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JV Ejercito seems to take a swipe at Jinggoy Estrada for hailing Sen. Nancy Binay in battle for 12th spot

  • Jinggoy concedes and settled in the 15th spot for the senatorial race.
  • His half-brother, JV Ejercito in 13th place, just one spot behind in order to make it to the Top 12.
  • JV Ejercito says he is still the ‘Good One’.

The sibling rivalry between half-brothers re-electionist senator JV Ejercito and former senator Jinggoy Estrada is still alive.

Before the elections, Estrada said that his brother was ‘the good one’ but he referred to himself as ‘the better one’.

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada is in 15th spot according to the unofficial tally for the senatorial race, but he decided to call it quits. He congratulated the the other candidates who made it in the ‘Magic 12’.

One of his colleagues, Nancy Binay, finished made it to the 12th spot and he also congratulated her.

“Kay Sen. Nancy, alam ko marami ka pang magagawa sa Senado na makakatulong sa ating mga kababayang mahihirap. Keep it up! You deserve to keep the 12th spot because you have a very big heart for the poor and you are the BETTER person among others. Congratulations my friend,” Estrada said on Facebook.”, Jinggoy said on a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, his half-brother, JV Ejercito, finished in the 13th spot. JV tweeted, “I am still the good one.”

Then retweeted an article about Estrada conceding with the caption. “And I am really the Good One…”.

After a few hours, he tweeted, “Bitter.” Netizens are still trying to figure out its crypted post.

Written by paulie walnuts

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