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JV Ejercito seems to take a swipe at Jinggoy Estrada for hailing Sen. Nancy Binay in battle for 12th spot

JV Ejercito seems to take a swipe at Jinggoy Estrada for hailing Sen. Nancy Binay in battle for 12th spot

  • Jinggoy concedes and settled in the 15th spot for the senatorial race.
  • His half-brother, JV Ejercito in 13th place, just one spot behind in order to make it to the Top 12.
  • JV Ejercito says he is still the ‘Good One’.

The sibling rivalry between half-brothers re-electionist senator JV Ejercito and former senator Jinggoy Estrada is still alive.

Before the elections, Estrada said that his brother was ‘the good one’ but he referred to himself as ‘the better one’.

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada is in 15th spot according to the unofficial tally for the senatorial race, but he decided to call it quits. He congratulated the the other candidates who made it in the ‘Magic 12’.

One of his colleagues, Nancy Binay, finished made it to the 12th spot and he also congratulated her.

“Kay Sen. Nancy, alam ko marami ka pang magagawa sa Senado na makakatulong sa ating mga kababayang mahihirap. Keep it up! You deserve to keep the 12th spot because you have a very big heart for the poor and you are the BETTER person among others. Congratulations my friend,” Estrada said on Facebook.”, Jinggoy said on a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, his half-brother, JV Ejercito, finished in the 13th spot. JV tweeted, “I am still the good one.”

Then retweeted an article about Estrada conceding with the caption. “And I am really the Good One…”.

After a few hours, he tweeted, “Bitter.” Netizens are still trying to figure out its crypted post.

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Teddy Locsin offers assistance to Pinoy voters who wish to migrate after the loss of their election bets

Teddy Locsin offers assistance to Pinoy voters who wish to migrate after the loss of their election bets

  • ‘How to migrate’ was the top search result after the election results
  • Pinoys search ways on ‘how to migrate’ after election results
  • People are considering migration

A lot of people were disappointed with the election results, even if some were still unofficial. Their candidates did not win. They also know that some of the candidates who won have a notorious history, politically speaking.

As the unofficial results came, data from Google Trend showed that Filipinos where searching ‘how to migrate’ and ‘migrate’ on the search engines.

Netizens also rationalized this. Some really meant on migrating, but mostly were joking. This shows how disappointed the people are with the results.

The same thing happened when Donald Trump was winning in the 2016 election. Americans were also searching on how to migrate to Canada and other countries.




Maria Ressa, a journalist, tweeted an article about this and netizens had a lot to say about it.

Teddy Locsin then retweeted it saying, “Bebot Bello and I will help. It’s our job. We will expedite.”

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Otso Diretso accepts candidates’ defeat

Otso Diretso accepts candidates’ defeat

  • Opposition Senate bets out of top 12 in unofficial poll results
  • Mar Roxas needs 4.5 million to win
  • Bam Aquino needs at least 300,000

Otso Diretso is an electoral alliance of political parties in the 2019 Philippine general elections that were opposing President Rodrigo Duterte’s ideologies.

It is a slate of eight candidates (otso translates as eight) for the Philippine Senate.

They were considered underdogs coming in to the elections. While Otso Diretso had thousands of volunteers, it did not have the support of the ruling party, which was probably why they did not win. No more than 5 mayors endorsed Otso Diretso in the midterm polls.

UP Islamic Studies professor Julkipli Wadi said,”If you minus Duterte from the equation, may laban talaga ang Otso Diretso dahil mga baguhan din yung nasa administration.” He also stated that even with former President Aquino’s and Robredo’s support, Otso Diretso would still get nowhere.

The rest of the Otso Diretso slate were outside the top 20: human rights lawyer Chel Diokno, Magdalo partylist Rep. Gary Alejano, peace advocate Samira Gutoc, veteran election lawyer Romulo Macalintal, human rights lawyer and former Deputy Speaker Erin Tanada, and former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay.

Gutoc posted a 35 second clip thanking her fans and the support she got from them

“I’m alright despite what happened. Ganun naman talaga e. It’s like my 3 bar exams. To everyone who helped me, who voted for me thank you talaga. Saludo po sa Pilipinas!

Pilo Hilbay, who finished at 29th tweeted.” Mga kababayan, one of the great privileges of my life was having to campaign for you & w/ you. Maraming kwento ng kampanya: stories of hope, inspiration, commitment, grit, generosity, & grace, bound together by love of country. These, we must remember. Salamat sa inyong lahat!

At the 21st is Diokno, who also tweeted about the loss.

Muli, sa lahat ng kapwa ko Pilipino, salamat sa inyo.”

Atty. Romulo Macalintal said thank you for the support as he ends his political career.

“It is clear that a great majority of our voters have chosen other candidates. And I respect their decision as I concede defeat in this senatorial race. Sa ating mga senior citizens at mga persons with disability, salamat sa tiwalang ipinagkaloob ninyo sa akin.”

Erin Tañada also conceded, and said, “Oo nga, we would concede the elections but never our principles, tuloy ang laban.”

Administration candidates dominated the polls and surveys done by Pulse Asia, that alone already said a lot about the outcome. The only one who made it was Bam Aquino, and he had a hard time winning a seat.

Vice President Leni Robredo was not ready to give up though, as she showed optimism throughout all this.

““May laban pa tayong hinaharap. Hindi pa tapos ang bilangan, at kailangan pang bantayan.” 

Kiko Pangilinan is also waiting until everything has been counted and is relying on the 3 million left.

They did not expect to make it this far.  According to their spokeperson, the party expected only Aquino and Roxas to make it. They themselves were not even confident with the other candidates.

The way things are going, it looks like Roxas is not going to make it, as he needs 4.5 million to win. While Aquino needs over 300,000.

Otso Diretso blamed their subpar performance on the fact that they lacked resources and political machinery, which the administration has access to.

The administration party already played early by posting posters and signs, even before the official race started.

Even with all that, the Senate will remain independent, and do not expect that they will side with the President in all issues.

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