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ONE LAST TIME: Unruly crowd marred B-Side’s Closing Party

ONE LAST TIME: Unruly crowd marred B-Side’s Closing Party

  • Saab Magalona and some netizens captured the violent and aggressive crowd during B-Side’s Closing Party.
  • A large group of people tried to go in by cursing and shouting at the security personnel. 

It was a bittersweet moment for the people at B-Side‘s Closing Party last September 29, Sunday.

The venue held a last event following the news of their shut down after being an established place for the community of artists and musicians.

But the otherwise nostalgic event became quite a mess as people outside became violent to the point that they broke the gate just to enter the venue.

In a video taken by Saab Magalona, who was supposed to perform with her band at the event, she said that people outside were shouting and cursing the guards to let them in.

“They broke the glass door of Wingman and were climbing the gates. Video taken by our drummer. Not enough security for a free concert. We had to leave.”

In a video uploaded by a certain Patrick Briones, a huge number of people can be seen being loud and aggressive despite not being able to enter the place.

Facebook user Loveda Raña also shared the situation she encountered, saying that the crowd outside were starting to get loud while forcing their way into the venue.

In another video, she showed the situation inside.

The B-Side was said to be closing down after a condominium has acquired the lot. This remains unconfirmed by the B-Side’s management.

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Saab Magalona baffled over nanny’s former agency

Saab Magalona baffled over nanny’s former agency

  • Saab Magalona shocked over nanny’s experience regarding former agency
  • Saab experiences bad customer service upon inquiring in the said agency

On July 3, Saab Magalona posted about her shock when she found out that her son’s nanny, who is a former OFW, doesn’t have her passport in her possession as her former agency won’t release it.

In Saab’s tweet, she stated that the agency is holder the nanny’s passport until she pays the Php5,000 she owes them for the medical exam. Saab also tried to inquire but was just disrespected by the rude staff who said “Wag mo akong ine-english”.

Pancho’s yaya was a former OFW and today I asked her if she had a valid passport. She told me that her old agency was holding it and won’t release it unless she pays 5k for her medical exam. Called them to inquire and omg they were so rude!!! “Wag mo akong ine-english” levels!!

The agency also changed the price to P3,350 but she still couldn’t believe that they took advantage of the nanny and she’s sure that others are experiencing the same thing as well.

I am shaking with anger and shock. They said kailangan daw bayaran yung medical exam na 3,350 (idk why nagbago yung amount??). They are such scammers. Any advice on what I should do? Pancho’s yaya is an angel and I can’t believe they took advantage.

I am sure so many aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers are taken advantage of by a lot of agencies like this one!!!

Saab also found out that the agency made her nanny loan Php60,000 for a placement fee and required her to pay Php11,880 for 10 months.

They made her loan 60k for a “placement fee” and they’re making her pay 11,880 monthly for 10 months. I can’t. We’ve been helping her with that loan cos wala na syang magagawa she signed a contract but now that I spoke to the agency, they are really awful people.

Host Cesca Litton questioned the legality of such act and called out the agency employee for “English shaming”.

Isn’t it illegal to hold on to someone else’s passport?! I hope someone can enlighten you on which gov’t agency it should be reported to. And wow, classic “English shaming”.

Cesca also tried opening the link of DOLE’s policies regarding OFWs but she can’t seem to open it.

Been trying to open the link but I don’t know if it’s my WiFi or it’s not a mobile site. So I think the gov’t agency should be DOLE? (Again, if anyone knows the proper forum, feel free to jump in.)

Saab shared that as the site won’t open in her laptop as well, she will just email both the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Department of Labor and Employment regarding the matter.

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Saab Magalona Claps Back At PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa’s Statement

Saab Magalona Claps Back At PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa’s Statement

  • PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa pleads netizens’ not to condemn quickly
  • Saab Magalona claps back at Bato’s statement

With all the issues being thrown at the Philippine National Police right now, a little breather could help. From the war on drugs and extra judicial killings, they are the ones people are blaming. Despite it all, one question remains. Are they guilty of killing innocent lives? Who knows?

PNP Chief pleads

After the issue of Kian delos Santos, another similar case for Carl Arnaiz rose. People are blaming the PNP once again with the death of the teen. They have had too many.

In the recent press conference in which Bato attended. He can’t help but stand up and defend his battalion. In his statement, he said, “I would like to caution everyone to please not be so quick on condemning our policemen.”

ABS-CBN was quick to deliver the news, and people are not having it especially for the late Francis Magalona‘s daughter.

Saab Magalona quoted ABS-CBN News’ tweet throwing a complete shade at Bato.

The Cheats band member was backed by the netizens admiring her stepping up. She was even retweeted by the celebrity journalist Bianca Gonzales.

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15 Filipino celebrity weddings of 2015

15 Filipino celebrity weddings of 2015


Before the year ends, let us take a look back on the celebrity weddings that made us swoon in 2015. These unions captured the attention of the public and made them some of the most talked about events of the year.

The Dailypedia presents 15 Filipino Celebrity Weddings of 2015:

1. Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero (February 15)

Many controversies surrounded the relationship of actress Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero, one of them being the disapproval of Heart’s parents. Despite the trials, Kapuso actress Heart and now vice-presidential candidate Chiz had a grand wedding on February 15. Their wedding took place on Balesin Island, Quezon Province.

Photo Credit: Bride and Breakfast
Photo Credit: Bride and Breakfast

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