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Was that really Cameron Diaz who was spotted in El Nido, Palawan?

  • Is Cameron Diaz holidaying in El Nido, Philippines? Some people on social media don’t think so
  • After retiring, Cameron Diaz gets well-deserved vacation in El Nido according to some news outlets
  • Food entrepreneur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu shared photos of the same woman staying at Vanilla Beach in different angles

El Nido, Palawan is one of the Philippines’ prime tourist destinations with its white sand beaches. It’s no wonder that foreigners from all over visit the island paradise.

One such recent visitor was supposedly Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz whose pictures went viral on social media.

In the photos, some Pinoys posed with a Caucasian female wearing a white sports bra top who bore a striking resemblance to the Charlie’s Angel star. Even local news sites soon picked up the story and published it on their pages, which got some people excited about the idea of an international star vacationing in the country.

On May 21, Happy Ongpauco Tiu said the tourist in the photo claimed to be Diaz when she was dining at her restaurant Backyard BBQ.

But was it really Cameron Diaz though? Many netizens reacted and stated it wasn’t her but a lookalike.

Even celebs like Anne Curtis and Karen Davila weighed in and said it wasn’t the Hollywood star.

In another Instagram post on Saturday, Tiu corrected her earlier post from Tuesday where she shared photos of her restaurant’s staff with a woman who looked a lot like Diaz.

“I can’t believe our post last week about Cameron (??!!) eating at my restaurant went viral,” Tiu wrote on her caption. “She claimed that she’s the real ‘Cameron’ … others affirmed that it is really her and some said she’s fake and just a look-a-like. Whoever she may be, I’m just glad that she’s enjoying the Philippines and loving my BBQ.”

Those who met the woman remain insistent it was Cameron. But unless the star herself or known representative confirms or denies it, then the question of whether or not a Hollywood celebrity visited El Nido will remain unanswered.

Written by Felimar Salon

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