4 Celebrity Friendship Goals in Having Matching Tattoos

  • Friends become family, best friends become sisters
  • A group of friends decided to get matching tattoos together as a tribute to their friendship
  • A tattoo permanently stays on the body – a symbol of friendship that stays forever

Your best friend is always your partner in crime. Like these group of friends who decided to get matching tattoos together, as a tribute to their friendship.

A tattoo permanently stays on the body – a symbol of friendship that stays forever.

So here is a list of 4 celebrity barkadas with matching tattoos.

First on our list is the group of Nadine Lustre, Kiana Valenciano, Lauren Reid, and Andrea Luis.

The four besties decided to get elegant sparkle outlined on the sides of their wrists. On Andrea’s Instagram account, she posted the picture of their matching tattoos with a caption: “Find people in your life who bring out the sparkle in you. Loved ones, someone new, friends who become family, best friends who become sisters. Be true to yourself and to who you are and anything will be possible. Cliché maybe, but don’t let anybody ever dull your sparkle,” and she added #wefinallygotit

Another group of friends who have the same friendship goals are Bela Padilla, Kim Chiu, and Angelica Panganiban.

On Bella’s Instagram post together with her BFF photos, she posted the caption: “We got inked!!!” literally after choosing a super simple tattoo design. Each of them just got one tiny black dot tattooed on their left wrist.

Hollywood celebrities Selena Gomez, Courtney Barry, Raquelle Stevens, and Ashley Cook also have friendship goals to get a tattoo.

And to celebrate Courtney’s birthday, they each got the number 4 tattoo on different parts of their bodies. And another tattoo for Selena and Courtney was the number one tattooed on their rib cages.

Lastly, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellissario, Janel Parish, and Sasha Pieterse commemorated their friendship when the Pretty Little Liars came to an end in 2016.

The group decided to get tattooed with the first letter of their characters’ names on their index fingers.

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