Wrong ‘One Way’ sign gets people in trouble with traffic enforcers

  •  A wrongly-placed One Way sign is being noticed by citizens for getting people in trouble with traffic enforcers
  • Traffic enforcers use the sign as a trap to catch people and hand them violations

Concerned citizen Qinaceali Cordova went on Facebook to complain about a street sign that constantly gets people with vehicles in trouble with traffic enforcers.

“One way nmn talaga yan Paterno st to Rizal ave Pero yung Signage ay mali tinuturo ng Arrow ay papuntang Quezon Blv. kaya pag Galing ka ng Padre Gomez yan ung mapapansin mo.”

While the sign says One Way, it actually points towards the wrong way which many people unknowingly follow.

Traffic enforcers wait around the corner to catch vehicles and hand them violations.

“Palagi ako nasa Recto kaya alam ko kng san ung mga one way at mga Enforcer na ng aabang.”

Cordova says he feels bad for the people that get caught because of a misplaced sign.

“Linawin ko lang di ako nahuli naawa lang ako sa mga Rider na ng hahanap buhay ng marangal.”

He even says, “Pambihirang batas yan, ginagawa tayong tanga”.

“Kung ung Arrow ay ng tuturo papuntang Astrotel, Bat pa may nakalagay na TASK FORCE QUIAPO AT ONE WAY?
di ba pwd na This way To ASTROTEL?”

People in the video are seen complaining about the sign to one of the traffic enforcers.

“Kahit sino malilito aakalain talaga na pakaliwa ung One way kasi di mo agad agad mapapansin ung Astrotel lalo na kng ikaw ay ng mamadali. Tapos pag liko mo may Enforcer na ng aabang,” Cordova concluded.

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