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Was that really Cameron Diaz who was spotted in El Nido, Palawan?

Was that really Cameron Diaz who was spotted in El Nido, Palawan?

  • Is Cameron Diaz holidaying in El Nido, Philippines? Some people on social media don’t think so
  • After retiring, Cameron Diaz gets well-deserved vacation in El Nido according to some news outlets
  • Food entrepreneur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu shared photos of the same woman staying at Vanilla Beach in different angles

El Nido, Palawan is one of the Philippines’ prime tourist destinations with its white sand beaches. It’s no wonder that foreigners from all over visit the island paradise.

One such recent visitor was supposedly Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz whose pictures went viral on social media.

In the photos, some Pinoys posed with a Caucasian female wearing a white sports bra top who bore a striking resemblance to the Charlie’s Angel star. Even local news sites soon picked up the story and published it on their pages, which got some people excited about the idea of an international star vacationing in the country.

On May 21, Happy Ongpauco Tiu said the tourist in the photo claimed to be Diaz when she was dining at her restaurant Backyard BBQ.

But was it really Cameron Diaz though? Many netizens reacted and stated it wasn’t her but a lookalike.

Even celebs like Anne Curtis and Karen Davila weighed in and said it wasn’t the Hollywood star.

In another Instagram post on Saturday, Tiu corrected her earlier post from Tuesday where she shared photos of her restaurant’s staff with a woman who looked a lot like Diaz.

“I can’t believe our post last week about Cameron (??!!) eating at my restaurant went viral,” Tiu wrote on her caption. “She claimed that she’s the real ‘Cameron’ … others affirmed that it is really her and some said she’s fake and just a look-a-like. Whoever she may be, I’m just glad that she’s enjoying the Philippines and loving my BBQ.”

Those who met the woman remain insistent it was Cameron. But unless the star herself or known representative confirms or denies it, then the question of whether or not a Hollywood celebrity visited El Nido will remain unanswered.

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Jeremy Renner plans to visit Palawan, again

Jeremy Renner plans to visit Palawan, again

  • Palawan is one of the favorite places that tourists from other parts of the world are eager to visit.
  • Jeremy Renner, one of the actors in Avengers: Endgame remembered how beautiful Palawan is,
  • Renner expressed his desire to paying a visit and how he loved the island of Palawan.

Palawan is one of those places where tourists like to visit. It has beautiful beaches, lagoons, a subterranean river with features that date back a million years, an underground river, and a lot more.

During a press junket for the Avengers: Endgame in Seoul, Filipino-American vlogger Wil Dasovich had the chance to briefly interview Brie Larson and Jeremy Renner.

Wil Dasovich is a known vlogger in the Philippines, a television personality, and model. He has appeared on television on different occasions but is notably known for being a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate.

During the interview, Wil initially stated that he is from the Philippines. First  question he asked was–if the actors had to follow a certain workout regime for their roles in the movie, to which Larson (Captain Marvel) replied, “Everybody gets to do their own thing.”

He also asked them who they think was the funniest on the set but did not get a definite answer.

His last question was–if the Hollywood stars were to go on vacation, where would they go. The two-time Academy award nominated actor immediately said, “Palawan! Love it!”.

The movie The Bourne Legacy, which Jeremy was the star, was partially filmed in Manila, Boracay, and Palawan back in 2012. His response was no surprise. Tourists usually have a lot of positive things to say about Palawan.

The actor also asked, “Did they fix Boracay up?”

Will replied that it has already been fixed up.

Dasovich was not able to ask too many questions as the person who was facilitating the interviewers cut it short by saying, “You need to keep moving”, so he just complied.

As Wil was leaving, Jeremy said “I love the Philippines.”

The actor might be visiting Palawan soon.

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Dog allegedly raped by a gang in Palawan; Heart Evangelista, netizens call for justice

Dog allegedly raped by a gang in Palawan; Heart Evangelista, netizens call for justice

  • Netizen calls the attention of people to report a gang rape that has allegedly happened to a dog in Palawan.
  • Peopel have been calling the attention of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to take action regarding the incident. 

A netizen has called for help of authorities as a dog was the subject for a gang rape in San Pedro, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Riesan Hermosa posted screenshots of a conversation between two Grindr users. Man with username raretrip was encouraging the other to take part in a gang rape.

Who was the subject? His dog.

He then stated that there has been a lot of guys who had the chance to have an intercourse with his pet.

Adding to the horror of the mere thought of people sexually harassing the dog, he sent pictures of other men doing so.

Hermosa said that her Facebook post regarding the incident kept on getting deleted due to the sensitive photos which is why she chose to upload the screenshots on Twitter as well.

Netizens have reacted, saying how they are disgusted and horrified about the dog rape. Many of them has urged people to report it to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Animal welfare advocate and PAWS spokesperson Heart Evangelista has also reacted to the viral tweet saying that she hopes that it is not real.

PAWS has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

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Group of teachers hurl starfish in the air; goes viral

Group of teachers hurl starfish in the air; goes viral

  • A group of tourists in Palawan under fire for throwing starfish to the sea.
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources responded and said that they have informed the local government about the incident.

As if picking up the starfish wasn’t enough, a group of tourists in Bataraza, Palawan went viral on Facebook after photos of them throwing the sea creatures up in the air.

The post by Palawan Supernews has reached more than 12,000 shares. It stated that the tourists were teachers and they threw and smashed the starfish while taking the pictures.


WALANG AWANG BINALIBAG || Humihingi ng katarungan ang mga kaawa-awang starfish na binalibag at pinagtatapon ng mga umano’y guro ng Department of Education

Another post by Project Alagaan said that what the people did were not okay as it stresses out the animal and the photos were reflections of being uneducated when it comes to outdoor etiquette.

Spotted: Group of tourists in Bataraza hurling sea stars in the air*Photos started going viral tonight, original poster…

Posted by Project Alagalaan on Monday, November 12, 2018

Spotted: Group of tourists in Bataraza hurling sea stars in the air
*Photos started going viral tonight, original poster untraced*

In case it is not common knowledge, what they are doing in the photos is not okay as it will cause stress to the animal. An important rule when in the outdoors is to RESPECT WILDLIFE. These photos are proof that not all are educated about outdoor etiquette. Let this be our motivation to continue educating others about our fragile marine environment 👍🏼


It is said that even if the starfish have hard exteriors, plucking them off any surface can damage their tube feet.

According to a Twitter reply by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, they have notified the Palawan and Palawan Council of Sustainable Development about the incident.

Hi. The Biodiversity Management Bureau has already notified the field office in Palawan and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Devt. An info campaign will also be prepared for this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
CC: @DepEd_PH

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CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Shoplifters fight with security guard

CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Shoplifters fight with security guard

  • Kids were caught shoplifting in a hotel’s convenience store in Palawan.
  • The boys violently tried to get away from the security guard trying to get a hold of them.

A netizen caught a group of shoplifters trying to get away from the security guard who caught them in the act.

In a video uploaded by Grace Ybanez on Facebook, it was seen that the group of kids violently stopped the guard from getting a hold of them.  They ended up punching, spitting, and threatening the guard just to let them go.

According to Ybanez, she has been seeing the group of guys walking around the convenience store since earlier that day.

The culprits are said to be rugby boys that are regularly reported for doing such acts in the area. The police said that they have tried turning over the boys to their parents, however, the parents refused to take them back as they only cause trouble.

Update on what I’ve read in the article earlier about implementing the law of criminal cases from 13yrs.old pataas!

Grabe panoorin nyo po kung gaano katatapang itong mga kabataan na ito. Nahuli sila ng guard namin na nangungupit dito sa convenience store, pinag tulungan yung guard namin gusto pa saksakin nung isa. Dinuraan pa sa mukha! Wala kami magawa kasi na trapped kmi sa loob at tatlong bata ang kasama ko. Nung nakalabas ako nagpatawag ako kaagad ng KAAC pero walang dumating police pero late narin dumating and according to the police officer when we showed the video clip to them maraming beses na pala nila nahuli tong mga kabataan na ito “rugby boys” nga daw yan at sanay na they even tried to turn over them to their parents pero hindi nrin tinanggap ng mga magulang dahil talagang perwisyo daw.. sana maisakatuparan ang batas na pagkulong sa mga kabataan na ganito, malalakas ang loob kasi alam nila hindi sila ikukulong. Nagbanta pa yan na babalik at pinag babato mga sasakyan na naka park sa labas.

The netizen added that they have retrieved the things that the kids stole and the boys have been taken by the staff of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

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Palawan Secret Lagoon Exposed! Netizen captures horrid scenario in El Nido lagoon

Palawan Secret Lagoon Exposed! Netizen captures horrid scenario in El Nido lagoon

  • Netizen posted about garbage she found in one of the lagoons in Palawan.
  • Locals explained that the trash were carried away from different countries as plastic wastes are banned in the said place.

Most of us look at Palawan as one of the cleanest places in the country. They advocate environmental care and preservation, which is why netizens were shocked about what one Facebook user has posted.

Filipino tourist Ianna Reyes posted videos and photographs of her visit to El Nido. Do not expect crystal-clear blue waters, but rather see a sea of garbage floating as captured in Reyes’s shots.

In a small lagoon, there is an overwhelming amount of trash floating in this part of a tourist attraction.

Although I enjoyed our tour today, I was disappointed with one part of the tour. This is Secret Lagoon. Please please please let us TAKE OUR TRASH(!!!) with us and throw it in the PROPER(!) garbage bins!!! If we want the future generations to see the beauty we are witnessing today, we should do our part to take care of it. 😩😩 Wag pasawaaaay please lang. #elnido #palawan

Video Courtesy of Ianna Reyes

The water is filled with floating plastic bottles and styrofoams.

Netizens, mostly El Nido locals, started questioning Reyes’s intentions regarding her post. Some have said that she did not do proper research as to to where the garbage came from and why she did not coordinate with the local government right away.

inedit mo pa yung post mo pero hindi mo inadmit na mali ka ng pininpoint na tao para iblame yung kalat sa secret lagoon! ni hindi mo nga inalam kung saan nanggaling yun or inalam kung ano ba yung mga labels nung mga plastic kung galing ba sa bansa natin o hindi eh basta ka na lang nagjustify na mga taga Elnido ang may sala at dahil jan congratulations dahil sayo baka isang araw ipasara na din yan just like boracay. MEMA POST LANG PARA KUNWARI ADVOCATE TSAKA SAYANG LIKES PERO KAPIRASONG BALAT NG KENDI SA KALSADA DI MAPULOT PULOT. kung concern ka sana inuna mong makipag coordinate sa local government tsaka sa mga environmental facilitators dun para maimbestigahan kung san nagmumula or sana lumulusot yung kalat kase imposibleng ginawang basurahan yun basta basta dahil sa dami ng turista araw araw dapat nakikita din yun nila kaso diba bigla lang sumulpot yung basura so it means may ibang dahilan kung bakit napadpad yun.

This is totally BS!!! From this post, a lot of negative filling up in elnido!!! How could a post like this destroyed the image of el nido which is the garbage is not even from.a local town nor palawan! It was drifted from.the other country china japan vietnam etc. Now this fcking post just ruined the livelihood and tourism in el nido… U showed a concerned but at the same time u ruined it!!! Thnks to u and ur concerned!!! I’m from.Palawan and been to el nido many times and explored the island many times and this is the first it happened, though it’s not 100% but most of palaweños strictly discipline about throwing their garbage!!! 😡😡😡
Next time.if u concerned about something like this, instead posting it to the, how about u report it to the tourism in the area so they can give an immediate action!!! U just almost fcking ruin the live of people in el nido who depend in tourism!!!

In an interview with Radyo Bandera, municipal administrator Rene Jay Dela Calzada said that the Secret Lagoon is located at the outer portion of the island which means that the garbage from nearby provinces may have been carried away due to the bad weather.

“Alam natin na kapag may malakas na daloy ng hangin at waves, yung mga basura galing sa laot ay pumapasok sa public bay.”

The Netizen clarified her post and apologized, however she will not take down the post as the real message of her post is intended to teach proper waste disposal.

Screengrab of Ianna Reyes’s Facebook post


Many people have asked me to take down my post, more may have reported me for it but this one is different. This is from a LOCAL PALAWEÑA who got the point. I have taken a lot of flack from many locals in El Nido because of the false judgements that the post has brought (i.e., El Nidonians are not taking care of the place or the place needs to be rehabilitated like Boracay or El Nido is ruined now). Despite various attempts of editing the post to prove that this isn’t the case, the damage was already done so I am posting this to apologize for all the hate that is coming to you but I am not taking down the post with the hopes that all the hate towards you may cease and the real message of my post which is PROPER WASTE AND GARBAGE DISPOSAL be realized and spread all over the world. Yes, world because like the locals discovered through their investigation, these are washed-up garbage from other countries. This could also mean our own garbage could be in other countries’ shorelines! This is what I meant by we are all liable. I hope people from all over the world take notice because like what the Mayor said, “Everyone’s help is significant to win over this WORLDWIDE PROBLEM.”. 


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7 Breathtaking Beach Destinations To Visit Aside From Boracay

7 Breathtaking Beach Destinations To Visit Aside From Boracay


A recent news about President Rodrigo Duterte shutting down Boracay if the island’s environmental issues will not be addressed in six months has gotten the attention of tourists–local and foreigners alike–as well as the concerned departments and agencies.

The president announced that he has tasked the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to lead the restoration of the said popular beach destination within his given timeline.

Now, if ever the DENR fails to comply with the president’s demand and if he indeed closes down Boracay, the government should start focusing on promoting other beach destinations in the country.

Here’s a list of Philippine islands that are worth visiting:


Unlike most beaches, the ones you will find in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte have not been touched or developed for tourism purposes. The beaches remain natural and the area is not overcrowded. Tourists can also have guided tours around the caves and rocks.

Photo courtesy: Trekearth


San Juan, La Union has been the go-to place for tourists who are after beaches that are perfect for surfing. There is a number of beaches and resorts around the area that offer surfing lessons and have the best food trip spots for tourists who like to hang out after spending time at the beach. It has become a favorite among travelers as the area is not overcrowded and there are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed there.

Photo courtesy: TheDailyPosh


Dubbed as the “last frontier” of the Philippines, El Nido in Palawan has bagged various awards including the “World’s Best Island” awards voted by readers of the Travel + Leisure magazine last 2017. Aside from the powder-like sand and the crystal clear water, it’s the limestone formations, historical lagoons, caves and waterfalls that can be found in the island that leave tourists in awe.

Photo courtesy: ArtOfBeingFabulous


Mactan Island in Cebu boasts pristine waters and white sand beaches. Considered as the diving mecca of the Philippines, the place offers diving activities and diving lessons, among other water activities, to tourists who wish to experience the fun in Mactan. Aside from the natural wonders, Mactan Island is also a home to a very rich history.

Photo courtesy: CebuTours


Home to the Alona Beach, the island is also known for being a perfect beach destination when it comes to diving activities. During the day, the shores are serene, but as the nighttime approaches, the nightlife buzz also comes, which most tourists love about the place.

Photo courtesy: VigattinTourism


White Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. With its fine white sand (hence the name White Beach), its serene ambiance, the many water activities you can do, the hotels, restaurants and bars around, there’s no question as to why it’s one of the tourists’ top picks.

Photo courtesy: PuertoGalera


Located right at the middle of the Davao Gulf, the Samal Island holds a number of beautiful white sand beaches and marine wonders. The islands remain untouched, as well as the natural and wildlife attractions that can be found in the area.

Photo courtesy: KeepCalmAndWander

The Philippines has thousands and thousands of islands and a lot of them are still unexplored up until this day.

The breathtaking beach destinations go beyond this list and the government should focus on maintaining these tourists spots as much as it focuses on promoting them.

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Family of Coron tourist insist he didn’t drown; questions lack of emergency services

Family of Coron tourist insist he didn’t drown; questions lack of emergency services


The passing of a 25-year-old resident of Taguig City made headlines this week after the real cause of his death became controversial on social media.

Miguel Gabriel Ruiz died in the arms of his fellow tourist and boyfriend Travis Millard while on vacation in Coron, Palawan on Friday, August 14. While Coron Municipal Police Office reported that Ruiz drowned, his relatives and friends claim otherwise. According to them, the media is trying to cover up Ruiz’s actual cause of death which is stonefish poisoning.

As of this writing, an investigation on Ruiz’s death is currently being carried out while his body has been subjected to an autopsy.

Police report: Ruiz died of drowning

In a story published by the Philippine News Agency (PNA), the Coron police authorities reported that Ruiz drowned while snorkelling in the waters off Barangay Tagumpay. Ruiz was brought to Coron District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Chris Chug
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Chris Chug

However, Police Senior Inspector Emilio Parangue of the Coron Municipal Police Office was not able provide information on how Ruiz drowned.

Family and friends share “real” story on social media

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter/Miggy Ruiz
PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter/Miggy Ruizzy

Ruiz’s relatives and friends immediately expressed their disappointment after the initial police report regarding the victim’s death was released.

In a Facebook post by Chris Chug, he stressed that Ruiz didn’t die of drowning. Based on Millard’s account, the victim allegedly stepped on coral causing him to experience difficulty in breathing and extreme discomfort. A report by Popular Manila revealed that Ruiz probably died of stonefish poisoning.

PHOTO CREDIT: Adlayasa Animals
PHOTO CREDIT: Adlayasa Animals

A delirious Ruiz was able to tell Millard that he stepped on something and was having trouble breathing. He later fell unconscious before passing away.

“At some point, me and Miguel separated, about maybe five meters or so, and out of nowhere, he gasped, ‘Travis!’ and then I turned back and he removed his mask and said, ‘I stepped on something and I’m having trouble breathing.’ Those were his exact words,” Millard told ABS-CBN News.

Here’s Millard’s full account of the story.

‘No drowning’

Moreover, Millard pointed out that there was no drowning involved in the incident.

“I want to make it clear: He did not drown. There was no drowning. This was a case of some ill-prepared tour, lack of preparation,” he told Interaksyon.

Ruiz’s death: A wake-up call for Coron tourism officials?

Ruiz’s family and friends expressed their disappointment in the fact that the Coron tourism authorities didn’t give tourists sufficient warning about the existence of poisonous creatures in the waters off the island. Although the boat men alerted them about the presence of poisonous jelly fish in the area, they failed to warn them about stonefishes.

Moreover, the apparent inability of the Coron District Hospital to handle Ruiz’s case was also an issue for his relatives and friends.

“The Palawan Tourism Board should be held accountable for not informing the tourists well about the poisonous coral reef, stonefish or whatever it is that is found in Coron. Shame on that hospital/clinic they arrived at. According to his boyfriend, doctors and nurses were unprepared and unrehearsed,” Chug wrote in his post.

Autopsy Reports Out in Two Weeks

As soon as Ruiz’s body arrived on a chartered flight to Manila on Saturday, an autopsy was conducted by Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory. The findings of the report will be released in two weeks.

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10 Must-See Philippine Destinations on Rainy Seasons

10 Must-See Philippine Destinations on Rainy Seasons


The Philippines is a beautiful country to explore but the rainy days often hamper everyone’s idea of fun. Don’t be blue because we’ll share some of the best destinations you will actually enjoy visiting during the rainy season.

Here’s our top 10 Philippine destinations sa tag-ulan (rainy season), in no particular order:

Hot springs

The best way to enjoy the cold, rainy season is to soak in the hot waters of the hot springs in Camiguin. One of the top choices is Arden Hot Springs where several pools of hot water can be enjoyed. The waters will relax your body while the falling rain will make soaking in the warm waters worth your while.

Ardent Hot Springs, Camiguin Photo credit: Jeffrey Rilles/Traveling Morion
Ardent Hot Springs, Camiguin
Photo credit: Jeffrey Rilles/Traveling Morion

Of course, these hot springs are great during hot days, too, but are simply perfect for rainy season.

If you don’t want to go as far as Mindanao to enjoy the beautiful hot springs of Camiguin, then you’ll love to learn that there are plenty of those in Luzon as well. Take a trip to Pansol, Laguna where you can bathe in the hot waters of the springs fed by the lava (ok we’re kidding there) – heat – of Makiling Volcano.

There are plenty of resorts featuring hot spring waters across Pansol, so you can just take your pick from there. These destinations are especially great because Laguna is just around 2 hours away from Manila.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

The Chocolate Hills are a beautiful sight to enjoy anytime of the year but rainy days are especially wonderful – you could just imagine the chocolate slush running down the hills. Well, that’s some kind of an exaggeration but wouldn’t it be a sight to behold?

Photo credit: Freelance Flaneur
Photo credit: Freelance Flaneur

And if the rains aren’t torrential, you can still enjoy ziplining across the ravines for an extra punch.

Surfing destinations

The rains bring bigger, taller waves that are oh-so-perfect for surfing in Baler, Aurora. This is the best time for you to hone your skills in surfing and try to catch the biggest wave of your surfing career.

Surfing in Baler, Aurora Photo credit: Choose Philippines
Surfing in Baler, Aurora
Photo credit: Choose Philippines

Wakeboarding destinations

Adrenaline junkies would surely enjoy wakeboarding in the rain. Just one hour away from Manila, The Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali is one of the best places to enjoy extreme wakeboarding.

Photo credit: Nuvali Getaway Adventures
Photo credit: Nuvali Getaway Adventures

Whitewater rafting destinations

Did you know that whitewater rafting is best done during rainy season? Unless, of course, there’s a storm and the rivers might be flooded, instead. Still, rainy days bring higher swells in the river that make it ideal for navigating the rapids.

Photo credit: Tawag Philippines
Photo credit: Tawag Philippines

During dry season, the rivers have lower water volume so navigating can be quite tricky because more rocks are exposed. Perfect choices for white water rafting include Cagayan de Oro, Kalinga, Magdalena Laguna, and Davao City.


It is said that the beaches of Palawan are great – during rainy and sunny days. Palawan’s tranquil beaches are perfect for relaxation.

Photo credit: Gana Explore
Photo credit: Gana Explore


This island is known for its witchy folklore. It is a great place to visit during rainy, gloomy days – if you want to enjoy the thrill of ghost hunting. After all, scary stories become creepier on dark days but seem funny during sunny days.

Photo credit: 8List
Photo credit: 8List

Food trip hangouts

Davao is an amazing destination for food tripping – and what perfect excuse to indulge in the scrumptious feasts than the torrential rain that refuses to let you enjoy the outdoors as much as you wanted?

Of course, Davao is not the only destination for food tripping. In fact, you can simply hang out at the new restaurants in your locality or indulge in the local delicacies you haven’t tried before.

Photo credit: Yedy Calaguas/YedyLicious
Photo credit: Yedy Calaguas/YedyLicious

You can enjoy the culinary treats and specialties from Laguna, Isabela, Quezon, Iligan City, Cagayan, Baguio, or just about any place where you are traveling to on a rainy day.

Indoor sports

Perfect during rainy days because you might not have other choices to visit within reach, indoor sports destinations will let you have fun even when the skies are dark outdoors. There are plenty of these indoor sports facilities across Manila and other places in the country.

Photo credit: Adrenaline Romance
Photo credit: Adrenaline Romance

You can try indoor rock climbing or something less extreme, such as badminton, tennis, ping pong, volleyball, etc. This is also the perfect time to motivate yourself to hit the gym to shake off excess calories.

Museum hopping and visits to heritage sites

Rainy days are perfect for staying under the roof and keeping yourself from getting wet. These are also great for learning something new – so you can go museum hopping or visit indoor heritage sites and get the feel of these beautiful places even when it is raining hard.

Photo credit: Travel Maria
Photo credit: Travel Maria

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