“B*b* ka talaga!” OFW publicly degrades fellow Filipino in Hong Kong

“B*b* ka talaga!” OFW publicly degrades fellow Filipino in Hong Kong

  • Filipina teller called fellow OFW “stupid” after a heated argument.
  • She also threatened the latter and said that she can have her deported.

There have been a lot of reports about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) being degraded and publicly humiliated by their foreign employers. There has been a few that has happened in Hong Kong.

But this one Filipina was not shamed by her employer, but her fellow kababayan or countryman.

It is expected for Filipinos to be helpful and kind (especially when they are away from their families and are in the same situation), but for one Filipino woman, it is quite the opposite.

A remitter informed the teller about the latter’s mistake of sending the money to Cebuana Luhillier instead of Palawan Express.

The money was for emergency purposes as a family member is in the hospital and needed the money for the medicines.

When the remitter stated her complaints, instead of apologizing or finding a solution to the problem, she said, “Hindi ka nakakaintindi huwag ka na lang kumibo kasi bobo ka talaga.”

After an exchange of words and arguing of whose fault was it, the teller threatened the fellow OFW that she can have her deported.

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OFW drowned in debts after helping a fellow Filipina

OFW drowned in debts after helping a fellow Filipina

  • OFW aquires debts just because she helped a fellow Filipina in need of money.
  • The OFW said that she pawned her jewelries and applied for a loan at the bank just to lend money to her friend. 

There has been a lot of cases wherein Overseas Filipino Workers help their fellow Filipinos in need. As they are from the same country and are in the same situation, sometimes they don’t think twice about lending a hand to someone.

But unfortunately, there are some who prey on kindhearted individuals, which causes the latter an even deeper problem than they were ready for.

This is what happened to a domestic helper in Hong Kong. Rosalina Canque Cain was nice enough to help a fellow OFW named Maria Guimao-Bowes.

On June 2018, Maria asked Rosalina for help as her mother was hospitalized and she didn’t have enough money to pay the bills.

Rosalina also didn’t have any money to lend to Maria, but the latter urged her to pawn the jewelry she owned. This amounted to HK$8,658.

Maria promised Rosalina that she would pay the following months so that the jewelry can be redeemed. But instead of paying, this led to Rosalina taking a HK10,000 loan to help with the hospital bills.

Rosalina began paying back the bank alone as Maria failed to return the money to her. She’s also in the risk of losing her bracelet, ring, earrings, necklace, and pendant because of the lack of money.

paki share nalang po please sa post ko para maka rating po ang problema ko kay sir #raffytulfoinactoin Sir #raffytulfoInactoin tulongan mo po ako sirraffy ma pigilan ang pag alis ni Maria Guimao bowes taga #MonteBohoSuntingCarmenbohol1 po sir #raffytulfo ikaw nalang po pag Asa ko Sirraffy

Posted by LynRose Suarez Canque on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

She posted her story on her Facebook account and it already gained more than 120,000 views.

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OFW loses hundreds of thousands to a stranger she met at NAIA

OFW loses hundreds of thousands to a stranger she met at NAIA

  • An OFW was said to have been hypnotized by a woman at NAIA and was convinced to withdraw around P270,000.
  • The woman quickly disappeared as soon as she acquired the said amount but was caught a few minutes later.
  • Although apprehended, the culprit only had P65,000 with her when apprehended.

An OFW from Hong Kong lost almost P300,000 to a woman she just met at the airport.

Gemele Martin said that when she was at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the culprit befriended her while she was waiting at Terminal 3. The woman was identified as Juvy Macalalad Zamora from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

For some reason, Zamora had convinced Martin to withdraw from her bank account even though they just only met a few minutes earlier. She got HK $10,000 in her bag and a few thousand pesos and after she finished talking to Zamora, she already has P270,000 and the Hong Kong dollars.

As she didn’t think anything was suspicious, she continued talking to the stranger. When she had to go to the toilet, she left the bag full of money with Zamora, who immediately disappeared as soon as she entered the cubicle.

The OFW quickly asked for help from airport authorities and when the woman got caught, she only had P65,000 with her.

OFW Gemelie Martin lost P 270,000 pesos & $10,000 HK Dollars to Notorious swindler Juvy Macalalad Zamora of san jose…

Posted by Raoul C Esperas on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Zamora refused to say where the rest of the money went and Martin is determined to file charges against the woman.

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Filipina refuses to pay for pedicure services rendered by another Filipina

Filipina refuses to pay for pedicure services rendered by another Filipina

  • Filipina refused to pay for the pedicure service she received from another Filipina.
  • The customer was said to have called the cops to report the Filipina who kept on trying to make her pay.

There has been a lot of cases about unfair treatment received by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) from their foreign employers or customers. This happens in most parts of the world especially if they’re working as domestic helpers.

Unfortunately, an incident proved that foreigners are not the only ones that treat OFWs unfairly as a Filipino refused to pay a fellow Filipino for doing her pedicure.

In a clip shared on Facebook, a woman can be seen calling someone on the phone. It turned out that the woman was calling the police to report a Filipina for making her pay for the service she received.

It was said that the customer tried haggling with the one who gave her a pedicure, insisting that she should pay a much lower price than the standard charge for the service.

When the other Filipina didn’t budge and insisted on getting paid her usual rate, the customer got angry and walked away. She then proceeded to call the cops and complain loudly.

Another woman witnessed her tantrums and told her to just pay up but she continued walking away while talking on the phone.

Some are saying that the woman may not really be taking to the police on the phone but was just trying to find an escape for her not to pay for the pedicure.

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Just because of a biscuit… Filipina helper gets humiliated by employer in Hong Kong

Just because of a biscuit… Filipina helper gets humiliated by employer in Hong Kong

  • A Filipina helper got publicly humiliated at a park in Hong Kong.
  • The reason was said to be because she fed the child a biscuit that the boy wasn’t supposed to eat.

Most of the time, Overseas Filipino Workers don’t tell their relatives in the Philippines their hardships, leading people to assume that they’re living a really comfortable life abroad as they’re earning so much more than the people in the country.

A video recently went viral after a Hong Kong national humiliated her Pinay employee just because of a biscuit.

It showed the employer shouting and scolding the helper because she offered the child a biscuit. The reason was the Filipina and child both got hungry so they shared the biscuits.

The uploader Lindy Paclibar stated that the Hong Kong national went overboard and she’s just thankful that her employers are nice.

Grabe naman na employer ito napaka bastos ng ugali Hindi manlang kausapin ng maayos Ang katulong na next time don’t give him a biscuit….. sa Tin Shui Wai park nangyari ito ngayun Sept 14,2018 at 5:45pm…..Thanks God at super bait mga employer ko.

Netizens reacted to the video. One Facebook user said that this is the reason why their own children don’t even respect them.


Sam Sam gave the employer the benefit of the doubt saying that both sides are wrong. The helper shouldn’t have fed the baby before informing the mother, while the mother shouldn’t publicly shout at the helper.

pareho cla mali c katulong bago magbigay ng pagkain sa bata dapat magpaalam sa amo wag bsta bigay ng bigay na walang permission galing sa knila para iwas gulo .c amo nmn ilagay sa lugar ang galit pero parang normal na rin sa knila yan kahit nga parents at anank ng iba kaya nila sigaw sigawan pano if katulong p kaya

Gigi Lingao shared that there was a new helper in her area that accompanies her employer’s child to and from school, but what she doesn’t know is that the mother watches her from afar.

Dto s lugar ko, may bagong salta n pinay,,naghahatid sya ng alaga then sinundan nmn ng amo lingid s kaalaman ng che che nasa likuran lang nya c amo at minamatyagan ang kilos nya…grabe mga chekwa n ganan….sila nlng mag alaga ng anak nila….kumuha sila ng katulong pero panay nmn bantay nila s katulong…parang timang lang..

Athena Rogue stated that the mother does not deserve a helper if she’s only going to treat the person badly.

This employer doesn’t deserve a helper.She is yelling like a crazy woman in front of her child which is a very bad example.She is humiliating her helper in front of many people.Shame on this employer!

Kitty Mitchy Fortes Abalos accused the employer of being envious because of the biscuit.

Madam galit na galit ka Kay kabayan dahil sa biscuit 😂 naingit klang ata 😂 gusto mo bilan ka nmin isang lata 😂 may kasamang kape at baraha..😂 putak kanang putak nag toothbrush kana ba!😂 ung hininga mo sumasabay sa bagyo Ang baho!😂🤣

A netizen advised the Filipina to have the courage to explain if she knows that she didn’t do anything wrong.

sa kapwa ko.pilipina learn to take courage di mali sumagot kung nasa tama. sometimes we hold on to our temper just to continue our job, but if the case is like this ,dont let yourself be scolded in public. warn her as well. tell her if you nag me in public you will be viral. 😂. if she keeps on nagging call the police.


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Netizen posts about disappointing outcome of planned trip to Hong Kong

Netizen posts about disappointing outcome of planned trip to Hong Kong

  • Netizen shares traumatic experience in Hong Kong’s immigration office
  • Filipinos get detained in an airport in Hong Kong for almost 10 hours

Facebook user Grace Ann Bartolome posted about her planned trip to Hong Kong with her friends.

According to Bartolome’s story, they saved up and planned their “dream trip” to Hong Kong and were really excited once their ‘leaves’ from work got approved.

They succeeded in leaving the Philippines but when they arrived in Hong Kong, they were approached by an employee who was wearing a blue polo shirt.

He asked if that was their first time in Hong Kong and they answered yes. He asked a few more questions but it still ended up with him bringing them to the office wherein they got interviewed individually.

They thought that as soon as their interviews ended, they could continue on with their planned trip but they got transferred to another office to sign some papers. That’s when they were also informed that they cannot enter Hong Kong.

They asked the officer regarding the reason but he failed to explain. They showed the address of the place they were supposed to stay and the name of the person that will pick them up but the officer only said that they were scheduled to go back to the Philippines 7pm that night.

They continued asking for an explanation but the officer continued to ignore them. They explained that they have someone waiting for them and they need to tell her about the situation.

They called Bartolome and as the officer was leading her somewhere, she contacted her friend’s aunt to inform her that they’re currently at the immigration’s office.

She got caught by the female officer and asked for her to surrender her phone. The officer also began looking through her stuff as she asked about her friends.

They proceeded on confiscating her stuff and storing it in a locker. Her friend then got the chance to talk to her aunt but they still were not allowed to leave the office.

The three friends got detained for almost 10 hours and around 6 pm, a female officer then entered holding their tickets for a flight back to the Philippines.

The one thing that shocked them is that the officer charged them for the tickets even though the immigration officer told them that they’ll go back for free.

The flight got delayed and they left Hong Kong at around 8:30. When they got back to Manila, someone talked to them and told them that it’s a regular scenario wherein the immigration office of Hong Kong sends back tourists.

The Philippine government and the Hong Kong immigration office has yet to comment regarding the issue.

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Crowd watches gay couple having intimate moments in a Hong Kong apartment

Crowd watches gay couple having intimate moments in a Hong Kong apartment

  • A couple in Hong Kong gathers a crowd as they were witnessed to have sex in a well lit apartment
  • The couple could face charges for public indecency as the police are already investigating the scenario

Residents of the Seung Wan neighborhood in Hong Kong witnessed a shocking show as a couple was getting it on inside a well-lit apartment room. The whole scene can be viewed outside via their large uncovered window.

At least a dozen of amused citizens gathered around the window to watch the naked man get steamy with his partner, who was lying down on the bed with legs up. A man was heard telling some youngsters that they aren’t old enough to watch the happening while another was telling them that the couple was doing yoga.

When the man finished, the crowd started to shout for the partner to stand up. When the man returns with a towel to clean up, the partner finally sits up, and it turns out to be another guy, which caused the crowd to go wild!

The video on Facebook went viral but even if it was already taken down for obvious reasons, Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily posted about it and wrote that commenters even said that it was more exciting to watch than  World Cup itself.

When one reported visited the apartment, they found a dark and empty room and the speculations started if the couple exposed themselves purposely or not.

A lawyer said that the partners may possibly face charges of public indecency, which is a crime that could result in an HK$1,000 fine and six months in jail.

The police are said to be investigating on the matter.

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How playing mahjong and betting on horse racing could actually improve your health

How playing mahjong and betting on horse racing could actually improve your health

  • Playing mahjong and horse betting can actually lessen your risk of having dementia.
  • According to a study in Hong Kong, those who are often involved in intellectual activities will have a lesser risk of dementia, compared to those who engage themselves in too many passive activities.

Wonder how your mahjong and horse betting hobbies may help you?

In a recent study conducted by a group of researchers in Hong Kong, it was found out that playing mahjong and betting on horse racing, which are the two most common intellectual past times in Hong Kong, can actually help decrease dementia.

Dr. Allen Lee Ting-chun, one of the researchers and an assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s department of psychiatry, stated that “The most significant finding of this study is that engagement in intellectual activities in late life might be useful in delaying or preventing the onset of symptoms of dementia,”

The study was conducted from 2005 to 2012, with the statistical analysis made from 2015 to 2016. It was found out that in more than 15,000 Hong Kong citizens aged 65 or older, those who were free from dementia engaged in more varieties of leisure activities at the beginning of the study that those who developed incident dementia. A large amount of those leisure activities includes intellectual activities like reading, playing mahjong, board and card games as well as betting on horse racing.

67% of those participants showed no symptoms of dementia participated in intellectual activities while the remaining 50.7&, who showed such symptoms, didn’t.

The proportion of participants engaging in social activities – such as going to social gatherings, participating in voluntary work or meeting relatives and friends – as well as recreational activities, including watching television or shopping, was however not significantly different between the two groups.

“This finding suggests that choosing the right kind of activity appears to be more important than engaging in various non-intellectual activities in preventing dementia,” 

Elderly Commission chairman Dr Lam Ching-choi, also an adviser to Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor in the Executive Council, stated that the study was a good reference to the city with its large sample size and the long observational period.

“Elderly people should be encouraged not to engage in too many passive activities … but instead, activities that are more engaging, stimulating and also challenging in places such as community centers,” 


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Gay civil servant speaks out about discrimination in Hong Kong

Gay civil servant speaks out about discrimination in Hong Kong

  • Gay civil servant appeals to the government over discrimination over spousal benefits.
  • Angus Leung Chun-kwong fights for his spousal benefits after the death of British long-time partner, Scott Adams. 

Gay civil servant Angus Leung Chun-kwong tells the story of what lead to his decision to take the city’s biggest paymaster to court three years ago over fight for spousal benefits.

A sudden accident at sea lead to the death of the civil servant’s British long-time partner and spouse, Scott Adams. The two got married last 2014 after dating for several years.

They bonded over a love for diving and adventure and what sealed the deal was Adams’ reliability and care for Leung.

“I know a lot of people who have yet to come out, and they have encountered a lot of problems…So for us, who are blessed with our family’s support, I feel like I can take a step further to fight for equality for all of us.”

Before the partners got married, Leung wrote to the Civil Service Bureau to ask if he needed to change his marital status from single to married which the latter responded, “no need”.

It meant that he could not extend his benefits to his spouse which he said was a violation of Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, and its Bill of Rights.

He won the case filed last April only a month after, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the lower court.

As Leung was never an activist, the main thing that motivated him to take action of this was a government billboard, that highlighted the Code of Practice against Discrimination in Employment on the Ground of Sexual Orientation suggested to employers.

Section five states that

“Government is committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work and encourages all employers to share that commitment … irrespective of sexual orientation”.

After being motivated, Leung wrote to the bureau once again in hopes to have a bit of friendly conversation over the matter, but it resulted to a full-blown legal battle.

In the following months, he went to the Ombudsman and Equal Opportunities Commission and spoke with different lawyers as he finally learned that he can get a legal action off the ground with funding from the Legal Aid Department.

“Very often, the Hong Kong government would tell the public it is an employer against discrimination … But what it is doing is discriminating against its employees… I feel like it’s beyond what I can tolerate. It is a very local issue … This is an issue that could happen to your neighbour’s son… If we don’t do something about it, Hong Kong will stay the same. It will not move forward.”


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President Rodrigo Duterte, family visits Jollibee branch in Hong Kong

President Rodrigo Duterte, family visits Jollibee branch in Hong Kong

  • President Rodrigo Duterte, family visits Jollibee branch in Hong Kong
  • President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and his family on Thursday, April 12, visited a branch of Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee at Whampoa, Hung Hom.

On the last day of his working visit here, the President dropped by Jollibee along with his partner Honeylet Avanceña, daughters Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and Kitty, and his grandson, Stingray.

The President was also joined by Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano and wife Taguig City Mayor Laarni Cayetano.

He and his family arrived shortly before 6:00 p.m. and were warmly greeted by people at the fast-food chain.

The President personally placed their orders at the counter. While waiting for their meals, he granted “selfie” requests and chatted with Filipinos who were exultant to see him.

President Duterte grants OFW’s wish

Secretary Bong Go then invited overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Alma Pardillo, a 44-year-old household worker here, to the President’s table.

The ecstatic Pardillo shed tears upon meeting the President and his family.

During her conversation with the President, Pardillo shared that she badly wants to visit her family in the Philippines.

She wishes to personally check the condition of his son who is suffering from a serious lung ailment.

She also hoped to celebrate the graduation of his two children, one finished a business administration degree last month and another one will complete an accounting technology degree at the end of April.

President Duterte immediately granted Pardillo’s wish for roundtrip tickets. The OFW said she was allowed by her employer to have a two-week vacation.

Before leaving, the President greeted the Filipinos waiting outside and told them: “Okay na tayo. Okay na ang bayan.”

The President then proceeded to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to meet with around 2,500 members of the Filipino community.

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