, malupit mag magic yan guilty na mapawalang sala pa sa tulong in Poong Nazeraan,” replied Jemar Cruz.

Nagpa-picture ka para lang siraan si Bong, very wrong lodi haha,” reproached netizen Jules Almonicar.

Plastik mo naman. Nakangiti kapa (diyan) ha, tapos magsasabi ka ng ganyan? wtf,” said Janine Espeleta.


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Jinggoy Estrada wants death penalty for plunder, Ethel Booba retorts

Jinggoy Estrada wants death penalty for plunder, Ethel Booba retorts

  • Ethel Booba jokes about Jinggoy Estrada’s remark of death penalty for plunder cases
  • Jinggoy Estrada’s plunder trial will proceed as the Ombudsman found probable cause
  • Jinggoy Estrada wants plunder to be treated as a heinous crime punishable by death

Jinggoy Estrada, who is on a senatorial bid again this coming May elections, said he is for restoring capital punishment but only for heinous crimes including plunder.

It is noteworthy that the former senator was accused of amassing ₱183 million in connection to the multi-billion “pork barrel scam.”

“Kung magnanakaw ka sa kaban ng bayan, eh di isama na sa heinous crimes ‘yan,” Estrada said on CNN Philippines’ ‘Politics As Usual.’

Ethel Booba, a popular comedienne, known for her wit and sarcastic observations on various political issues, took to Twitter on Thursday to dig at Estrada’s remark.

Him wanting plunder to be among the heinous crimes punishable by death penalty has her tweeting, “Suicidal thoughts? Charot!”

This jibe was made especially in reference to the recent ruling of the Supreme Court over Estrada’s dismissal plea, as his trial for plunder and graft will proceed to the Office of the Ombudsman who found probable cause against him.

Booba’s tweet has garnered over 20,000 likes and 3,000 re-tweets in just over 9 hours of posting.



It may be remembered that Estrada obtained his temporary liberty in September 2017 after posting a P1.33-million bond. This is also not the first rodeo of the son of former president and now Manila mayor Joseph Estrada against plunder cases.

Him, along with his father, faced trial for the same offense from 2001 to 2007 in connection with over P4 billion in proceeds from the illegal numbers game “jueteng,” the supposed misappropriated tobacco excise taxes, alleged commissions from the sale of real estate firm Belle Corporation, and monies under the account name of “Jose Velarde.”

The younger Estrada was later acquitted by the Sandiganbayan while the older Estrada was convicted. The former president was pardoned and later elected as mayor of the country’s capital.

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Court acquits Bong Revilla; asks him to return P124.5 Million funds

Court acquits Bong Revilla; asks him to return P124.5 Million funds

  • Bong Revilla was ordered to return Php124.5 Million to the national treasury.
  • He was acquitted after being charged and arrested for plunder in 2014.

Sandiganbayan has acquitted former senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. of plunder.

The court, however, convicted his right-hand-man Richard Cambe and his alleged co-conspirator Janet Lim Napoles. It was said that the prosecution failed to prove that Revilla is guilty of working with Cambe and Napoles to pocket more than $4 million worth of his pork barrel funds.

But the former Senator won’t be excluded from the case right away as he was ordered to return the amount $2.3 million, or P124.5 million, to the national treasury.

Revilla also has graft charges but with the resolution of his case, he was allowed to post bail and be released from detention. This is part of a larger pork barrel scam involving other former senators and congressmen, who were said to have taken a total of $189 million.

The actor-turned-politician, along with former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and senator Jinggoy Estrada, were charged and arrested for plunder four years ago.

They are said to be running for the Senate in 2019’s midterm elections.

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“Tunay na kulay?” Ethel Booba clarifies allegations of being a ‘bayaran’

“Tunay na kulay?” Ethel Booba clarifies allegations of being a ‘bayaran’

  • Ethel Booba defended herself against accusations of her being paid to tweet against certain politicians.
  • She said that she never got paid for her opinions and her jokes can’t be considered as defamation.

Ethel Booba is not new to the act of fearlessly stating her opinion towards certain national and political issues. This often leads to people accusing her of being stupid or biased.

In the comedian’s recent tweet, she stated her side regarding the accusations of her being a ‘bayaran’. In a screenshot that she shared, a certain Facebook page named Diego Silang stated that Ethel was paid to go against Bong Revilla, Jinggoy EstradaRonald dela Rosa, Koko Pimentel, and even President Rodrigo Duterte.

Totoo pala na Binayaran si Ethel Booba para siraan and dating Senador Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, pati narin sila Gen. Bato, Koko Pimentel maging ang ating Pangulo.

Ngaun makikita ang Kulay ni Ethel PERA PERA lang yan.


Ethel immediately defended herself on Twitter saying that she never tweeted anything against the President and her jokes are not considered as defamation.

Unang una wala akong paninira sa ating Pangulo kahit magbungkal ka ng tweets ko. Di paninira yung joke tweets ko about politician.

She added that she never got paid for her opinions and said that the one who accused her as such is either paid to spread fake news against her or is just plain stupid.

Never ako nagpabayad sa mga opinyon ko sa Twitter.

Dalawa lang yan, bayad ka sa pagpapakalat ng fake news laban sa akin or tanga ka lang. Charot!

In a separate tweet, she requested people to report the page accusing her of such without actual evidence.

Report na lang natin sya sa pagpapakalat nya ng fake news. Again, bayad ka sa ginagawa mo or tanga ka kaya nagbibintang ka ng walang ebidensya. Charot!

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