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Bayanihan spirit! Guy is willing to lend his condo units to health workers for free; others give food to those in need

Other big-name personalities are also helping those affected.

A guy by the name of Luigene Yanoria is going viral on Twitter after he offered health workers the chance to use his two empty condo units for a temporary stay.

The offer is completely free.

He is finding it hard to do this since there is a certain process he has to go through. Luigene has been giving updates recently.

Luigene realized that the lockdown is really strict and that he needs more time.

He then says he will be providing an update soon,

Luigene was commended for his kind gesture.

Other big-name personalities are also helping those affected.

Maine Mendoza is donating 1,000 pesos constantly to homes so they can buy themselves necessary resources. Those workers who don’t make much such as street/market vendors, construction workers, street sweepers, and labanderas will be given additional financial support, as long as they show an ID.

A fundraising drive called  ‘Pagkain Para sa Pinoy’ established by Bela Padilla was able to raise 3.3 million pesos for front liners and street vendors affected by the coronavirus crisis.

AC Soriano, who is a content creator is also doing something good for the people. He started a “Gandang Bardagulan 2020” campaign where all funds will go to COVID-19 frontliners through the Office of the Vice President and Sitio San Roque.

Saab Magalona just tweeted asking people who are willing to rent out their condo units to health workers.

It’s safe to say that Saab did those health workers a big favor, given that she has a large following, and is a well-known celebrity in the country.

Kier Ramos is getting praised for helping out an old woman buy tons of goods.

People who want to donate can just send Kier a private message for the details. The old woman couldn’t believe the blessing that was bestowed upon her.

Mots Venturina helped out two kids with cancer who had to get to their chemotherapy session.

Thankfully, she was able to secure a ride for them to the hospital.

The coronavirus situation is actually getting worse, even with all these efforts. There are now a total of 462 cases of COVID-19 infections in the country with 33 deaths. The new cases say that 4 out 5 of them are elderly people, aged 69 to 75. Those who have recovered are relatively younger- 24 to 46 years old.

Written by Charles Teves

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