Can pooping too hard give you amnesia?

  • One woman with constipation in Hong Kong temporarily lost 10 years worth of memory after overstraining herself while taking a dump
  • Constipated Woman Loses 10 Years of Memories
  • Woman “loses 10 years of memories” due to bad case of constipation

Constipation is the medical condition where one has difficulty passing stool or is unable to completely empty one’s bowel. While this may cause discomfort and pain, it can also surprisingly lead to memory loss.

According to China Press, a 58-year-old man was known to have “transient global anemia” or temporary memory loss after exerting a lot of effort to defecate.

Exerting too much effort to defecate affects the nerve cells delivering oxygen to the brain.

According to Hong Kong neurologist Dr. Peng Jiaxiong who treated the man, he told the patient that he must be treated immediately.

The constipation-caused amnesia rarely happens. Our colons can store up to 20 lbs of fecal and the inability to expel it can lead to many diseases and conditions, which includes memory loss.

Written by Felimar Salon

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