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Kapuso, Kapamilya stars are happy for Jane de Leon as the new ‘Darna’

Kapuso, Kapamilya stars are happy for Jane de Leon as the new ‘Darna’

  • Jane de Leon in shock about her biggest break as ‘Darna’
  • The announcement was made by ABS-CBN Films’ managing director Olivia Lamasan

ABS-CBN Films’ announcement of the new ‘Darna’ united Kapamilya and Kapuso celebrities and their fans. Right after the big announcement, netizens and celebrities flocked to Jane de Leon’s social media accounts and congratulated the newest ‘Darna’ after Liza Soberano had to drop the project due to a finger injury.

Her followers gradually grew on social media. In fact, her Instagram went from having more than 700k followers to over 927k and her first post after the announcement immediately got 114,173 likes and more than 5k comments as of this writing.

The first two ‘Darna’ choices Angel Locsin and Liza Soberano were happy with the outcome of the audition.

Celebrities like Maymay Entrata, Darren Espanto, Elisse Joson, Iñigo Pascual, Michelle Vito, Jolina Magdangal, Hero Angeles, Kitkat, JC Alcantara, Yam Concepcion and Sandra Aguinaldo made congratulatory comments on De Leon’s now-verified Instagram account.

ABS-CBN Board Member and Chief Content Officer Charo Santos-Concio meanwhile gave de Leon a message to ponder on, “Congratulations to our new DARNA, @imjanedeleon ❤️ Stay grounded as you fly high 🥰”


Jane’s GirlTrends friends Chie Filomeno, Mica Javier, Mikee Agustin and Joana Jane Hipolito congratulated her as well.

Even Kapuso stars Ysabel Ortega, Megan Young, Barbara Miguel, Elia Iliano, Bryce Eusebio, Ana de Leon, and Lexi Gonzales approved of the new Darna’

Meanwhile, De Leon wrote on Instagram following the news and teased her followers that she will begin working on her new project “soon.” “MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA TIWALA!”


Directed by Jerrold Tarog, Star Cinema’s Darna is slated for release in 2020.

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Juan Karlos Labajo deletes Facebook and Twitter but continues commenting on being judged for cursing

Juan Karlos Labajo deletes Facebook and Twitter but continues commenting on being judged for cursing

  • Juan Karlos admitted that he was pissed off a bit
  • But for the band, they have taken it for fun
  • He announced that he had deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts because of so many people judging him
  • Seeing that he is unprofessional and is not like the way they used to know him made him feel so unfair

Juan Karlos Labajo had been judged on social after Rakrakan Festival 2019 where he cursed one of the concert-goers who repeatedly shouted the name of singer “Daren Espanto.”

On the uploaded video, most of the netizens reacted negatively towards his actions and KJ continues on commenting why he was judged rudely on social media.

Recently on his Instagram story, he announced that he had deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts because of so many people judging him.

“Dinelete ko twitter and fb ko kasi masyadong marani mga ano dun…mga… ano…so ito na twitter ko thnx.”

Juan Karlos admitted that he was pissed off a bit but for the band, they have taken it for fun. And he calls the attention of the media who published things on the newspaper without personally witnessing the event.

“lol all the media peeps publishing things on newspapers like they actually even know what actually went down. Were they even there? Did they actually see the full performance? It was all an act ffs. Yeah, of course, we got pissed off a bit but we the band as usual, just made fun of it, ang bilis naman kumagat ng mga haters and newspaper.”

And he continues asking the netizen who was comparing him to another artist who used to curse and they say it is cute. On the contrary, when he cursed that night, the netizen immediately judged him by seeing that he is unprofessional and is not like the way they used to know him, which made him feel that it’s so unfair.

“Hmm bakit pag si * insert sikat na girl artista* ay nagmura, sinabi ng taong ang cute. Di nila sinasabi na unprofessional and all? Pero kung tipong pag ako ang nagmura ang dami dami ng sinasabi. Lumaki na ang ulo, nagbago na, mayabang, etc etc…unfair man”

Juan Karlos thinks that some of the Filipinos are not ready for rock ‘n roll as they are afraid to appreciate the transparency from a true artist and only see who he called “pretentious angel” on television.

“Filipino ain’t ready for rock and roll. Filipinos are afraid to appreciate transparency from true artists. Heck even listens and pays for true artist. Im not saying all Fils of course but you know what I mean. They can’t stop love that sugar coated pretentious angel they see on TV ugh what an amazing human being so kind.”

But Juan Karlos didn’t forget the people who continue on supporting him. He thanked them for being understanding and staying open-minded. “Maraming salamat sa lahat mga taong umintindi at sumusuporta sa akin. Mahal ko kayo. Panatiliing bukas ang isipan. Rock on!”

It seems that Juan Karlos wanted to start again without those people who judge him by simply deleting his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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Juan Karlos Labajo cursed audience member who repeatedly shouted “Darren” at him

Juan Karlos Labajo cursed audience member who repeatedly shouted “Darren” at him

  • JK Labajo cursed at a concert-goer who kept shouting “Darren” at him in the middle of a live performance
  • The audience in attendance were fairly perplexed if the singer was just joking around
  • Buwan crooner Labajo even retorted back to the instigator to ‘keep teasing him’

In the middle of a live performance in ‘Rakran Festival 2019,’ Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo, the famous crooner of the hit-song Buwan loudly and firmly shouted an expletive to one of the crowd-members who can be heard in a video footage shouting “Darren” repeatedly to the singer.

Ikaw p*^%$# ina ka, kanina ka pa!’ Labajo bellowed, then proceeded to introduce the members of his band in one breath in the usual way of intermissions between performances at the Rakrakan event.

Sige pa! Sige pa! Sige pa!,’ he chanted at the instigating concert-goer, face visibly scrunched, to show that he was pissed off. But then, he laughed it off, making it hard to decipher whether the singer was really just joking or playing around with his audience.

It should be recalled that previously, “The Voice Kids” alumni Darren Espanto and JK Labajo started a social media war after the latter was allegedly tagging the former as “gayness at its finest” in a now-deleted tweet.

Espanto pointed out that Labajo was just claiming that his account got hacked to get out of the controversial tweet and not be held responsible for it.

“Timing ‘no? Dinelete ng “hacker” mo yung tweet na ‘to after kang kausapin ng management. ‘Pag nahanap mo yung hacker mo puntahan niyo ako para malaman niyo kung sino yung totoong BAKLA,” Espanto posted in his Twitter account.

Labajo responded by saying that he already talked to Espanto about the issue privately but he chose to air it out in public, and so he revealed their private conversation on Instagram, saying: “again @Espanto2001 i tried talking to you in private but you started this. gusto mo bastusan tandaan mo mas bastos ako sayo. nirespeto kita at kinausap in private but orayt ayaw mo so gawin nating public okay?”

The two allegedly had a falling out during Labajo’s appearance on “Pinoy Big Brother.”

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Halloween 2018 Best Costumes From Pinoy Celebrities

Halloween 2018 Best Costumes From Pinoy Celebrities


Ever wondered how your favorite Pinoy celebrities celebrated their Halloween?

Halloween may be over, but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the many creative costumes we saw on our social media feeds. This year, some of our local celebrities skipped the horror and instead, went all out with the pop culture references.

A mixture of cute, quirky, and sexy costumes coming your way!

Here are the best Halloween costumes from your favorite local stars:

Maymay Entrata (Annabelle)


Edward Barber (Chuckie)


Liza Soberano (Pennywise)


Maine Mendoza (Just pooping)


Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao (Joker and Harley Quinn)


Bretman Rock (Darna)


Zia Rivera-Dantes (Miss Intergalactic Space)


Megan Young (Space Barbie)


Scarlet Snow Belo (Charlie Chaplin)


Awra Briguela (Devil)


Enrique Gil (Joker)


Bianca Valerio (Black Bunny)

Vhong Navarro (Sweeney Todd)


Kiana Valenciano (Hit Girl)


Darren Espanto

Martine Cajucom and Cliff Ho (Vampires)

Jessica Wilson


Ryza Mae Dizon (Moana)


Inah de Belen (Anak ni Janice)


Teejay Marquez (Archie)

View this post on Instagram

Kiss me tru the ☎️

A post shared by @ teejaymarquez on

Marian Rivera (Poison Ivy)

View this post on Instagram

Choose your poison. #Halloween2018 #TeamDantes

A post shared by Dingdong Dantes (@dongdantes) on

Dingdong Dantes (Riddler)

Who’s your favorite?

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Netizens criticize Daryl Ong for statement about gayness

Netizens criticize Daryl Ong for statement about gayness

  • Daryl Ong posts about his opinions regarding coming out.
  • Netizens point out the wrong points of Daryl’s statement.

Darren Espanto and JK Lbajos’ online feud has been one of the hottest topics in the past few days. It started when JK allegedly tweeted Espanto the phrase “gayness at its finest.”

Singer Daryl Ong took to his own social media pages to share his thoughts about the topic of being gay and how to react to it.

He stated that if someone accuses him of being gay and it’s true, then he would just tell the truth as he doesn’t know why it needs to be concealed.

If I was the one accused of being gay,
(maliban nalang kung may kasamang threat or binastos ako at pamilya ko)
hindi siguro ako mag aaksaya ng panahon mag react lalo na kung alam ko naman na hindi totoo, at kung nagkataon mang totoo, eh ano naman? Ano ngayon? Bat mo naman itatago? Pag bakla ka ba criminal ka? Does it make you less of a person? less of an artist? Pag bakla ka ba nabawasan ba galing at kakayahan mo sa kung saan mang larangan ka nakikipag sapalaran? Nabawasan ba talino mo?

Daryl said that what he doesn’t get is that in this day and age, there are still public figures pretending to be straight. He encouraged them to stay true as it feels better.

Just as being straight, does it make you more righteous? Less “sinful”? Ganun ba yon? Natitimbang ba, nababase ba ang bigat ng kasalanan at kakulangan sa pamamagitan ng kasarian?

Di ko kase talaga gets bakit hanggang ngayon na 2018 na may mga public figure parin na nagpapanggap maging lalake, tapos pag na issue, papalag-palag. Ano ba binebenta mo? Talent mo o kasarian mo? Bat kelangan pa kase magpanggap. Bat di nalang magpaka-totoo. Masarap maging totoo sa sarili at sa maraming tao. Mas masarap yung niyayakap ka ng tao kung sino ka talaga.


Magpaka totoo ka.

Netizens then reacted to his status saying that coming out is not as easy as the singer thinks it is and it’s not right to decide for a person whether he wants to tell his sexuality to the world or not.

Excuse me Sir, you can have your point, but it seems like you are insisting someone to admit something that they aren’t. Eh kung hindi nga siya ganun eh? And per Darren’s issue, Sir, the two have their past issues, sobra na mag accuse yung isa. Ty


Kaso sir your not the one being accused 😊 walang masamang maging gay yes.. Pero yung pagpatuloy niyong paginsist sa tao na umamin sa isang bagay yung ang nakakainsulto.
Please since nagagamit na lang din po ang sogie paki aral na din ng gender and sensitivity

Hindi ko maintindihan bakit kailangan ipilit sa isang tao na umamin sa isang bagay na pinaniniwalaan lang ng mga taong mapanghusga. Mas kilala nila ang sarili nila kumpara sa nakikita ng mga mapanira at malisyosong mata.

Gosh… it’s their choice kung gusto nilang mag out or hindi. Thats not for other people to decide!!! Yung mga nasa closet, you have no idea what they are going through bakit ayaw nila mag out, unang una na yung may masasaktan silang tao, lalong lalo ba yung family nila atbp…

A Twitter user proceeded to explain that coming out has phases and it doesn’t always mean that once you’re done with that, you can be free and act like it as every person has his own situation.

Hi daryl, I hope you know na ang pag a-out ay may phase. Hindi siya basta basta nasasabi just because naisip mo na you have to at dahil you want to be free na. Dumadaan kami sa in denial stage, at mas best sa stage na yun kung hahanapin muna namin ang sarili namin alone.

May right time, may right age, at sa society ngayon mas nakukulong kami dahil tinutukso while searching for that puzzle piece kung sino at ano ba talaga ang tunay na kami. We all have different stories, may madali nakapag out, may hindi. Kasi we are all different after all.

Kids get bullied because of this, at mas nahihirapan sila mag out dahil dun. Dahil akala nila kapag nag out ka, kapag nalaman na bading ka, mas malaa yung pang bubully. Yun yung feeling. Hindi nila gustong magpanggap forever, ayaw lang nila masaktan at mabully pa lalo.

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JK’s tweet to Darren could be fake

JK’s tweet to Darren could be fake

  • Netizen shows how JK’s alleged tweet to Darren Espanto might be fake.
  • JK continuously denies ever tweeting the initial tweet and expresses his difficulty in figuring out how to react to the situation.

It has been a few days after the fight between Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos Labajo (JK) broke out on Twitter.

A follower of the latter has shared a video of an app wherein you can generate a fake tweet and it will look exactly like a screenshotted post from the social media platform. JK certainly didn’t miss it and retweeted it for his followers to see.

this might be a Fake Generated Tweet using an app on android. i replicated one of JK “tweet” on an android using an app.

JK has been denying Espanto’s allegations ever since the latter posted a screenshot of his “gayness” tweet, seemingly not believing his excuse that he has been hacked.

In his tweets last October 22, he said that he knew that ranting on Twitter was wrong, however, he can never say sorry for something that he didn’t really do.

alam ko pagkakamaling ginawa ko kasi i was explaining myself out of anger. pasensiya na sa mga taong nasaktan sa mga salitang nabitawan ko.

and di ko lang kayang gawin ay humingi ng patawad sa mga bagay na hindi ko ginawa. mamatay man lahat ng tao na mahal ko at nagmamahal sakin per once and for all, hindi ako ang nag tweet nun at hindi siya ang pinaguusapan namin sa pbb dati. yun lang yun.

He then expressed that he is having difficulty with defending himself as the more he explains the situation, the more it sounds unreal, and if you stay quiet, people will take it as an act of guilt.

it’s so hard to defend yourself because the more you do it mas hindi na kapanipaniwala. pero kung tatahi-tahimik ka lang din, para ka naring nag admit na tama mga hinala nila. gulo ng sistema diba?


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It’s not yet over! JK Labajo fires back against Darren Espanto

It’s not yet over! JK Labajo fires back against Darren Espanto

  • JK Labajo shaded Darren Espanto on Twitter after the latter hinted that he will sue the singer.
  • He then stated that he is ending everything as he is tired of explaining himself and someday, the truth will prevail. 

After Darren Espanto hinted that he will take the quarrel with Juan Karlos Labajo to the court, the other has made clapbacks on his Twitter account.

It started with JK changing his profile photo to a meme and name to “pano mo nasabe?”. He then shaded Espanto’s tweet hinting at a lawsuit. He said that one is telling them to meet in the court but can’t attend a simple meeting.

naghahamon sa korte pero hindi makapunta sa meeting.

JK immediately deleted the tweet, saying that someone might clap back again.

dinelete ko nalang baka ma 100ggered

He also used memes as a form of reply towards Espanto.

In his latest tweet, JK stated something more serious as he said that he will finish everything as he is tired of people who refuse to listen. He added that someday, the truth will come out and everyone who stepped on him and ruined his name will apologize.

At dyan na nagtatapos lahat. i’m done with defending myself from people na utok bulinaw. lalabas din katotohanan. hinihintay ko nalang ang araw na mag apologize kayong lahat sa pagsira sa pangalan ko at sa pag tapak sa pagkatao ko. mahihiya rin kayo sa lahat ng ginawa ninyo. End.

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“They both lose.” Darren Espanto and JK Labajo accused of using gayness as an insult

“They both lose.” Darren Espanto and JK Labajo accused of using gayness as an insult

  • Netizens call out Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos Labajo for using “gayness” as a derogatory word.
  • Darren explained that he never meant to use it as an insult and he’s just tired of all the bashing.

As the recent Twitter beef between singers Darren Espanto and JK Labajo intensifies, netizens didn’t miss the chance to call out both for using “bakla” as an insult.

It all started when JK allegedly tweeted Espanto, saying “gayness at its finest”, which got deleted immediately.

Later on Espanto called out JK about said hacked tweet, saying that when he finds his “hacker”, he should pay Espanto a visit to know who the real gay man is.

Timing ‘no? Dinelete ng “hacker” mo yung tweet na ‘to after kang kausapin ng management. Pag nahanap mo yung hacker mo puntahan niyo ako para malaman niyo kung sino yung totoong BAKLA. @KarlosLabajo

Aside from the ranting spree that JK did on his Twitter account, that included screenshots of his private conversation with the other singer, this also led to netizens calling both of them out for seemingly using “gay” to insult one another.

A number of Twitter users educated the singers by saying that it’s not right to use gay as a slur as it is not supposed to have a negative connotation.

hold up teka lang tsong may mali

i get that you’re pissed off but is it really necessary to say “para malaman niyo kung sino yung totoong BAKLA” haha stop using being gay as a slur, if you’re going to try to come at someone for ‘insulting’ you, make sure you’re on the right side

pareho kayong tanga gumagamit ng “gay” at “bakla” as an insult magsama kayong dalawa

There’s nothing wrong with being gay. There will never be anything wrong with being gay. Stop using that as an insult.

Ang tunay na lalaki hindi iniisip at ginagamit na insulto ang pagiging bakla. So sinong talo dito? Definitely hindi ang mga bakla


Mikhail Quijano then tweeted a thread about everything that is wrong regarding using gender identities as insults.

They both used “bakla” as a negative qualifier, so they both lose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello kids! There’s much to learn (and much responsibility) as kids in the limelight with some sizeable influence on the public. The first thing to understand is that someone’s SOGIE is never to be used as an insult or to allude to something negative, like cowardice or malice.

That “may gender identity issues ka, huwag mo akong itulad sa iyo” response is just so unquestionably hurtful to read. Fight against name-calling and bullying, sure! But do so with the intent to stand your ground for your rights, and not to deflect the pain to someone else.

The thread ended by calling the quarrel “childish” and “petty” which is a reflection of how the society still sees homosexuality.

Petty, “childish” quarrels reflect the kind of culture we all grew up in—which virtues and principles have made their way into our unconscious. So yeah, this is all “away-bata,” but also a snapshot of how our culture still sees homosexuality. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Espanto then defended himself, saying that he never used “gay” as a derogatory term and added that he’s tired of all the bashing he has received for the past five years.

I didn’t mean to use the word “bakla” as a derogatory term. I’m sorry if this has offended anyone. And to the people who say I have “fragile masculinity”? I’ve been bashed with this since I was in The Voice Kids (I was 12) pero wala kayong narinig. I’m 17 now, kakapagod na rin.

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“That’s the real masterpiece.” ABS-CBN CEO Carlo Katigbak praises KathNiel’s “The Hows of Us”

“That’s the real masterpiece.” ABS-CBN CEO Carlo Katigbak praises KathNiel’s “The Hows of Us”

  • ABS-CBN executive Carlo Lopez Katigbak praised the success of The Hows of Us.
  • He delivered a short speech at the victory party of the blockbuster hit. 

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla‘s The Hows of Us has reached an all-time high box-office record after surpassing the ₱590- million mark.

The cast and production team of the film recently held their victory party on Wednesday night, September 12. It was attended by artists such as Darren Espanto, Kit Thompson, and Ria Atayde.

ABS-CBN’s current president and CEO Carlo Lopez Katigbak was also present at the event. The executive did not only offer his support but said a few encouraging words to the people behind the successful movie.

“I guess alam naman natin that Star Cinema always produces good movies. But every once in a while, I think you create something that’s special, that becomes a classic. That’s the real masterpiece. Isang obra maestra. And that’s what The Hows of Us is. 

“Not just because we got P570 million but also because more than 2 million people have paid to watch the movie that you guys have created.”

He then gave a message to each person that led the team to its unprecedented success, starting with Olivia M. Lamasan who co-produced the film.

“So Olive I just wanna say I know what you’ve been through the last eight months. And this victory is really well deserved for you. Congratulations.”

Katigbak then turned to director Cathy Garcia-Molina and urged her to stay in Star Cinema.

“Cathy, I don’t know if you can hear me. You don’t have to choose between being a mother and a director, you can be both. So sana hindi ka na umalis the end of this year, please stay. Sayang yung galing mo.”

He joked with writer Carmi G. Raymundo, pushing her to get into a relationship soon.

“To Carmi, this was an amazing story. I can’t imagine how much better your story will be after you actually enter to a relationship. So please, coming soon, okay?”

And lastly, he praised Kathryn and Daniel saying that they were at their best in The Hows of Us.

“And to Kathryn and Daniel. What a great performance. Kath, [nagugulat] every time nagmumura ka on-screen. Nakakagulat. But it was the best performance I’ve seen from the both of you ever so congratulations.”

Video Courtesy of @thebassist525x (Twitter)

The Hows of Us is still showing in cinemas nationwide.

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Darren Espanto is “Unstoppable,” has the Stamina of a Superstar

Darren Espanto is “Unstoppable,” has the Stamina of a Superstar


May 26, Kia Theatre – The “Total Performer,” Darren Espanto, has proved once again that he is, without doubt, one of the most talented young artists in the country, showcasing his prime vocals and fantastic grooves in his birthday concert, “UNSTOPPABLE,” with Vivo as one of the primary presenters together with Talk N Txt, Jollibee and Metro Dental.

Seeing Darren perform live for the very first time, I knew exactly what to expect: that Darren would own the stage, just like what he had always done on television.

In fact, the performance he gave on Saturday was more than what I had expected. From his laudable acts, one would immediately conclude that the young star, indeed, had worked hard for the awe-inspiring concert. To be sure, one would easily say that his career’s success is primarily rooted in his hard work.

The challenging line-up and the complicated dance steps made proof how versatile Darren really is as a performer. Most especially, it also confirmed that Darren is absolutely set to go even farther in the next years of his career.

An Unstoppable Journey to “Unstoppable”

Since joining “The Voice Kids” in 2014, Darren has been non-stop, indeed.

Despite finishing as the second best in the competition, Darren has been rained with round-the-clock projects, successful concerts, and numerous TV show guestings.

This idea actually inspired the title of his concert “Unstoppable,” last Saturday (May 26, 2018) as he remains unstoppable in the music scene – local and overseas – gaining various awards and recognition.

The concert had been special for Darren, not only for his post-birthday celebration but also because he had waited a year for “Unstoppable” to come to life. As we all remember, the Total Performer wasn’t able to do a concert last year, owing to his demanding schedule.

Under the musical direction of Nikko Rivera and over-all direction of Paolo Valenciano, “Unstoppable” was indeed an exhibition of Darren’s various talents, apart from singing, with each performance constantly leveling up the other.

Stopping Still for “Unstoppable”

Watching Darren myself, I couldn’t help but question where he gets all the energy, as his performances would level up from time to time. I thought he performed his best to one particular song, but Darren actually managed to step-up and outperform himself after each song.

He made it a point to always intensify each act by showing something new – something we didn’t know he can actually do. One could only stop in awe as Darren flaunted his strong vocals and smooth dancing skills.

For his opening number, Darren performed an upbeat (a bit metal) version of “Come Together” by The Beatles. His sparkly, Michael Jackson-inspired outfit really brought the maturity in his presence – as though saying that he is not anymore the Darren we used to know because he had finally grown to become the superstar that he is now.

His fierceness was contagious; and, as part of the audience, you would possess the urge to sing and groove with him.

Together with RNB Princess Kyla, Darren also performed a heartrending cover of “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith and “Huling Sayaw” by Kamikazee. His friends Kyle Echarri and AC Bonifacio also joined him for a dance showdown.

One of my personal favorites in Darren’s performances was his tribute to the 90’s boy band, Backstreet Boys, singing their famous single “Everybody.” His performance was so natural, groovy and fun; Darren obviously enjoyed himself as he even danced with Jollibee’s mascot in the crowd. Darren also had a trip down memory lane, recounting and singing his renowned pieces during his time in “The Voice Kids.” Notably, Darren also surprised his crowd by playing the piano as he performed with Jayda Avanzado.

One of his most monumental performances was his Broadway medley with the Concert King, Martin Nievera, singing “This is the Moment” and “I Dreamed a Dream” (from Les Miserables) together.

After their performance, Martin gave an advice to the young artist to always love the people who love him, because that will always be the secret to his success. Before his last act, Darren also had a dance showdown with Gab Valenciano. Fans were mostly surprised by how improved Darren’s dancing skill was.

Among the many artists that came to support Darren include Gary Valenciano (who was also supposed to perform with Darren, but wasn’t able to because of a recent open heart surgery), Jessa Zaragoza and her husband Dingdong Avanzado (to also show equal support for their daughter Jayda), Morisette Amon, Jed Madela, Ylona Garcia and Enchong Dee.

Unforgettably Unstoppable

Overall, Darren’s “Unstoppable” concert was a monumental success for his career. After the concert, one would definitely bring home the boogie and would surely have a last song syndrome to Darren’s “Dying Inside.” At 17, he is already a powerhouse performer.

We can only hope for Darren’s more successful years.

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