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Siargao resort sparks debate on ‘self-proclaimed influencers,’ Bianca Gonzalez, Bela Padilla, other celebs and Netizens weigh in on the issue

Siargao resort sparks debate on ‘self-proclaimed influencers,’ Bianca Gonzalez, Bela Padilla, other celebs and Netizens weigh in on the issue

  • Siargao beach resort sparked debate on “influence culture” online.
  • Netizens and celebrities alike weighed in on the issue.
  • One camp argues that the resort should not shame the influencers but teach them through a respectful rejection instead, while the other camp argues that influencers should not be so entitled

With the advent of social media, marketing trends and techniques have shifted to “influencers” where known brands use those with relevant interests and a large Internet-following as the new face of their advertisements as oppose to the usual route of famous celebrities.

As always, when change is introduced, problems are bound to arise. One such thing was brought to the public’s attention was when a Siargao beach resort posted a status asking for assistance with regard to “self-proclaimed influencers” messaging them with offers to collaborate.

White Banana Beach Club Siargao wrote on their Facebook page on Tuesday, March 26: “Help out there. We are receiving many messages regarding collaborations with influencers, Instagram influencers. We kindly would like to announce that White Banana is not interested to ‘collaborate’ with self-proclaimed ‘influencers’.

“And we would like to suggest to try another way to eat, drink, or sleep for free. Or try to actually work.”

The now viral-post had several Netizens raising their brows.

Facebook user Jovelyn Mateo replied with, “If these people formally sent you a message, I think they deserve a formal rejection as well. Not like this. I do blog. I have a full time job, and I work hard to be able to travel so I can have content. I recently tried pitching to resorts and hotels, because why not, right? There’s no harm in trying naman, and if you know that you have something to offer on the table it’s never a bad thing to try. That’s all. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. Chos”.

Another Netizen commented, sharing her personal journey as a blogger and calmly asked the resort to enlighten these “influencers” instead of calling them names.

“Now, I know this post is not referring to legit influencers or professional bloggers. But if some people here say that real influencers don’t need to ask, then yes, I’m sort of offended as most marketing/pr agencies categorize me as an influencer. Please, we don’t have to be rude here. 😞 I am not against this post or anyone, but I wish we don’t call people names. If they are an aspiring influencer, I hope we don’t kill their dreams and discourage them because of your words. Instead, let this serve as a lesson for them. And if you could, enlighten them on how to do this right. #nohate #justlove,” wrote Geng Maderazo.

In an article by Daily Bruin published just this January, they explained that: “Influencer marketing is a technique that orients marketing methods and activities around influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media. Modern-day marketing has been turning toward regular content creators with niche audiences to lead the endorsement of brands.”

Before, celebrity ambassadorships were the original method of influencer marketing up until the marketing trends have turned.

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Fresh buko time xD #province #siargao

A post shared by Jax Gopico (@jaxuhhuh) on

In another post, the resort has since then clarified the issue that they are not against influencers, only ‘freeloaders’.

“Good day everyone. Our post went viral.  But we want to clarify that we are not against INFLUENCERS. Just against freeloaders. A REAL influencer is called as such by the rest, he does not address him/herself as an influencer. They are bloggers. We have actually collaborated with a few of them, in different terms and conditions, and we support them. There are real influencers, that in case we will contact them and pay or offer something. But look, they’ve never contacted us, as they don’t need us. We need them.”

Meanwhile, local content creator Lance de Ocampo’s reaction on White Banana Beach Club’s post drew flak online.

“Being in the industry for [eight] years, I’ve learned that there’s always a better way to decline a collaboration. Email to email, private message to private message. No need to throw shade,” de Ocampo posted on his IG Stories.

“Siargao will not be as appreciated as it is now if not [for] the so-called influencers’ breathtaking and well-curated Instagram photos,” he added.

One Netizen on Twitter pointed out how entitled Lance de Ocampo’s statement sounded:

Another Twitter user was furious, exclaiming “Potacccaa, SIARGAO doesn’t need influencers, its scenic beauty and irresistible charm can stand on its own! Also, a real influencer is called as such by the rest, he/she does not address him/herself as an influencer.”


“It’s soooo sad that you felt the need to take credit for a place so beautiful to begin with and would be perfectly fine with or without you. Tsk tsk. Btw, we all started going to Siargao three years ago NOT because of your posts ✌🏻” wrote actress-writer Bela Padilla on her Twitter account.

Actress-host Bianca Gonzales chimed in with: “The word “influencer” is thrown a lot around these days. All of us, regardless of follower count, have influence with people around us, for sure. But it should never be a license to feel entitled to demand to be given free things.”

“Simple lang.. pag binigyan ka ng free service or free product, magpasalamat. Pero hintayin na sila ang magbigay, ‘wag ikaw ang mag-demand na bigyan ka. Kung gusto mo, bayaran please. Lumugar. #influencer. By the way, this isn’t shade. This is a reminder for all of us who might at times feel entitled to demand because of this new social media “influencer” culture,” Gonzales added.

Jonas Roque, another local blogger, has advice for de Ocampo: “Siargao is appreciated way before the boom of influencers, way before these travel goals, way before the hashtags, and way before overly post-processed curated Instagram posts. Siargao can stand on its own. Words from a fellow influencer, beh.”

“Siargao is famous because of its beauty and the people in it. The locals PERIOD,” tweeted GirlTrends member Chienna Filomeno which received two thousand likes online.

Singer-songwriter Mica Javier was in agreement with Filomeno saying, “Siargao don’t need influencers to be recognized by the world.”

AC Mondragon, on the other hand, poked fun at the issue by tweeting photos of himself with the “Dalagang Pilipina” meme with hashtags that social media influencers are believed to use in their Instagram posts.

De Ocampo later apologized for his “opinion that sparked misinterpretation”.

He wrote on Twitter, “I didn’t message that beach club for any kind of collaboration. To clear things up, I didn’t mean to credit Siargao’s tourism on influencers. I just meant that one factor of Siargao’s growing popularity is because of social media.”

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4 Celebrity Friendship Goals in Having Matching Tattoos

4 Celebrity Friendship Goals in Having Matching Tattoos

  • Friends become family, best friends become sisters
  • A group of friends decided to get matching tattoos together as a tribute to their friendship
  • A tattoo permanently stays on the body – a symbol of friendship that stays forever

Your best friend is always your partner in crime. Like these group of friends who decided to get matching tattoos together, as a tribute to their friendship.

A tattoo permanently stays on the body – a symbol of friendship that stays forever.

So here is a list of 4 celebrity barkadas with matching tattoos.

First on our list is the group of Nadine Lustre, Kiana Valenciano, Lauren Reid, and Andrea Luis.

The four besties decided to get elegant sparkle outlined on the sides of their wrists. On Andrea’s Instagram account, she posted the picture of their matching tattoos with a caption: “Find people in your life who bring out the sparkle in you. Loved ones, someone new, friends who become family, best friends who become sisters. Be true to yourself and to who you are and anything will be possible. Cliché maybe, but don’t let anybody ever dull your sparkle,” and she added #wefinallygotit

Another group of friends who have the same friendship goals are Bela Padilla, Kim Chiu, and Angelica Panganiban.

On Bella’s Instagram post together with her BFF photos, she posted the caption: “We got inked!!!” literally after choosing a super simple tattoo design. Each of them just got one tiny black dot tattooed on their left wrist.

Hollywood celebrities Selena Gomez, Courtney Barry, Raquelle Stevens, and Ashley Cook also have friendship goals to get a tattoo.

And to celebrate Courtney’s birthday, they each got the number 4 tattoo on different parts of their bodies. And another tattoo for Selena and Courtney was the number one tattooed on their rib cages.

Lastly, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellissario, Janel Parish, and Sasha Pieterse commemorated their friendship when the Pretty Little Liars came to an end in 2016.

The group decided to get tattooed with the first letter of their characters’ names on their index fingers.

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We're back tonight

A post shared by Ashley Benson (@ashleybenson) on

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Jodi Sta. Maria to be in a Hollywood movie?

Jodi Sta. Maria to be in a Hollywood movie?

  • Jodi Sta. Maria hinted about the movies that she’s about to be a part of.
  • That includes a Hollywood movie, but the details remained undisclosed.

Actress Jodi Sta. Maria just came back from her vacation with son Thirdy Lacson wherein they traveled in Finland and Sweden.

She shared that it was Thirdy’s request to try husky sledding.

“First time kaming makapag-try ng husky sledding and at the same time, we were able to drive a reindeer sled. We were able to get a reindeer driver’s license.”

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Just got back from our family holiday. Ibang-iba yung experience sa Finland and Sweden dahil hindi naman nagyeyelo dito sa ‘tin sa Pilipinas. Tulad nalang ng paglalaro namin ni Muy sa snow. Super na-enjoy namin yun. Minsan parang ako pa yung bata kaysa sa anak ko. Haha! ❤️ It’s as if time stands still when you watch the snow fall. Mapapa-muni muni ka din sa lamig: Pag makapal na yung snow at hindi ka makalabas, you can either shovel, or make snow angels. Just like in life – When faced with trials, you can grumble about how hard the situation is, or you can keep a positive outlook, see the good, and make the most of the experience. Sana naging maayos at payapa ang Christmas and New Year break niyo para makabalik tayo sa mga trabaho natin ng recharged at inspired. Kayo, kamusta ang pasok ng New Year niyo? ❤️

A post shared by Jodi Sta.Maria (@jodistamaria) on

A reindeer driver’s license is required for an individual to be able to drive a reindeer sled in Lapland. There are only two modes of transportation in the area: ski and the said sled.

Jodi will be a part of three movies. One of which is Second Coming wherein she’ll play as the wife of Marvin Agustin.

“It’s a mix of drama, thriller, and horror. Ano ba ang naghu-haunt sa pamilya ito? Totoo ba itong multo?”

She has also finished filming with Laurice Guillen for the movie Man and Wife.

The third one is Clarita, which is still in the middle of the principal photography.

But aside from that, Jodi has hinted about a Hollywood film that she’s about to be a part of.

“May gagawin tayong international film very soon. Pero wala pa ako sa posisyon to spill the beans.

“But I am really praying about it. Hollywood levels! Masyado akong kinikilig kasi parang hindi ko alam kung paano sila kakaharapin. Baka ma-tongue-tied ako. Baka manganga ako, ma-starstruck ako.”

But for now, she’s back to filming her series Mea Culupa that is set to air this 2019. She’s going to act alongside John Arcilla, Janice de Belen, Bela Padilla, Sandino Martin, Ketchup Eusebio, Kit Thompson, Ivana Alawi, and Tony Labrusca.

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Grabeng taas! Bela Padilla, Maris Racal, netizens react to recent oil price hike

Grabeng taas! Bela Padilla, Maris Racal, netizens react to recent oil price hike

  • Filipinos experience another round of oil price hike.
  • Celebrities and netizens can’t help but tweet their disappointment regarding the expensive gas.

You think the price of gas is high now? Well, another round of oil price hike greeted Filipinos on Tuesday as there were substantial adjustments in the prices of petroleum products.

It is said that the price of diesel will rise from ₱1.30 to ₱1.45 per liter while gasoline would increase from ₱0.85 to ₱1.00 per liter.

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will also have a price hike, increasing its current cost by ₱2 to ₱2.50 per kilogram or ₱22 to ₱27.50 per 11 kilogram tank.

With this addition to the Filipinos’ expense, television personalities such as Bella Padilla and Maris Racal can’t help but tweet about it.
How is diesel 57 pesos a litre now?!?!
A netizen answered Bela’s question by stating the factors that contributed to the high cost of diesel.
It’s mostly due to the dictate of the world market. But there are factors also contributing to it like the imposition of additional excise tax on fuel cost under Duterte’s Train Law and the weakening peso.
On the other hand, Maris shared that she got a headache after going to the gas station for a refill.
I gasped, my head hurts.
God bless, Philippines. : \
Other netizens also tweeted about the expensive gasoline price. Mayel said that she wants to buy a car, but there’s just too many factors to consider.
im honestly considering buying a car. pero sobrang kuripot ko na mas mageendure nlng ako ng byahe na di gaano kakomportable vs spending too much sa gas and maintenance. ang mahal na ng lahat ng bagay kaiyak 😭 kelangan mayaman ka talaga 😢
A Twitter user decided to use the situation to be smooth and drop a pick-up line.

Mahal na ang bigas, gas, langis, prutas. Lahat, pati pamasahe, mahal. Ikaw, kailan ka magmamahal?

Another one actually felt thankful that he doesn’t have a car.

t*ngina ang mahal ng gas buti n lang wala akong kotse

A Twitter user shared that she actually wants to sell their car because of the gas price.

Konti na lang parang gusto na lang namin ibenta na yung kotse. Hahaha. Napaka mahal ng gas, please lang myghad ughhhh

Tatin compared the gas price last year to this year.
sobrang mahal na ng gas from 38 pesos last year ngayon 60 pesos per liter na!! yung diesel naabutan ko pa na bente pesos ngayon singkwenta na huhu
There is a near ₱20 difference in the price of diesel last year when compared to now. The gas price back then was just around ₱46.

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Bela Padilla gets bashed over Kimerald joke

Bela Padilla gets bashed over Kimerald joke

  • Bela Padilla and Vice Ganda joked about KimErald on the latest episode of Gandang Gabi Vice.
  • Padilla received backlash asking her to respect Kim Chiu and Xian Lim’s relationship.

Not all viewers were amused by Bela Padilla’s joke towards Kim Chiu in a recent episode of Gandang Gabi Vice.

In the show’s Tanong Mo Mukha Mo segment, Chiu and Padilla were given the chance to ask questions to the people being flashed on the screen. The personalities shown included Angelica Panganiban, John Lloyd Cruz, and Chiu’s ex-boyfriend, Gerald Anderson.

Image: Screengrab from GGV: Kim, speechless at Gerald’s photo | Youtube

As soon as Anderson’s face popped up Vice Ganda playfully sang “ikaw na ba si Mr. Right?” a line from Kim Chiu’s single Mr. Right.

Bela then asked, “Happy ka ba?”. Vice followed and said that it is important that our loved ones are happy, which Bela agreed saying, “Oo, kasi pinapasaya tayo ni Gerald.”

Vice suddenly asked Kim, “Pinasaya ka ba?” which Kim  answered “dati.”

Image: Screengrab from GGV: Kim, speechless at Gerald’s photo | Youtube

When it was Chiu’s turn, she asked “Kamusta ka?” which caused Vice and Bela sing “Bakit labis kitang mahal?”

Kim then said, “Happy? Okay na”. Vice asked Kim why she asked such question. Kim said, “Hindi kami nagkukumustahan kasi. Maganda lang sa picture. Yun lang, tanong ko, ‘Kumusta ka?’”.

“Kumusta na siya sa mga panahon ngayon, ganyan.,” Kim added.

Despite the seemingly fun exchanges of the three during the show, some of Kim’s fan are not happy.

A netizen tweeted:.

Image: Screengrab of Leni Alcoran (@AlcoranLeni)’s tweet

Di ka nakakatawa Bella stop teasing Kim sa ex nya move on and be respectful Kay Kim n Xian Bastos mo

Another netizen said that Bela was just jealous of KimXI’s relationship and that she was a bad influence to  Kim.

Image: Screengrab of Leria Workman (@LeriaWorkman)’s tweet

Nega na iyan se Bela so selons lang sa relationship ng KimXi.kasi wala siya lovelife sin-o makaka gusto sa kanya alcoholic iyan,and drug user, Bela like to going night out, She is a bad influence of Kim. I wish  kim, she need to avoid that fake friends niya a user like Bela and Maja

Image: Screengrab of erika frances (@rerikafrances1)’s tweet

Di nkakatuwa joke mo kht kelan insensitive mo.respect nmm sa relationship Kim at xian

Bela o her Twitter account acknowledged the fans’ reaction and asked them not to take it too seriously as the episode was “super fun.”

Image: Screengrab of Bela Padilla’s tweet

You cant take only one part seriously, guys. The whole episode was just super fun. And you know these shows are edited to fit the program’s airing time too. Happy Monday!

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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Luck At First Sight”

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Luck At First Sight”


Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales Team Up

For the very first time, Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales pair up for the upcoming luckiest film of the year. Directed by the Dan Villegas, Luck At First Sight is about two unlucky persons who found fortune in each other’s arms.

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Joma, an independent man, believes that a life charm could help him win big to be able to pay his debts. Diane, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in ‘luck’ but relies heavily in hard work. The two accidentally met and instantly realized that they are each other’s life charm. Everything is going well, until one of them falls for the other. And according to the fortune teller whom Joma confide into, the luck will disappear when one of them gets romantically attached to the other.

Luck at First Sight hit the cinemas last May 3 and have been receiving great reviews from the viewers. And if you haven’t watched it yet, here’s 8 lucky reasons why you should rush to the cinemas now.

1. Super Director

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Starting his career being a director of photography, Dan Villegas has turned many films into blockbuster hits. Some of his works were English Only, PleaseAlways Be My MaybeHow To Be YoursThe Breakup Playlist, and the award-winning Walang Forever where he won his Best Director award in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015.

2. Renowned Creative Producer

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

We often hear Joyce Bernal being dubbed as Direk Joyce for being a world-class director who became the woman behind the success of Everything About HerBakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush MoKimmy Dora franchiseand many more. But now, he took the role ‘Creative Head’ for this genius film story-wise.

3. Dashing Leading Man

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Being the ultimate leading man that he is right now, Jericho Rosales is thrilled to be working with this new set of crew, excluding Dan Villegas and Kim Molina whom he have worked with already in Walang Forever.

4. Irresistible Leading Lady

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

If you’re thinking that Bela Padilla is all beauty, you should be researching her credentials. He co-wrote our all-time favorite, Camp Sawi and even this film. Imagine? A genius young actress who can work in front and behind the cameras, even Dan Villegas and Direk Joyce lauded her creativeness when it comes to story building.

5. Fun and Lovable Side Casts

Admit it or not, Kim Molina and Cholo Barretto is the breath of fresh air in this film. They add up to the humor that the film caters. They have a love story of their own inside the film that the viewers would not expect, so watch out for it. Dennis Padilla and Issa Pressman also complete the lucky cast.

6. Soothing OST

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Choosing the official sound track of every film might be tricky, but for this film, they have chosen if not perfect, the best song that would match the film. Sung by the returning Zia Quizon, ‘Umaaraw, Umuulan’ was dressed with a different tone that perfectly fit the theme of the film. You can listen to the song’s new twist in Spotify.

7. Has Great Life Lessons

We don’t want to spill the beans here, but the movie was packed with great life lessons that all can relate to. From love to family, the film is surely fit for all ages. It caters a different take on luck and love, that it can never be paired up, it’s like polar opposites. If you have the luck, you can find love, but once you find love, luck will disappear. Well, it’s enough for now and it’s for you to find out what happened between Joma and Diane.

8. It will make you want to find your “Life Charm”

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

At the beginning of the film, Madam Tetchie was introduced, the fortune teller who introduced the concept of Life Charm to Joma. According to her, all of us have a “life charm”, and once we meet them, everything that surrounds us turns to luck. It’s like a good luck charm, but an actual living person. Like any other charms that were introduced to us, there’s an exception. You can never fall in love with your life charm, because if you do, the luck will vanish.

To find out more about this incredible film, catch it in the cinemas NOW and enjoy the luck that the film will bring to you. Graded A by the MTRCB, you will surely fall in love with this movie.

What are you waiting for? Watch it now!

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LOOK: These Pinoy Celebrity Look-Alikes Will Blow Your Mind

LOOK: These Pinoy Celebrity Look-Alikes Will Blow Your Mind


We all know there are plenty of celebrity kids that bear striking resemblance to their parents and actual sets of twins, but some of the best star “twins” aren’t related at all. You may think your favorite celebrity is one of a kind, but there are some other celebrities who will have you seeing double.

We’ve spotted some spooky similarities amongst the celebrities!

Get a peek at who’s taken a turn as a celebrity doppelganger…


Sandy Tabet Vs. Jennylyn Mercado | These duos have some surprisingly similar features. It’s hard to deny that they resemble each other!

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Bela Padilla Revels Her Birthday with the Beloved Cats and Dogs of PAWS

Bela Padilla Revels Her Birthday with the Beloved Cats and Dogs of PAWS


Showing her great love for domestic pets and alike, Bela Padilla recently celebrated her birthday with the adopted and much-loved cats and dogs of PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center.

With utmost gratitude for the sponsorship of GMA Artist Center, Tempura Japanese Grill, Active White, Sundance, and Sweet Escape, Bela Padilla’s celebration turned into an all-out fun for the Belavers (official fan club of Bela), the bloggers with the TV crew, and the staff and the ‘adopted’ of PAWS Animal Rehab itself. The program started with a facility tour ensued with a hearty lunch, then proceeded with Bela together with the Belavers in the animal food mixing and feeding on the cats and dogs.

Things go deeper when Bela herself said that she’s warmed on how PAWS relentlessly does its job on protecting abused and abandoned animals. Moreover, this prompted the young actress to declare that she would be adopting a domestic pet from the animal shelter to bring home and to take care of.

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