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Group of teachers hurl starfish in the air; goes viral

  • A group of tourists in Palawan under fire for throwing starfish to the sea.
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources responded and said that they have informed the local government about the incident.

As if picking up the starfish wasn’t enough, a group of tourists in Bataraza, Palawan went viral on Facebook after photos of them throwing the sea creatures up in the air.

The post by Palawan Supernews has reached more than 12,000 shares. It stated that the tourists were teachers and they threw and smashed the starfish while taking the pictures.


WALANG AWANG BINALIBAG || Humihingi ng katarungan ang mga kaawa-awang starfish na binalibag at pinagtatapon ng mga umano’y guro ng Department of Education

Another post by Project Alagaan said that what the people did were not okay as it stresses out the animal and the photos were reflections of being uneducated when it comes to outdoor etiquette.

Spotted: Group of tourists in Bataraza hurling sea stars in the air*Photos started going viral tonight, original poster…

Posted by Project Alagalaan on Monday, November 12, 2018

Spotted: Group of tourists in Bataraza hurling sea stars in the air
*Photos started going viral tonight, original poster untraced*

In case it is not common knowledge, what they are doing in the photos is not okay as it will cause stress to the animal. An important rule when in the outdoors is to RESPECT WILDLIFE. These photos are proof that not all are educated about outdoor etiquette. Let this be our motivation to continue educating others about our fragile marine environment 👍🏼


It is said that even if the starfish have hard exteriors, plucking them off any surface can damage their tube feet.

According to a Twitter reply by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, they have notified the Palawan and Palawan Council of Sustainable Development about the incident.

Hi. The Biodiversity Management Bureau has already notified the field office in Palawan and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Devt. An info campaign will also be prepared for this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
CC: @DepEd_PH

Written by J M

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